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Retail store demands everyone submit to cop run facial recognition before gaining entry

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A retail store in St.Louis called Motomart is demanding customers submit to having their faces scanned before they’re allowed entry!

Think about what that means, police are identifying every single customer using DHS’s REAL ID’s.

According to a Fox2Now article, once it gets dark, employees put up signs that say: “Facial Recognition Software in Use – Please Look at Above Camera for Entry.” 

Make no mistake, when stores start demanding to scan our faces to gain entry, we’ve entered into a privacy nightmare.

Why aren’t people boycotting Motomart? Do we really want police tracking our every movement?

DHS/Police run facial biometric company

Motomart uses ‘Blue Line Technology‘ facial recognition cameras, designed by the Army, DHS and the police. “Blue Line Technology was launched by retired law enforcement and military professionals…”

According to Blue Line “Major Spiess is currently working as a trainer for the National Sheriffs’ Association and the Department of Homeland Security.” 

Feds running a biometric spying company? It doesn’t get anymore ironic than Major Spies[s]?
Would it be considered civil disobedience to cover your face so cops and corporations can’t identify you?

Blue Line wants to install facial recognition cameras in every home, gas station, store, school, hosptial etc., across the country. (Click here to to read about Christopher’s Gifts using Blue Line facial recognition cameras.)

Still doubt the Feds are behind facial recognition? A Google search for “Blue Line Technology and Homeland Security” returned 1 million hits. (Click here to see Blue Lines Twitter page.)

Facial recognition cameras installed in courthouse

Three years ago, the Carnahan courthouse in St. Louis began using Blue Line’s facial recognition cameras.

Feds say if you’re deemed a threat you’ll be denied entry or arrested.

“I think in today’s world, being observed by a security camera is not that unusual or odd an event,” said Mike Guzy, spokesman for Sheriff James Murphy, whose office secures the courthouse and transports prisoners. “The only difference here is if you have been deemed a threat, the security officers will be notified that you are on the premises.”

Citizens who are upset at judges, prosecutors or cops are deemed a threat!

“If a judge or prosecutor knows of a particular threat — someone such as James Palmer, for example, who was angry at the judge over divorce and custody issues — that individual’s photograph is put into a computer system. It sends an alert if that person is spotted by cameras at the courthouse entrances.”

It doesn’t get more ominous than this, citizens who value their privacy and who’re upset with our government and justice system will be deemed a THREAT. 

If we let this happen and don’t speak out, DHS will put facial recognition cameras EVERYWHERE. 

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