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If Amanda Knox Were not such an Adorable White Girl, She Would Still be in Jail and Nobody Would Give a Damn

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This is the first time I’ve written on HPUB. but I’m an avid blogger on my one unique subject:-‘Life Cycles’, which is my theory of life based on 12 year cycles and using only well-known biographical facts to support me. This is not astrology/numerology/anything else. I simply say that every 12 years there is a revolution in your life. You are not fully in control and sometimes important and amazing developments happen. So as a young adult, what year are we talking about? That’s right it’s 24. Your whole birthday to birthday year correlates with big changes in everyone’s life.

What has this got to do with Amanda Knox? Of course you all know she’s 24 right now. Look at the courtroom scene to see how overwhelmed she was when she got off the charge of murder. This was a major turning point in her life and the start of a new age/new direction. Yes the prosecution may still appeal, but she is home now and well away from gaol. Her first college boyfriend, who has been supportive throughout, may even begin a relationship. Now. of course she is famous and will no doubt have a book deal, that could well turn into a movie as well. Her life is forever changed.

Let’s wind back to the nightmare she has been through. My other ‘Life Cycles’ turning point is the age of 19, when we begin a challenging time, set to last for the rest of the years of the current cycle (ie. until you turn 24).  This time the change tends to creep up on us however. When Amanda was 19, she was in a rebellious phase of her young life. After attending a strict Catholic school, she wanted to break free when at the University of Washington and got herself a reputation as a party girl, who liked alcohol and drugs. She was also a conscientious and helpful student by day, so friends called it a ‘double life’. When she was 19 she rented a house on Greek Row, an area that was home to football jocks and all-male fraternity houses. Here she could also escape the strict alcohol rules of university accommodation.

“She just went wild” said an acquaintance. She threw a party in June, 2007 when police had to be called. It ended up with her in court and receiving a minor criminal conviction. Now she couldn’t wait for an opportunity to get away from America with it’s strict alcohol laws and was very happy when selected as an Erasmus scholar to study in Italy. Can you see clearly for yourselves how she was on a slippery slope, that meant her pathway was being changed at the age of 19. Sure the murder happened at 20, but the seeds were already sown. Now, of course, none of this means that she is not innocent of the charges, however it took her four long years before change occurred again.

With ‘Life Cycles’ I don’t say that I know what will happen, I only concentrate of when things happen. I only use the public record. I maintain that no-one knows the exact way the future is laid down, because we all have free will. We may very well never know what happened on that fateful night, but we can know what led up to it and what the aftermath was. I have many, many case histories featuring the ‘Year of Revolution’ (12,24 etc.) and the ‘Year of Broken Pathways’ (19,31 etc.). See my two blogs for more. Life Cycles-The Truth and The Evidence  and the Story Behind Life Cycles

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  • neil6

    October 14, 2011 10:27 PM

    Hey :- “Just a pile of bullshit about 12 year cycles”……You haven’t read the evidence about the most important turning points in everyone’s lives. I suggest you check out the blogs to get a clearer picture.

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