The New Common Sense. by Daniel Bruno

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Americans need to retire the two party system. Congressional approval ratings hover around 8% yet most members are re-elected over and over again. The old definitions of liberal and conservative, left and right, no longer apply. Come and join us to form a more perfect union.

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Abolish the Department of Homeland Security; come clean about terrorism and mass shootings.

Decriminalize all drugs.  End the Drug War.

Enforce the 2nd Amendment.  Stop putting people in cages for possession of an object.

Close down the Lobby, end the wars.

Abolish the income tax.

Truth and Reconciliation about 9/11.

Break up the media monopoly, no more fake news.









1. Introduction

2. Society and Government

3. The Deep State

4. The state of the nation, current affairs and foreign policy. Puppet Presidents.

5. The need for a New Republic of the United States of America and How This Can be Achieved



Written by Thomas Paine, an American




Most people like to be fashionable. We look at what trendsetters are doing and imitate  them. We learn behavior from what we see on TV, in magazines, books and movies. If the people we see on TV accept something as true, we assume it must be ok and when we see something over and over again, we believe it. For example, many people have learn t what their constitutional rights are by watching crime dramas like Law and Order. They learn about current events from the nightly news and politics from CNN, FOX or NPR.

The United States has a constitution written in 1791 when our nation had a population of 4 million who had experienced tyranny under King George the Third’s empire. The Founding Fathers wrote a new constitution to prevent tyranny from returning to the new country called the USA. They designed the government with checks and balances to stop any ambitious person or clique from taking over. For example, they did not want the president to be able to wage war without the consent of congress. They did not want the police to be able to search you and put you in jail unless a judge had good reason to suspect you of behaving badly. They did not want there to be an American king and aristocracy above the law.

People think that of a routine as legitimate and if a routine deviates slowly every day for years, they won’t notice it is has lost its legitimacy. For example, in the last 40 years, our police have become militarized. Our own government thinks of the American people as potential criminals on every street corner and terrorist suspects at every border crossing. We see our fellow Americans humiliated when they travel by air, spied on when they travel by train and stopped when they travel by car. The government in Washington has slowly deviated into the opposite of what the founders intended it to be. Tyranny has returned with a vengeance. The government has become a regime (the root of regime is rex and rex means king) incapable of representing the interests of We the People because it is hopelessly addicted to campaign money like a drug addict is addicted to crack. We are ruled by a regime dressed up like a democracy but in reality it is a dictatorship of two political parties that are owned by the same elite political class. 99.65% of Americans are stuck voting for the lesser of two evils over and over and over or not voting at all. This is not democracy. If you want to know how we can change this, keep reading.

When politicians, news casters and celebrities who have earned our respect do something wrong, we hope they have a good reason. Someone who we know and trust is a natural role model. Like George Washington cutting down the cherry tree, they might make mistakes but we hope they can not tell a lie. Unfortunately, our current system rewards the best lairs. They float to the top. Whoever can get away with the most deception and lie flawlessly gets the highest political office. Its a perverse form of natural selection.

As for me, Thomas Paine, I am no celebrity or politician but if I were, I wouldn’t tell you. I don’t think it really matters who I am, but I can assure you that I don’t belong to any political party. The important thing is what I have to say: we need a new government right here in America. We need a New Republic founded on a new constitution. I don’t mean to say we need to vote the Democrats or the Republicans out, or vote Libertarian. I mean, we need to get rid of the bipartisan system altogether. The president, the Congress and the Supreme Court need to resign and a new constitution must be written for a NEW American Republic. Its the only way that other political parties will have a chance to bring back democracy to the land we love.
To be clear, I am not saying that Texas or some other state should break away from the Union. I’m not calling for a war of secession or states rights. I’m not calling on people to grab their guns or refuse to pay taxes. Lone individuals and groups bucking the system are sure to get smacked down hard by the media and the regime every time. We are too smart for that.

The two party dictatorship never lets third parties win. There are two parties but only one political class and they are not about to let anyone else get a seat at the table. Ron Paul was cheated out of his delegates and far worse will happen to other upstarts who threaten the regime. If we want to win, we have to create new rules of the game. Therefore, what I am calling for is a Second American Republic: the New Republic of the United States of America. The NRUSA will be a fresh start that allots proportional representation to three, four, ten or even twenty political parties in the House and Senate. It will have a new system of checks and balances that recognize a political platform instead of individual politicians. Gone will be the old system of candidates who say anything to get elected then do what their paymasters want after winning office.

Our New Republic needs an updated constitution written in modern language and an updated Bill of Rights that protects us the way the original Bill of Rights intended to when the abuses of King George were a living memory. It will limit government interference in everything and bring back the freedom and democracy we lost. It will bring sanity and common sense back to our great nation. In spite of all the damage done to America, we remain the world’s greatest hope. For better or for worse, what we do effects everyone on Earth and the stakes could not be higher. We must have a government 2.0 for the benefit of all mankind. I am speaking to you in the language of common sense. In particular, I’m addressing our police departments across the nation, our military contractors and our men and women in uniform around the world. You are being used and abused. You have been brainwashed to view your fellow citizens to be the enemy. You are being lied to about terrorism. The regime in Washington supports Al Qaida and ISIS. Read what Smedley Butler had to say about the real reasons we get sent off to war. The real enemies of the constitution are not in Baghdad, not Afghanistan or any other exotic location. The real terrorist masterminds are in Washington.

