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Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis’s Filibuster Against an Anti-Abortion Law in Texas

Posted on Monday, 1st July 2013 @ 04:08 AM by Text Size A | A | A

Minutes away from casting a final vote on the decision to keep an anti-abortion law in Texas in effect, the Republican Senate found that Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis succeeded in distracting them as their final votes were submitted past the midnight deadline and were therefore deemed invalid.

As a city council member from Ft. Worth, Texas, Wendy Davis stood for an astounding 13 hours without being granted the right to rest, eat, or go to the bathroom during her attempt to ban an anti-abortion law that would not allow women the right to get an abortion in Texas after 20 weeks of pregnancy. A large group of supporters gathered outside to defend Davis’s filibuster and helped in fending off the Republicans’ decision to ban the bill.

With Davis’s speech and rallying supporters, the GOP was unsuccessfully able to cast their final vote in on time and later convened for a private meeting to discuss the issue of the bill. The computer records showed that the votes were indeed late and therefore, the anti-abortion bill was not put into effect.

Had the bill been successfully initiated, almost every abortion clinic would have been closed in Texas and many women seeking an abortion would have no place to go. Wendy Davis was able to withstand countless hours of speaking with the Senate and managed to divert their attention from signing for the acceptance of the bill. While I feel this bill will not remain uninitiated for long, as for now, the rights of women to get an abortion are still in effect and will continue to run so long as Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis has anything to say about it.

By: Eugene D. Hill

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