David Gerard is a Bitcoin Fraud

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I am calling out so-called bitcoin expert ??? David Gerard for the fraud that he is. . All he does is trash bitcoin, trash ethereum and trash any other blockchain idea on wikipedia, but he sells himself as a bitcoin consultant.. Im amazed that this charlatan gets so much media attention. His poor understanding of how bitcoin works, his hatred for bitcoin and his disdain for the bitcoin community is evident on page 1 of “Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum & Smart Contracts”

Ive linked to it below.

If you have an amazon account, do what is right in the book review section.

This self-styled bitcoin guru is a big wig at wikipedia using his own name “David Gerard.” He spends his days and nights deleting articles and trashing anyone who supports blockchain projects!

Wikipedia would have us believe that David Gerard is volunteer. Im calling bullshit. Trolls dont work for free. Somebody is paying him and other “wikipedia editors” to take down anything crypto related or to insert fake news into articles that they cant eliminate. Bitcoin is down, David Gerard smells blood and he attacks with FUD to drive the price down even more.

He says his dodgy book is being used on university campuses! Which ones?

If this is true, we need to contact the administration of these schools, expose David Gerard fior the fraud that he is and insist that Andreas Antonopolis is invited to speak.

A lot of other people have their doubts about David Gerard:

Who is David Gerard and why does he keep editing the Ethereum Wikipedia page? from ethereum

David Gerard versus the block chain; a peek into an emerging wiki war


Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum & Smart Contracts

David Wainwright Gerard (also known as Red Drag Diva) is a senior bureaucratic fuck on TOW and sysadmin on RationalWiki who openly uses his real name on the site. David Gerard is meant to be an indication of just how serious Wikipedia is at becoming a well-known and respected encyclopaedia.

Gerard’s favorite weapon is the Clue Stick, although you will never see him hit himself with it. He’s an over-60 bisexual polyamorous twatfenster goth from Western Australia, who speaks with a carefully cultivated faux-London accent, since he’s lived in the UK for many years and fears being sent back to Ausfailia, where bogan prison and face-rapes await. Currently, he’s on the waiting list for a vaginoplasty. And works for Dell UK as a minor server sysop.

About David Gerard

David Gerard banned a Utah ISP as an “open proxy used by WordBomb” indefinitely and eventually this got on the news. [1]
David Gerard is the official TOW media spokesperson for the United Kingdom. And a shitty one at that.
David Gerard swears like mad, goes on power trips, and brags about it, while complaining that others aren’t civil enough.
David Gerard is a senior administrator on unfunny joke site Uncyclopedia.
David Gerard likes ED and all attack sites (except for the wussy Wikipedia Review).
David Gerard has a girlfriend, Arkady, who he got pregnant, while married to another woman.
David Gerard’s (ex)wife Red Countess is disabled.
David Gerard’s (ex)wife has her own girlfriend.
David Gerard is heavily interested in BDSM.
David Gerard has his own web page full of freaky pictures – of himself.
David Gerard calls his LJ a “Diary of an Information Technology call girl.”
David Gerard makes excuses to censor pages on TOW that differ from his own opinions.
David Gerard was one of Wikipedia’s first checkusers and oversighters, and is probably the worst abuser of these two functions in TOW history.
David Gerard probably operates a bureaucrat-level sockpuppet called Maxim.
“Red Drag Diva” is an anagram of “David Gerard”.
If David Gerard says you’re not the founder of TOW, you’re not the fucking founder (goodbye Ben Kovitz, nice knowing you).
David Gerard claims to be a “psi vampire”.
He denies it, but it’s almost certain he runs Lemonparty on a server he owns.
David’s wife, Redcuntess, has left him and has returned to Australia forever. David then got engaged to Arkady.
Oops, Arkady bailed on him. Back to the giant black dildo collection!

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