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Wall Street Journal: Trump’s lawyer arranged $130,000 in hush money for an ex-porn star Stormy Daniels

Posted on Friday, 12th January 2018 @ 10:53 PM by Text Size A | A | A

At the height of the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer reportedly arranged a payment of $130,000 to a former porn star, so she’d stay silent about an alleged affair she’d had with Trump.

That’s according to a new story by the Wall Street Journal’s Michael Rothfeld and Joe Palazzolo, published Friday. They write that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen arranged the payment to Stephanie Clifford, who went by the stage name “Stormy Daniels,” so she wouldn’t appear on national television to discuss her history with Trump in October 2016. 

In a statement to the Journal, Cohen said, “President Trump once again vehemently denies any such occurrence as has Ms. Daniels” [sic]. However, he did not deny arranging the payment.

Cohen also sent the Journal a statement signed by “Stormy Daniels” denying an affair with Trump, and claiming that “rumors” that she received “hush money” from Trump “are completely false.”


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