Deportation Orders Hit Record High, Immigration Courts Clogged

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If numbers are to be believed, the Trump administration is trying to keep its promise to deport illegal aliens, a report from Syracuse University says.

Syracuse University’s TRAC Immigration site has crunched the data from fiscal 2018 and shown that the administration has issued orders to deport nearly 300,000 border jumpers.

The report also details how many cases are piled up in immigration court waiting for the ax to fall and which states will lose the most illegals and what countries they come from.

Increase From Last Year
The data show that new deportation orders have increased about five percent from last year.

The number of deportation orders jumped from 274,133 to 287,741. And fiscal 2017 was better than 2016, when removal orders numbered 267,265.


The data also include the originating countries of those who received the orders. Tops on the list, not surprisingly, is Mexico, which accounted for 73,993, or 25.7 percent of the total.

Guatemala accounted for 64,045 orders, or 22.3 percent, with Honduras coming in third at 41,071, or 14.3 percent, and El Salvador fourth at 25,551, or 8.9 percent.

The top 10 states from which the immigrants will be deported are Texas (25,300), California (14,522), Florida (12,590), New York (8,824), Georgia (7,955), Louisiana (6,051), North Carolina (4,321), Arizona (4,140), Illinois (3,404), and Virginia (3,190).

The problem? The immigration courts are backed up with 1,098,468 cases, a 112.9 percent boost from 2017.

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