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Billary Clinton Body Count: Five Untimely Deaths of People Who Jeopardized Her Campaign WikiLeaks Offers 25K for Information

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key sources:

Bombshell: Long-time Clinton associate says he killed people for Bill & Hillary

How Many Associates Suffered Mysterious Deaths Working For the Clintons?



Assassination of political opponents is best demonstrated by the legal verdict of the King Family civil trial that found the US government guilty of Martin’s assassination (summary of evidence below, to make the point). The family’s analysis of motive was to stop Martin leading a million-person occupation of Washington, D.C. until his version of lie-started and illegal War of Aggression (Vietnam) was ended, and with those funds redirected to end domestic poverty (analysis here).

Another example is the assassination of President John Kennedy, who opposed the CIA, Federal Reserve, the oil oligarchy, and other top corporate oligarchs (overwhelming evidence of US government assassination of JFK here).

With five additions to the “Clinton Body Count” in the last six weeks, and now totaling ~50 (and here), anyone educated in the larger picture described in this article must suspect the Clintons of ongoing political assassinations.

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