Lead Conversion Squared Review – Is LCS2 Worth The Investment?

A new product launch has been introduced called Lead Conversion Squared or LCS2 and chances are good if you’re reading this, then you’ve already heard about it or seen one of the non-stop ads across Facebook and Youtube wondering if this is a fit for you.

If so, you’re in the right spot here at Hpub.

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What is LCS2?

LCS2 is short for the Lead Conversion Squared System that’s taking the internet by storm.

The product focuses on generating leads, building a client-based business, and giving the tools to make it all come together.

LCS2 is composed of the following:

  1. Comprehensive, yet easy to use CRM software with advanced tagging features.
  2. New Money Magnets that are proven to bring in new leads and customers
  3. A virtual assistant to get you on the right track.

It’s a business in a digital box ready for you to implement.

Who created the system?

This launch is brought to you by Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels – both are respected and highly successful digital marketers that have helped thousands of digital entrepreneurs with their systems and software.

Important Dates

The 3 Day Live event kicks off on September 28th and goes through the 30th.

The cart will be opened on October 1 and will only be available until October 9th.

Final Review


  • The need to generate leads is never going away
  • This taps into a full system to monetize your lead gen efforts with a proven system
  • Shows you how to start landing clients immediately (the only way to start making money today on the internet)
  • New CRM software that’s more than a pretty face – it has all the bells and whistles to go with it.
  • Great support system


  • The only setback for this program is the initial investment required. When comparing to other business opportunities this is a piece of cake, however some make want to compare with other digital products when there really is no comparison.

Most that are looking for this Lead Conversion Squared review are looking to start or scale their internet business. LCS2 will give you the tools, the know how, software, and even the manpower to start building your own business from generating leadflow and using the software to help turn those leads into paying customers.

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