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America’s Democracy Movement in Real Time

Posted on Sunday, 9th October 2011 @ 03:13 AM by Text Size A | A | A

Watch America\'s Democracy Movement in Real Time


Statement from HPUB

Enough endless media distraction about Libyan so-called “rebels” toppling a regime in the name of western democracy, dissenters using Twitter and Facebook to counter censorship in the Horrific Republic of Iran…lack of free press in Belarus, Orange Revolutions in Ukraine, the hapless Dalai Lama who just can’t catch a break in Tibet; bad boy Vladimir Putin’s dictatorial tendencies and that poor, poor erstwhile billionaire turned “political prisoner” Mikhail Khodorkovsky…while Troy Davis is executed in Georgia and millions of Black and Brown Americans are force-fed through the Criminal Just Us System, making us losers for life in the New Jim Crow; loud noises about political prisoners in Castro’s Cuba…while the greatest concentration of prisoners held without charge on that island is at Guantanamo under U.S. command and in violation of key promises made by Obama in his bid to become president; front page coverage of Saudi women clamoring for the right to drive an automobile while you fail to investigate the pervasive Saudi influence on our politicians and the troubling connections between Saudis and September 11…

Now, corporate media, property of American oligarchs, the Huffington Post included, will you report truthfully on America’s democracy movement? Will you cover stories about Americans getting arrested for using Twitter to help America’s struggle for democracy? We doubt it.

That’s why we will. And we cant be bought out because we don’t sell out.

We will televise the revolution inspite of you.

Expect us.


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