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One Small Kiss for a Woman, One Giant Leap for Humankind – Dating in Space

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One Small Kiss for a Woman, One Giant Leap for Humankind – Dating in Space


A dating company specializing in millionaires has announced that tech stock entrepreneur Bryan Christopher is paying nearly half a million dollars for tickets to blast off to the boundary of space. The search has begun through Gotham Dating for the woman who will accompany Christopher for the Virgin Galactic black sky affair, making history with the very first date in space.


Can two people actually romance in space? Thanks to an invention called the “2Suit,” yes. American novelist Vanna Bonta invented the 2Suit after flying in zero gravity and observing physical and psychological effects of “just how zero Z-gravity is,” making it almost impossible to kiss her mate.


The 2Suit functions as a flight suit that multitasks by attaching to another 2Suit. Through Velcro, zippers and lightweight interior materials, the spacesuit expands and becomes the ‘personal space” for two people. It keeps them in close proximity in a single enclosure but allows the floating enjoyment of zero gravity together, making their kissing, intimacy, watching the Earth view, staying warm for thermal applications, or whatever, effortless.


When Vanna Bonta invented the “2Suit” the space suit was presented at a space and aviation conference and made worldwide waves. In an interview, Bonta confessed the worldwide response and media flurry was unexpected. The Universe series (History Channel) later caught up with Bonta a couple of years later, and she agreed to test her invention, this time going up in zero gravity for a documentary. The mission was a success.


When The Universe episode “Sex in Space” aired on History Channel, it opened global discussion about human sexuality and its place in the universe. The topic had been taboo until the show culturally elevated sex from tawdry to its purpose since our ancestors discovered fire – human relationships to procreate the human race and build civilization through time and space. Millions who had never been interested in space exploration were buzzing on social media sites about leaving Earth in pairs and raising families on Mars.


Bonta’s invention was described as “One small step for humankind colonizing the universe.”


Gotham Dating and Virgin Galactic have sealed the cosmic courtship with an announcement that the first Earth couple is going on the first ever date in space.


Multimillionaire Bryan Christopher said he would not be wearing a 2Suit on the first date as that may be “pushing his luck.” However, he is not ruling out wearing the 2Suit on a second date that might take them “boldly where no man and woman have gone before.”


“It would be a truly magnificent thing to share, something that we could tell the grandkids about it,” said the eligible bachelor.


It is not outside the realm of possibility now that grandkids will go to space hotels orbiting Earth for their honeymoons. The Russian aerospace firm Orbital Technologies has unveiled a Commercial Space Station hotel pod, a million dollar tourism spot some 350 kilometers above the earth, complete with gourmet food and a view of Earth guaranteed to deliver the “overview effect,” a transcendental, euphoric feeling of universal connection reported by some astronauts during spaceflight.


Virgin Galactic’s Sir Richard Branson named the spaces ride’s carrier plane “Eve.” If the human race survives man-made disaster or a natural catastrophe such as an asteroid impact, maybe future humans who migrated to other planets could look back at Vanna Bonta’s pioneer mission testing the human relevancy to space exploration as “One small kiss for a woman, one giant leap for humankind.”






Many are familiar with Bonta in her cameo role as the hero’s young mother in the fantasy movie classic, The Beastmaster. Even though her acting cameos and voice-overs sweeten big-box-office Hollywood, Vanna Bonta lives outside the box. The poet novelist is, by her own admission, “red carpet allergic,” and finds money boring. Instead, literary reviews and readers compare her to none other that Dante, Robert Heinlein, Jack Kerouac, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson. Yet, Bonta’s voice is unique, and her exotic if wistful Marilynesque beauty and childlike enthusiasm make for an improbable inventor of a flight suit to colonize space, a rocket engine part, and shoes for explorers that adapt from flats to heels, let alone a prize-winning essayist and genre-coining author. It requires new perception and shatters the usual stereotypes of brilliance held hostage by intellectualism or marketed pop food fed to the masses.




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    December 7, 2011 08:57 PM

    Funny. we actually wrote a song called ‘Dating In Space’ describing the experience of… Dating In Space. Check it out:

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