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Foxconn – Art of the Deal?

Posted on Sunday, 13th August 2017 @ 03:03 PM by Text Size A | A | A

Well in the case of President Trump’s latest, self-proclaimed achievement, it really ought to be called Art of the Steal.

This past Thursday, the Daily Caller, a media outlet that I like because it attacks both the Left & the Right when they commit errors and take flawed actions, recently posted this article explaining how Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that produces and supplies iPhone parts, plans to open a plant in Wisconsin, specifically in the 1st district area, which Speaker Paul Ryan represents.  This is the same Foxconn that is infamous for its suicide nets to prevent miserable workers from jumping outside factory windows to commit suicide.

While President Trump promised to bring factories and good-paying, manufacturing jobs to the country, particularly in the flyover states that won him the election, he conveniently left out the details on how, and the devil inside them.  While I’m happy to see factories and manufacturing returning to America, Foxconn is receiving $3 billion in subsidies from Wisconsin in order to do so.  As someone who voted for Trump, though meaninglessly as a California voter, I’m thoroughly disappointed in this move.  This subsidy is crony capitalism, not capitalism, and is immoral as Wisconsin taxpayers are coerced into funding this.  Of course, a small minority of 13,000 citizens, the new plant’s employees, will benefit, but what about the rest of the Wisconsin taxpayers?  Too bad, you’re on the hook for President Trump’s phony achievement.

This is deja vu of the taxpayer funded bailout of sleazy, irresponsible bankers during the 2007-2008 financial crisis.  I was thoroughly livid that President Bush failed to do the right thing by bailing out Wall Street bankers and financial institutions instead of allowing them to fail like all the small businesses who can’t and don’t want to lobby the government for unjust political favors.  I was equally incensed with President Obama for bailing out the automotive industries during the early years of his administration.  Therefore, to hold President Trump to the same moral standard, I must be equally angry with him for this steal.

One may counter argue that the bailouts saved jobs, companies, and prevented further economic hardship.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  In order to “save” those jobs, you had to take money and resources from already productive sectors to save failed industries.  By doing so, you disabled the potential jobs and other investments that people aren’t able to see because the money was coercively transferred from productive, responsible people to those that weren’t.  What about the bad precedents being set here?  Why should people be responsible & productive, what truly made America great in the first place, if the fruits of their labor are going to be unjustly stolen from them to help the irresponsible and unproductive people who make America weak?  These kinds of moves subsidize and exacerbate irresponsibility and unproductivity, the things the country needs to do away with in order to have a real economic recovery.

Candidate Trump ran as an outsider and attracted a lot of sceptics and people who have become frustrated with the status quo of career politicians who benefit handsomely from these sorts of bailouts at the forced expense of the peons.  After this steal, as well as the Carrier bailout deal in Indiana in late 2016, it is very clear that Donald Trump, based on his actions, is not a man of principles, nor does he understand capitalism.

The legitimate way to bring back manufacturing and factory jobs is to entice companies to risk their own money to invest in America.  You do that by making it easier to invest in America vs. other countries, specifically by cutting the taxes lower than competing countries, as well as undoing costly business regulations that don’t exist in other countries.  Furthermore, Foxconn has no history of honoring their commitments.  What happens if they continue their record of dishonesty and back out of this deal?  Too bad Wisconsin taxpayers, although you paid for the steal, there’s no guarantee that these new jobs will last for the long run.  This is a big reason for the people of Wisconsin to decry this move by President Trump rather than applaud it.

To be fair to President Trump, he sincerely does want to repeal Obamacare, which would be a step in the right direction, and I believe he truly does want to significantly cut taxes and regulations overall.  However, neither the Republican majority in both houses of Congress, nor the Deep State truly controlling the bureaucracies behind the scenes, are willing to cooperate to make that happen smoothly and expeditiously.  As frustrating as it may be for him to have so little to proclaim as accomplishments, it would be far better to refrain from proclaiming phony ones, like this Foxconn deal.  Proclaiming phony accomplishments is lying, which Trump accused many of his opponents of doing, and rightly so.  However, he hasn’t proven to be too much better in regards to honesty.

As someone who voted for Trump, this article is extremely heartbreaking to write.  But in order to be objective, I must write this and hold all politicians feet to the fire equally, even the ones who got my vote.  It is also too bad that many good, libertarian outlets such as InfoWars, Stefan Molyneux, and Mark Dice, aren’t criticizing Trump for his crony capitalism, the way they criticized Presidents Obama and Bush for it.  Especially Dice, in this video, omits that the deal puts the Wisconsin taxpayers on the hook, especially considering that he dedicates the bulk of his YouTube channel to exposing the fake news media for omitting important facts on important issues.  Of course, I’m no fan of the mainstream media, who also failed to report on this very sleazy steal.  There’s no reason this issue should get a pass. I’m not trying to bring those outlets down or throw around the tired ad-hominem labels of “racists, right-wing shills, deplorabales” blah blah blah.  I do proudly subscribe to all of them, as I believe the overall content of their programs are enlightening, but nonetheless, it is sad to see them be silent on this critical issue.  I guess that’s why I felt I had to write this article.

Is it possible that President Trump will one day realize the errors described in this, and other, articles, and abolish this kind of crony capitalism that the voters entrusted him to do?  Maybe, but I’d feel safer putting my money on my dog learning how to speak Russian.

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