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October 15    Join Occupy Times Square

Round One Score:  Occupy Wall Street 1, Oligarch Bloomberg 0
1. To undercut the pending October 15 Times Square demonstration against
the banks, oligarch Bloomberg initiated a plan to evict OWS from Liberty
Square on the 14th of October using the pretext of sanitation.

2. OWS sees the knockout punch coming and deflects it by cleaning
Liberty Square with pressure washers, commercial brooms and mops.  They
rent a truck to haul away the refuse before October 14.    OWS offers to
let city cleaners into the square to clean 1/3 of it at a time.   The
sanitation pretext has been derailed.

3.  OWS calls on democracy activists to occupy
the park on the morning of the 14th to brace for an assault by police.
The media moves in to cover the spectacle, which could be catastrophic
for Bloomy’s ambitions to become  president of the United States.  See
our analysis here:

4.  OWS then goes on the offensive and locates Bloomy attending a gala
at the ultra-posh Cipriani’s, just a stone’s throw from the New York
Stock Exchange.  They surround the restaurant and try to enter it
to deliver a petition with 310,000 signatures.  At risk of being
encircled, Bloomy flees through the restaurant back door.

Bloomberg ciprianis      

5.  Hours later, the Mayor’s office announces cancellation of park cleaning.   Victory!

We are publishing an ongoing series about strategies for OWS to
gather strength and become a powerful force to be reckoned with in
Washington, D.C.
Bloomberg vs. Occupy     

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