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American Intel Failure=Moral Failure — Department of Democracy Needs Cabinet Post

Posted on Friday, 15th April 2011 @ 11:18 AM by Text Size A | A | A

Arab uprisings in nation after nation raise a KEY question not asked by journalists and government officials: Is American Intel so narrowly focused on terrorism it misses broader more important political events.

If State, CIA and NSA exclude coverage of and linkup with democracy movements in foreign countries, WHO in America’s Democratic Government is responsible for assisting Democracy leaders and followers to win and establish Democratic government in their nations?

Do Americans value only their own Democracy, not Democracy in foreign countries?

Our national security is far better served by intelligent Democracy assistance to foreign countries, than to focus narrowly on anti-terrorism and military assistance and violent actions.

Furthermore, new Democratic nations are richer broader markets for American businesses to trade with, enhancing domestic prosperity and jobs.

Intel on Democracy movements is central to American foreign policy. We must engage and support Democracy movements in every nation. Our Democracy is safer if the world is full of prosperous Democratic nations versus violent dictatorships, even when they claim to be American allies, often only a tool to fool America into gifting billions of tax dollars as aid, more often than not–ending up in secret bank accounts of vicious tyrants and their cronies.

Ignoring world Democracy results in terrorism, war, mass deaths, massive destruction, paranoia, hate, massive unproductive expenditures, massive diversion of taxes away from domestic productive investments, massively increased national debt and deficit.

Narrow focus on anti-terrorism has turned the American government and Americans into thugs and torturers, and caused America to become less moral and more evil-in our hearts and in the eyes of the world.

We the People are better than that.

Engaging and supporting Democracy in foreign countries mandates that a cabinet post be created to oversee an agency dedicated to this mission critical to national security and prosperity, and superior in presidential policy considerations than inputs from State, CIA, NSA or the Pentagon.

Ignoring World Democracy has raised debt and deficit, wasted trillions on endless wars and endless foreign aid gifted to billionaire tyrants, with nothing to show for the massive expenditures, including and especially not improved security.

Witness Garner/Bremer-Iraq, or Afghanistan: Trillions! Trillions for mass deaths, massive destruction, but no stable prosperous Democracy and Freedom, only tyrants and cronies with secret bank accounts filled with American tax payers’ earnings, and unending war into the future.

Even Libya Tyrant Fafa plays the Al-Qaeda card on gullible Americans.

How can American government not know the Libyan Opposition–BEFORE an armed uprising starts? To claim ignorance is to admit that government has failed, failed again.

Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is dangerous for America. Are we to be invaded by some unknown enemy because government is incompetent, inattentive, psychologically crippled by obsession with violence and weapons?

Is this not 9/11 again? What do State, CIA, NSA, DIA spend their billions on top of billions accomplishing? Stashing in secret bank accounts? They know nothing about the world America lives, survives or dies in.

Congress is not performing their Second Branch Constitution duty to oversee spending. American taxpayers are not getting ANY bang for their earned bucks spent on Intel.

If America collected the billions upon billions of American earners’ taxes stolen by favored tyrants’ and hidden in secret bank accounts, the debt and deficit would diminish and disappear.

Without these vicious tyrants Americans would have been more prosperous and safer.

In sum: Thinkers over thugs. Arab uprisings in nation after nation require a paradigm shift in American thinking and action. Old leaders must learn a new, or new leaders must displace the old guard. Political events leave us no choice, grow Democracies, or American Democracy dies.

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  • Ed Podhorn

    April 28, 2011 02:18 AM

    Published April 8, exactly 1 day before this article was published, the Joint Chiefs Of Staff issued an anonymous policy recommendation to the Republicans and their super rich that they are a threat to the national security, by Capt. Wayne Porter and Col. Mark Mykleby

    Beginning page 5 to page 14. Read for yourself, and read this article and the related article on Intell Failures by this author. More will be covered in the future.

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