Trump’s Military Parade Could Cost Up To $30 Million

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Donald Trump raised a few eyebrows, and even more comparisons to third-world countries last week, when he suggested holding a military parade in downtown Washington. Since then, officials such as Defense Secretary Jim Mattis confirmed that Trump had indeed pushed for a large-scale parade to trumpet the U.S. military.

Today that particular initiative may have been hobbled, when Mick Mulvaney said the administration hasn’t decided to go forward with it.

The White House budget director says a military parade envisioned by President Donald Trump could cost between $10 million and as much as $30 million, and that this money was not included in the administration’s new budget request.

Speaking before the House Budget Committee, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, who recently said he would have voted against Trump’s budget if he was still in Congress, said that estimates are “very preliminary” although clarified that it would cost “between 10 and 30 depending on the length” of the parade, AP reported.

Mulvaney says the administration would have to seek an appropriation from Congress or redirect existing funds to finance the parade.

Of course, at the rate the US is spending and exploding its budget deficit, with independent forecasts now predicting total US debt may hit over $35 trillion in a decade, one wonders “what difference does it make” if a few hundred million sneak between the cracks…

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