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Emergency Tactics to Stop Bloomberg’s Pending Assault

Posted on Friday, 14th October 2011 @ 02:36 AM by Text Size A | A | A

Disclaimer:  The following is merely the reproduction of  an anonymous idea and does not represent the views of HPUB.  HPUB does not know the identity of the author.


* Up the Price

Bloomberg spent hundreds of millions of dollars crafting his public persona and thrice buying the mayoralty of New York City.   OWS needs to take the kid gloves off and home-in on him as the 1% of the 1%.   Shatter his image and expose him for what he is: a Wall Street oligarch.  Incidentally, his girlfriend sits on the parks committee.  Conflict of interest?

* Become Shapeless

Turn off and put away all electronic devices.  Without designating  any leaders or asking anybody’s name, send ten flash mobs comprised of 25 people who don’t know each other to sit in the middle of intersections and at  the entrances of bridges and tunnels at rush hour.   Remain non-violent.  Disperse when the police arrive.


* Take it Higher

Invite Al-Jazeera to set up shop 24/7 and document the new Tahrir Square.  Overnight, OWS becomes a geopolitical factor affecting  perceptions of the U.S.  abroad at a delicate moment.  Bloomberg is now out of his leagues and gets calls from the State Department, even the White House.


* Bring Reinforcements

OWS should woo the old-time African-American Civil Rights organizations and churches for an endorsement.  If attention -loving Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton start brokering deals on bealf of OWS, it would be a game changer.  Now there is a racial aspect with echos of Martin Luther King, now deified on the Mall.   Who wants to oppose OWS now?


* Divert the Opponent’s Forces

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