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Civil Liberties Daniel Bruno Interviews Kevin Barrett about Charlie Hebdo

  ISRAEL NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROGRAM, DECLASSIFIED MARCH 2015   Daniel Bruno interviews Dr, Kevin Barrett about Charlie Hebdo “A breakthrough in the study of State Crimes Against Democracy (SCADS). Never before have truth-seekers countered…


Business The Kagans: A Jewish Family Business of Perpetual War at Taxpayer Expense

Source: Consortium News Exclusive: Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan have a great mom-and-pop business going. From the State Department, she generates wars and – from op-ed pages – he demands Congress buy more weapons. There’s…


Civil Liberties French government bans five web sites, prepares to outlaw ‘conspiracy theories’

French gov preparing to outlaw ‘conspiracy theories’ Source: Non-Aligned Media hollande In addition to its new law against ‘condoning terrorism,’ the French regime also plans to outlaw ‘conspiracy theories’ and prevent French citizens from accessing…


Business Withdraw $5000 cash from your bank account, You are Probably a Criminal or Terrorist in Obama’s America

Something stunning took place earlier this week, and it quietly snuck by, unnoticed by anyone as the “all important” FOMC meeting was looming. That something could have been taken straight out of the playbook of…


African-American Brainwashing the Public to Fear Guns and Worship Police


Civil Liberties NeoCons Own Petreaus, Obama and the Congress

In the photo, General Petraeus with Kimberly Kagan, part of the Jewish Neocon family that includes Steve Kagan and Victoria Nuland. They hold enormous power over all American politicians and they set policies. not voters….


African-American Daniel Bruno Entrevista a Paquito d’Rivera. 19th Annual Uruguay Jazz Festival

    Cover painting by Florencia Astori, daughter of the vice president of Uruguay Quincy Jones Paquito D` Rivera and Daniel Bruno   Paris Hilton and Fidel Castro Jr.        


Civil Liberties Daniel Bruno Interviews Distinguished Argentine Author Stella Calloni

  Stella Calloni (Entre Ríos (província), 1935) é uma jornalista, especialista em política internacional e escritora Latino-Americana, nascida na Argentina. Perfil literário No jornalismo atuou como correspondente de guerra em países da América Central e…


Uncategorized ISIS Video Set on Location


American culture List of US Politicians Who Hold Israeli Citizenship. Netanyahu himself is a U.S. Citizen

    Flashback: Netanyahu has lived both in Israel and the U.S.: first grade in Israel; second and third in the U.S.; fourth through eighth in Jerusalem; high school in suburban Philadelphia; military service in…


American culture She’s on the TSA SSSS Watch List: Clinton/Gore political consultant Naomi Wolf: We should be skeptical of overly-theatrical events such as the Boston Marathon bombing.

  Former Clinton/Gore political consultant Naomi Wolf explains why we should be skeptical of overly-theatrical current events such as the Boston Marathon bombing. This was filmed at the 2014 Free State Project’s Liberty Forum Israel…


Civil Liberties The grand circus: How British intelligence primed both sides of the “War on T-T-Terror.” ‘Jihadi John’ was able to join IS for one simple reason: from Quilliam to al-Muhajiroun, Britain’s loudest extremists have been groomed by the security services

Every time there’s a terrorist attack that makes national headlines, the same talking heads seem to pop up like an obscene game of “whack-a-mole”. Often they appear one after the other across the media circuit,…

sex slave brochure

Civil Liberties Get the ISIS Sex Slave Brochure.

  Islamic State (ISIS) Releases Pamphlet On Female Slaves December 4, 2014 The Research and Fatwa Department of the Islamic State (ISIS) has released a pamphlet on the topic of female captives and slaves. The…


Civil Liberties The Psychology of Power Movie

    It has always been in the interest of the ruling class to cultivate illusions which obscure the true nature of the game. Time to look behind the curtain. “Some of the biggest men…

joaquin flores

American culture Daniel Bruno Interviews Joaquin Flores, Director of the Center for Syncretic Studies   An in depth interview with Joaquin Flores, Director, Center of Syncretic Studies, Belgrad.  


American culture Daniel Bruno Interviews Edward Hasbrouck

  “I write and speak about travel as an aspect of life: something we do, not something we buy. There is an industry of companies and people who sell services to travellers, but travel is…


American culture Daniel Bruno Interviews Jeffrey A. Tucker   Last year, Americans received the news that the U.S. has long engaged in torture as part of its futile and destructive war on terror. This torture extended to people never…


Civil Liberties Daniel Bruno Interviews the Jet Setting Terrorist

Daniel Bruno interviews the Jet Setting Terrorist on New Year’s Day 2015     Daniel Bruno interviews the Jet Setting Terrorist on New Year’s Day 2015     166 PAGE, US GOVERNMENT 2013 WITCH HUNT…


Business The Unification of CHINA and RUSSIA Will Defeat the New World Order

Vineyard of the Saker WHITE PAPER 2014: Russia-China Resistance The DOUBLE HELIX: CHINA-RUSSIA —Larchmonter 445 Vladimir Putin said it clearly: “Russia and China will have a significant effect on the entire system of international relations….


Civil Liberties Holocaust Industry News: Author Misha Defonseca fabricated “Misha, a Memoir of the Holocaust Years, ” which was translated into 18 languages, became a best seller and was made into a French movie. A Court has ruled she must forfeit $32.4 million.Defonseca, whose real name is Monica Ernestine Josephine De Wael, is not Jewish. In related news, real Jews are caught spray painting swastikas on walls in Brooklyn and GW University.

     Author Misha Defonseca  fabricated a Holocaust memoir and must forfeit her share of a $32.4 million judgment that she won from her publishers, the Massachusetts Court of Appeals has ruled.   Oops.  I got…


American culture A Christmas Special


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