Iran strikes ‘terrorists’ at Iraqi Kurdistan border after attack that killed 3 IRGC troops

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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards hit ‘terrorist strongholds’ along Iraqi borders, it said in a statement. The IRGC, Tehran’s elite troops, attacked targets near the borders of the Iranian provinces of Kurdistan and West Azerbaijan.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ statement regarding the attack was carried by several Iranian news outlets, with some reports in English and Arabic saying it took place on the Iraqi side, while the full IRGC statement in Farsi only said it was along the border.

The Revolutionary Guards say they used missiles, artillery and drones to hit bases of “anti-Iranian groups” which Tehran says were behind the Tuesday attack on a local IRGC unit. Three servicemen were killed in that attack.

Tehran blames terrorists affiliated with the “global arrogance,” a term used by Iranian officials to describe Iran’s opponents led by the US, for Tuesday’s attack.

The IRGC’s Friday retaliation “killed and injured a large number” of the militants and destroyed their “centers,” the military said without providing further details.

It also said it had previously warned the local population and the authorities of Iraqi Kurdistan against allowing “terrorists” to set up a foothold in their territory.

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The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) took action today against eight senior commanders of Navy, Aerospace, and Ground Forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). These commanders sit atop a bureaucracy that supervises the IRGC’s malicious regional activities, including its provocative ballistic missile program, harassment and sabotage of commercial vessels in international waters, and its destabilizing presence in Syria.

For a moment on Thursday, it appeared that the US Navy had produced the ‘smoking gun’ to which Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had alluded during his statement from earlier in the day: CENTCOM footage which the Navy said purported to show Iran’s IRGC ‘caught in the act’ of trying to remove an unexploded mine from the Kokuka Courageous, one of the two tankers damaged in Thursday’s attacks. CENTCOM said the video it released showed the IRGC removing an unexploded limpet mine from the side of one of the tankers, suggesting Tehran had sought to remove evidence from the scene.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo yesterday published two notices in the Federal Register, watering down sanctions on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The notices clarified that countries and businesses dealing with the guard would not be banned from travelling to the US. In one notice, Pompeo said the sanctions “shall not apply to any ministry, department, agency, division, or other group or subgroup within any foreign government” unless that entity is covered by existing US sanctions.

Top Iranian government officials were suspended from Facebook-owned Instagram just hours after Trump dubbed the IRGC a “terrorist” organization.

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