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Flying While Black. Jason Lawder, Very Dark Colored Man from Atlanta, Gets Racially Profiled and Harrassed by Goon Thug Cops at LAX Los Angeles International Airport, Asserts His Rights and Gets a Million Views on Youtube. This is the kind of COPS Reality Show We Need.

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Stop and Frisk at the Airport.  Pure Racial Profiling.

Goon thugs with badges and guns at LAX ambush and put their hands on a Black citizen and demand to know how much money he is carrying after his arrival from Atlanta.  Then they insult him asking “are you on probation or parole?”

Notice to the thugs in Washington, DC:

Its none of your FxxxxxG business how much money ANY citizen is carrying.  Your “civil forfeiture” is a mafia shakedown.  You are the biggest thief and money launderer in the world, you run guns to narcos in Mexico, you fund terrorists in Syria, arm Nazis in Ukraine and you terrorize Americans based on your September 11 and ISIS operations.    Your War on Drugs is a War on Black and Brown men.  Your War on Terror is a War on the American constitution.    Your allegiance is not to America, it is to a foreign country.   We know who you are and what you are.




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