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50 ways to save money in 2014

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50 ways to save money in 2014

From slow cookers to £90 for an old phone. We set out 50 ways you can save money in 2014

1. Take advantage of cashback and reward credit cards.

2. Recycle old mobile phones, DVDs, CDs and clothes.

3. Use comparison sites to find the cheapest supermarket prices.

4. Use balance transfer credit cards to transfer debt from your current credit card that charges a high rate of interest, to one that charges 0pc interest.

5. Buy own-brand goods at the supermarket.

6. Cancel your yearly gym membership and opt for monthly pay-as-you-go instead if there is a strong likelihood that you will stop going.

7. Bulk-buy foods that don’t go off, particularly if they are on offer.

8. Switch energy suppliers.

9. Use discount websites to save on days out.

10. Cycle/walk to work (if possible) rather than drive or take the tube.

11. Grow your own herbs.

12. Pay less for your holiday in 2014.

13. Find cheap flights for your holidays next year.

14. Rent a new dress rather than buy one.

15. Share travel to cut costs.

16. Open a savings account.

17. Go without a TV licence.

18. Use a slowcooker for cooking stews.

19. Do online surveys in your spare time and earn money.

20. Check to see if your children are entitled to any benefits, including free school meals and uniforms for children.

21. Make sure your child isn’t paying tax on their savings account.

22. Don’t buy bottled water, fill up a re-usable bottle with tap water.

23. Make your own drinks.

24. Find the cheapest way to spend abroad.

25. Stock up on Christmas decorations now.

26. Have a dry January.

27. Use supermarket loyalty cards.

28. Call premium phone lines from your landline.

29. Use a spreadsheet to budget your household finances.

30. Turn electrical appliances off when not in use.

31. Use energy-saving gadgets to cut costs.

32. Swap books rather than buy new ones.

33. Pay your children to do jobs around the house.

34. Make your own meals rather than buy take-aways.

35. Avoid the January sales.

36. Check out websites for freebies.

37. Shop at discount supermarkets rather than higher-end ones.

38. Use coupons.

39. Rent out a spare room.

40. Cut down on the cost of car insurance.

41. Try and rope your neighbours into a “sharing economy”.

42. Sell old comics, postcards and other investment pieces.

43. Buy a ‘passive’ fund over an ‘active’ one.

44. Collect loose change and pennies in a jar and cash them in at the end of the year.

45. Get cashback for shopping online.

46. Follow retailers on social networking sites like Twitter.

47. Install a smart meter.

48. Don’t waste food.

49. Switch to high-interest current account.

50. Say no to things you don’t need, can’t afford or won’t use.


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