Black FBI Informant Darth PerryTells All

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Fascinating, must see old interview of black FBI informant “Darthard Perry” aka “Ed Riggs” on Like It Is, hosted by the late Gil Noble.

“The FBI is very good at conspiracies and murders.”



Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt was an innocent man framed for a murder he did not commit.   He


Black politicos, KPFK bugged, testifies FBI informant:



“From 1970 through 1975, I
worked as a paid agent for the
Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I was recruited by the FBI by
(special agent) Brandon Cleary,
presently of the Los Angeles of-
fice of the FBI, in 1970 by the
threat of having me arrested for
violating the terms of a state

His name is Darthard Maurice
Edward Perry, aka Ed Riggs,
Bill Perry, John Garrison,
Othello and Crackerjack. He is
27 years old. For the last five
years he has been an informant
for the FBI. During that time,
and at the direction of the
bureau, he claims he has con-
ducted surveillance on
numerous black elected of-,
ficiais including Assembfyper-
son Leon Ralph, California Lt.
Gov. Mer.vyn Dymally and
Congressperson Ronald

He has placed listening
devices (bugs) in the offices of –
Assembly person Ralph and at g
radio station KPFK. He has con- _c
ducted surveillance of scores of l_
community meetings and o
Byents, using his position as H
video cameraperson for the
Watts Writers Workshop as a
cover. He has conducted sur-
veillance on SLA safehouses
and has distributed radical
literature given him by the FBI
which explains how to construct
a “simple time-bomb,” how to
build a “seif-igniting Molotov
cocktail” and how to manufac-


ture-people’s hand grenaaes.”


read more:



The following images give a good representation of the state of Black America after 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama:

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