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Time To Start Collecting Those Pennies – Part 0

Posted on Thursday, 2nd June 2011 @ 02:22 PM by Text Size A | A | A


Liam Marcus’ Voice ( – I’m hearing many things going on that are contrary to the constitution of the United (socialist) States of America. Recently I read that the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is implementing, or has already implemented, groping passengers as a method to catch the bad guys. Alex Jones, a modern day patriot, went to the Capitol and tried to confront the traitors (David Dewhurst) that killed the Texas senate bill that would have stopped the Federal government from imposing such extreme, assaulting behaviors upon the people of this country. Whatever it is the federal government is attempting to do is contrary to freedom. It is contrary to dignity of the human being. They claim to do this in the name of conserving security and freedom, but that’s an oxymoron at best – taking freedom away to secure freedom.

Megan Ryan’s Voice ( – Ladies, this is why the Lord, in His wisdom, gave us husbands. They keep an eye on politics, etc. in order to keep us and our children safe. It’s really a beautiful thing ’cause I don’t WANNA KNOW about this stuff! 🙄 I’m getting enough gray hairs looking after the children, cooking, and correcting homework. Please, oh please, don’t make me have to follow the latest shenanigans of our government. If I had a nickel for every time I… … whoops gotta go – I smell something burning!

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