Occupy Wall Street: Our Demand Is That All Politicians Be Fired

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photo:  Egypt’s pharaoh Hosni Mubarak.  His thirty year reign ended on January 25, 2011.



I am one of the 99% of Americans… and my demand is… that all politicians, both Democrat and Republican… be fired effective immediately !



For the life of me, I do not understand why we voluntarily turn over our vote, our money, our freedoms, our civil rights and our lives to people whom we do not know and expect them to do anything differently from what they have already done.


This blind notion of somehow it will all work out, comes from the tie back to feudalism when we all worked for the king, and that it, was just a given. A look even further back into the history of human thought and excuses, reveals the days of the ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, in that the Pharaoh had to get through the gates of heaven first before any of the rest of us even had a chance to. His salvation was simply, our own salvation. And we worked for his glory,trusting blindly, that he would do the right thing. And not much has changed. This is the basis of the sick theory called trickle-down economics and the modern day corporate-government-communist mess that we have today. Is it that we have that much trust or that much ignorance? Or are we all just really lazy in expecting that someone, somewhere will pull us through the gates of heaven by something we’re wearing? Scarves are a big fashion this year. But why? They serve no purpose other than remind us of our ties back to the same Pharaoh-goes-to-heave-first beliefs.

 It ought to be apparent by now that our indirect democracy does not work as intended by our founding forefathers. It may have worked in a time, long ago, when life was simpler and before our economy started generating enormous amounts of money. But we all know that money corrupts. It’s simply a natural phenomenon. The only way to circumvent this fact, is to simply take our votes back and bypass those who are so easily corrupted. All of the votes. On every single issue. And with control of every single dollar. There is no other way to restore the real power to the people and destroy the ravages of all of the corruption that has occurred over the years, than to fire everyone in Congress and employ ourselves to do the job of deciding exactly what is good for this country and what is not.


The level of corruption that has occurred since WW II is so well-layered into our daily lives, that there is no way to untangle the webs of deception other than to take back all of the legislative and court authority and exercise these powers ourselves, by means of a simple review process concerning every law that has been passed by Congress and the Supreme Court since the 1950s and vote to retain or dismiss them. And while processing what has happened without our knowledge or consent over those decades, we will need to move forward on legislation that is pending. The bill summations can come to us for our approval via the internet or U.S. mail, with a one-month deadline for our review and vote. The summations of the past laws and the currently pending legislation would be written in a simple, one-page format, with a net affects reference and total dollar expenditure  assigned to the law. We would simply vote to retain the passed legislation,  to pass currently pending legislation or to dismiss with instructions for improvement before re-submittal. The Congress would be reduced to being our pages and paper shufflers.


There would be sheer justice in making them re-read everything that they have written and then have to short form it into a simple to understand, one-page format, with the real dollar costs and the method of paying for the law and its changes.
In this legislative utopia, there would be no more back room deals. Special interests and con-artists would just have to find a new profession.


Maybe they could pass all their time defrauding and suing each other. Yet, more justice. And a lot of them, along with their legislative bed fellows, would end up going to prison. The ones who were found to have committing treason, as enemies of the people and the state, would probably be executed. And the wealth that this generation would generate would be unmatched in terms of bringing truth back to the legislative process, justice back to the law and liberty for all back to we, the people of the United States.


7 October 2011

Occupy Wall Street

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