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Wisconsin’s Governor Walker and His Attack on Human Dignity

Posted on Wednesday, 18th May 2011 @ 08:16 AM by Text Size A | A | A

Basic human dignity is something that everyone should be entitled to, regardless of age, sex, race, sexual orientation, or favorite food. It looks like basic human dignity is something that Scott Walker wants to prevent gay couples in the state of Wisconsin from having. He is now trying to put an end to the state’s domestic partner registry that former Governor Doyle signed into law.

I don’t care (and it shouldn’t matter) what your personal view is regarding gay marriage or civil unions, if you are in a committed relationship with someone, regardless of if they are of the same sex as you, your boyfriend\girlfriend\husband\wife\life partner should be allowed hospital visitation rights. HOW DOES A GAY COUPLE HAVING HOSPITAL VISITATION RIGHTS HAVE ANY NEGATIVE EFFECT ON YOU OR I? Easy Answer: IT DOESN’T!!!!!

The domestic partner registry in Wisconsin allows same sex couples to take family and medical leave time off to care for a seriously ill partner, make end-of-life decisions, and have hospital visitation rights.

What is so bad about that, Mr. Walker?

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