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The Swiftcoin Market at oSwift

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Swiftcoin is Electronic Money that travels from one computer to another. All Swiftcoin transactions are encrypted and anonymous, and are not watched over by any authority or central bank. Visit for more information.


Swiftcoin  delivers secure email communications

I Have Bitcoins Swiftcoin Telegram promises secure email communications According to Gloria Mark, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, workers are having to struggle through overflowing inboxes more than ever during their work day now. They are also checking their email more frequently, an average of 74 times a day, leading to increased stress levels and decreased work productivity. Snooping corporations have compromised on the privacy of everyday communications.

Swiftcoin telegram, an encrypted email technology designed by Daniel Bruno, aims to replace regular email carriers like Outlook, Yahoo and Gmail with its decentralized, peer-to-peer program based on Swiftcoin that relies on the collective network’s proof-of-work to confirm authenticity and avoid the duplication of every message and transaction.

Swiftcoin is electronic money that resides on the user’s computer, much like Word documents do, enabling it to be sent to anybody just as quickly and easily as a user would send Word document attachments.

Installation of Swiftcoin is easy and new users receive a small initial amount of Swiftcoin on downloading the software, enabling an encrypted telegram and attachment to be sent to any other Swiftcoin user on the Internet. The cost is one tenth of a penny, or 0.001 Swiftcoin. When the recipient replies, the 0.001 is returned, for a round trip net cost of zero.

Swiftcoin telegram is an ‘anti-email’ telegram where users can send and receive 100% encrypted mails and attachments via Swiftcoin addresses. The Swiftcoin identity can be changed at will but the messages will still be directed to the right account, without losing messages received under the older identities.

No proxy or privacy software services like TOR are needed to access the accounts.

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