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Only the Weak Blame the Media

Posted on Tuesday, 10th January 2012 @ 10:51 AM by Text Size A | A | A

As I opposed as I usually am to asking these kinds of questions in any legitimate piece of writing, I feel I can’t avoid it, so I rhetorically ask:

Is it me, or are American people today holding celebrities responsible for raising their children?

People blame and criticize today’s celebrities and youth for so many problems that will never be the fault of anybody besides the parents of this generation, who I can only assume were raised not to accept responsibility for their own actions. Before my parents even dreamed about bringing me into this world there have been scantily clad female musicians, child musicians that don’t have “normal childhoods”, Actors and Actresses that choose not to be Christian, Male rappers that sing about the scantily clad woman of everyday life that just for your information, did not decide to dress in explicit ways because Beyonce did so in a music video, but instead, because they wanted to. There’s always been rappers that sang about the violence they faced growing up in “ghetto” homes, and their criticized, disrespected, and not given any credit for the talents they hold until their deaths, MEANWHILE, everyone knows at least one person from a middle class home in  rural area willing to advocate less gun control til they die, but that’s fine, because society says it is.

Just because your children watch, listen to, or admire celebrities does not then make it that celebrities job to raise your children. People are people, and it’s important that you as parents stop assuming that you can objectify celebrities because their of higher economic standing  and assume it’s their job to provide your children with the moral fiber I would hope you possess. It’s a shame that while some parents choose to make it their number one priority to complain, whine and moan about the lives of celebrities (as if we as the average people of society live such functional and politically correct lives) and try and place these limits on what celebrities can and cannot do, while judging them by their own personal yardsticks (though these yardsticks are usually created to mimic Christian value, though the Bible informs us we should not judge one another, but who cares about facts right?) — MEANWHILE, their children are off doing whatever they want because their parents are devoting their energies to the wrong things. And I say without much doubt that these children are going to be doing whatever they want regardless of whether or not Ciara decided to dance provocatively in her “Ride It” music video.

It doesn’t matter if you think rappers glorify violence or use the “N-word” too casually, that doesn’t stop minority children from experiencing racism. It doesn’t matter if Kate Moss is a size 0 or 18, little girls will still be falling victim to eating disorders. It doesn’t matter if Elton John is a homosexual man with a successful life, that’s not saving children from being bullied about their sexuality and committing suicide as a result. Stop leaving yourself accessible to the titles of Bad mothers and fathers by expecting celebrities to be the change you want to see in the world. If you’re child is a failure in 2o years, don’t expect to look at your judgmental neighbors and friends and say it’s Kanye’s fault, because no one will be  interested in playing games in which the only weapon choice of protection is the shield of excuses. You as parents have the opportunity everyday, and thus the duty, to tell your children how to handle discrimination, that their weight is not what determines who they are, that their sexuality doesn’t make them an abomination, and whatever else children need to be told to deal with the millions of more serious problems they’ll have throughout their lives that will  have nothing to do with whether or not you agree with Lady Gaga’s choice in clothing or lyrics.

I am almost entirely uninterested in mentioning the good things that go on in today’s media because I shouldn’t need to in order to convince any logical thinking human being that they are in control of what goes on in their own household, not Britney Spears. Despite my wavering interest, I realize people learn better through example.

There is an image circulated on the internet that has a picture of Marilyn Monroe and Kate Moss, and in an effort to attack the media for today’s population of women with eating disorders, the photo says under Marilyn  Monroe, “This is sexy”, and under Kate Moss it reads “This is not”. I want to inform everybody that has ever circulated this image or worse, saw it and believed in it’s message to say several things. Eating disorders have been widespread amongst both women and men way before Marilyn Monroe and will exists amongst women and men way after Kate Moss. Furthermore, during Marilyn Monroe’s life, she was deemed promiscuous for revealing the very body that is  now advantageously being used to criticize women of Hollywood today, and lastly, Marilyn Munroe, and no other woman, can be used to represent the average female body or what it should look like. It seems the only time people in the limelight receive any appreciation is long after it matters, or when that appreciation is used to criticize another person. You may not like this reality, but reality it remains. Celebrities are one of the main sources of relief for any member of the LGBT community, and they are criticized as glorifying homosexuality, however, everyday children in America are taking their own lives because the children they go to school are bullying them, but no criticism is to fall on passing down the ideas of homophobia to small children.  On another end, America is constantly trying to raise obesity awareness and raise the health of citizens, however, Jennifer Hudson decides to lose weight and become a healthier size after being insulted about her weight for years, and now that she’s thin, she’s now accused of perpetuating the idea that skinny is better. It’s this kind of inability to give credit where it is due, and the constant need to insult those that are doing better in life that produces children who perform at mediocre levels throughout their lives and look at others with hateful eyes that creates a society built on jealousy.

If you’re child emulates what they see on television or on their computers, you produced a child to weak to function in society, and that, I assume, is a truth you are not willing to accept because no action towards changing this truth seems to be taking place. It is the job of no one else but the people that bring their children into the world, to try and instill morals and character traits they find valuable in their children. If you don’t want your children dressing provocatively, don’t allow them to. If you don’t want your children listening to certain kinds of music or watching certain videos, though I am not suggesting that sheltering your kids is the parental move of the year, prohibit them. Your children are your responsibility. By spending time attacking celebrities for the influence you think they have on your children, you’re becoming the reason why they have so much  importance in your children’s lives, meanwhile you are becoming less influential. Stop creating unnecessary problems for yourselves. If your child is a fan of  Rihanna, they are fan, not a clone. If you decide to dedicate time out of what should be a busy schedule if you’re doing anything to facilitate your child’s life, to complain that Rihanna is your child’s role-model and her life is a bad example, you just made Rihanna your child’s role-model when your child was nothing but a fan, and Rihanna is nothing more than a 23-year-old songstress who does not know your child and holds no legal obligation to raise your child. The only person who holds a position of power in your child’s life is you. If you make the decision to devote time to useless endeavors like expecting celebrities to raise your children, don’t be angry at the negative outcome of a society and culture you built.


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    *As opposed as I usually am to asking these kinds of questions in any legitimate piece of writing, I feel I can’t avoid it, so I rhetorically ask:

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    January 10, 2012 05:20 PM

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