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The Cure For Airline “Pat-downs”

Posted on Monday, 6th June 2011 @ 03:39 AM by Text Size A | A | A

Liam Marcus’ Voice TSA’s pat-down and groping = sexual
assault. They don’t think so, but in reality it is. It’s also terrorism. If you
don’t know this and go to the airport but refuse to board, they’ll
arrest you and hold you under the presumption that you are a terrorist – lol.
Yep. Joe Biden and his wife asked the
American people to get use to it
(minute 4:59). Get used to what?? The
sexual assaults? Tell me something, you are asking me to get used to something
demeaning and that will forever be fused to my mind – I’d rather die at the
hands of a terrorist bombing. Sexual assault is terrorism. Where are the
Sheriffs of this country? Don’t they know they have the ultimate say against
the tyranny of the federal (criminal) government?

I have a great idea: since we don’t want to have some crazy person sexually
assault us, let’s stop flying. Simple. Let the airlines drown in debt while the
federal government keeps paying them money that doesn’t exist (fiat money). Maybe
then the airlines will start fighting for our business (clean business) again
and kick the federal government out of their existence – maybe.
“The foolish faith in authority is the enemy of the truth” –
Albert Einstein

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