How to Use Youtube Ads for Lead Generation

Youtube is the # 2 search engine in the world owned by the #1 Search Engine – the 800lb Gorilla known as Google.

Most people think of Youtube as a way to leverage videos to build a brand, get a following, and make money from sponsorships and from the Youtube partner program.

Sounds great until you realize Youtube requires 1000 subscribers and 4000 watched hours in the previous 12 months.

The subscribers aren’t as hard to attain as the watch time.

Which is why we like Youtube ads.

Youtube ads can be bought through Google’s own Ads program and you have a variety of options and many of these are outlined by the Tubesift software.

There are a variety of options you can use to leverage the ad platform but inside this blog post we’ll cover the 3 targets for building a profitable ad campaign.

#1 – Target Your Existing Viewers

If you’ve already launched your Youtube channel, then great.

If not, setup and customize your Youtube channel in the following manner:

Once you start creating content for your core audience, then you’ll start getting views.

Once you start picking up some steam, then you can start targeting these viewers with your ad campaigns.

After all, if they’ve already watched a video from you, then you have already began building rapport and trust.

# 2 Target Your Website Visitors

Inside Google Ads, you’re able to setup campaigns that target your website visitors and even specific pages your visitors have seen.

Chances are good, these are people that are familiar with you, your service, or would possibly recognize you in the event you properly setup a retargeting campaign.

Making it appear as if you’re everywhere.

Plus, the great thing about Youtube ads is you don’t necessarily have to make videos as you have the option to place banner style ads.

#3 Target Your Competitor Channels

One of the biggest advantages inside Youtube is the ability to run ads on your competitor channels.

That means, you can get started running ads, collecting leads, and making sales all simply from targeting your biggest competitors.

Once you begin building your campaigns, you’ll need a landing page builder setup so you can collect your leads, direct them to your marketing materials and follow up with your email offers.

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