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Google Censors John Stossel Video About Socialist Violence

Posted on Thursday, 6th December 2018 @ 05:55 PM by Text Size A | A | A

In an apparent effort to protect the idea that collectivism is a viable economic policy proposal, Libertarian pundit John Stossel said that Google censored his video on the ills of Socialism.

“This morning Google told me that it would not allow my YouTube video “Socialism Leads to Violence” to be viewed by young people,” he said in a Townhall column. “It violates ‘community guidelines,’ said the company in a computer-generated email.”

Google is the owner of YouTube.

Stossel speculated that Google could be harboring anti-capitalist bias, and that it could be built into the very algorithms that dictate what internet users see when they run an internet search.

“Google’s power comes from its dominant search engine. We assume that whatever appears at the top of our searches is the ‘best’ or most popular result. But is it?” Stossel wondered.

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