1. Society and Government

Imagine a reality TV show with 100 participants living on an island. They help each other out with the necessities of life: building a shelter, collecting water and gathering food. They all work together because they need one another to get the job done. One person alone can’t do it all. It takes teamwork. This teamwork is what we call society.

Eventually they create a small government. Its like a committee that sets the rules that society will live by. Like an umpire, it settles disagreements between members of society. In this little nation of 100 people, every person represents him or herself in monthly meetings. There is no need to run for office to represent voters because every citizen represents him or herself in the government. In this small society of just 100 people, everyone knows everyone else, so people usually treat each other well. But if society grows into millions of people, they all cant possibly know each other, so there will need to be a trusted referee to ensure fairness. This is what the police are supposed to be for. Society will also want representatives to stand in for large numbers of citizens at the monthly meetings, now called sessions of congress. Representatives will need to be elected by majority vote and the elections should occur frequently to keep the representatives on their toes. This is what we call government by democracy.

The whole purpose of having a government is to ensure society’s happiness and the point of having police is to enhance security. Just like companies and businesses, governments are created in the minds of men and women, formed among st like minded people, serve their purpose for a while then get bought out or go out of business. Its a natural cycle of birth,death and rebirth. When the share holders of a corporation suffer losses, they change the management and demand reform. In the United States, we, the citizen shareholders, have not had a real change in management since the Federal Reserve took over the financial system in 1913. Democrats and Republicans can come and go but the real power structure is always there.

The first government a country has is its first republic, the second government is the second republic, and so on. Each government has a constitution which is like a company charter. The constitution sets out the rules of engagement that all future laws and regulations have to conform to. Society pays fees to maintain the government that will enforce these laws. This is called tax. As you can see, the society created the government to increase the peoples’ freedom, security and happiness. It’s the government’s job to serve society. If the government stops serving society, management needs to be fired. Its not enough to rotate faces from the same pool of managers every two, four and eight years. You cant have the same policies carried out by different people and call that a reorganization of management. You cant have the same oligarchic donors like Koch, Addelson, Bloomberg and Saban deciding who runs for office and deciding what the range of acceptable policies will be. What we actually have in America today is a non-hereditary monarchy of frontmen funded by deep pockets combined with a loose nepotism between a few thousand NeoCons who control our government regardless of which party wins. Take for example, the Kagans.

We already know that hereditary rulers (kings) make as much sense as heriditary physicists, hereditary air force generals and hereditary quarterbacks. Just because your father or your spouse or your brother did something well doesn’t mean you can. North Korea is an absolute monarchy that calls itself a democratic people’s republic even though its ruler’s sole qualification is his pedigree. America has a revolving door place-holder monarchy with royal families like the Kennedys, the Bushes, the Clintons and corporate king makers like Goldman Sachs. Outsiders like Ross Perot, Obama and Trump are given a shot at possibly playing the role of president but they will get taken down in a scandal or worse if they make the kingmakers or the deep state unhappy.



The Deep State
The deep state is an amorphous conglomerate made up of intelligence services, powerful personalities, organized crime, special forces, elite military officers, police and secret societies. The one thing they all have in common is a keen desire to control other people and their resources. They specialize in assassination, blackmail, false flag events, media manipulation and deposing governments. They see the world as a chess game and a Monopoly board. Their methods are easy to spot if you know what to look for. Their usual pattern consists of engineering a problem that causes a reaction that requires a solution they will provide. For example, take terrorism. The deep state foments Islamic terrorism by supporting jihadis who set bombs off and threaten aviation. The public reacts with fear and outrage. As a result, defense budgets are increased, wars are waged and elections won. Another example is the drug war. The deep state is deeply involved in narcotics because its extremely profitable and the drug trade funds secret operations. Drug abuse increases and the public demands a solution that is being suggested to them already by the entertainment industry: empower the police. As a result, public acceptance of police authority increases a thousand fold while society is distracted by drugs. Another deep state “benefit” of widespread drug use, whether illegal or by prescription, is that the society is neutered. The majority cant figure out whats really going on because they cant think straight A police state comes into being and the constitution that circumscribed government power is not enforced. Millions of people go to prison and tremendous profits are made while government control is enhanced enormously. Slavery is perfectly legal in prison and prisoners lose their citizenship rights forever. Legalizing drugs would bring an end to this entire system of societal control that has been accepted as normal because its so common. The key characteristic of deep state operations is that they achieve multiple objectives that benefit a small, powerful group by manipulating the consent of the vast majority who are fooled about what is really happening. Deep state actions always have a cover story that at a minimum creates plausible deniability while striving to make a massive emotional impact on society as a whole. This is how the NeoCons force history to do what they want.



The NeoCons


A NeoCon can pretend to be a Republican or Democrat, white or black, liberal or conservative. They can be Jews, Christians or atheists. Straight or gay. Their shared traits are: disregard for liberty and our constitution, preoccupation with the middle east, loyalty to Israel and a love for empire and militarism. They delight in dropping bombs on people and destroying entire nations even though few of them are military men. They hate the Second Amendment for Americans while demanding unlimited arms for Israeli settlers and Islamic terrorists. They concentrate themselves in think tanks and the State Department. They decide what our national security is and decide who to give money to around the world, even while cities like Flint don’t have safe drinking water and our national debt is uncountable. They write policy papers like the Project for a New American century published in September, 2000. These policy papers eventually become bills that are passed into law. You must read the Project for New American Century to undersand the events of September 11, 2001.


The Law

“Law is the refuge of lies, thieves and politicians.”

– ancient proverb


The government creates the armed forces and police departments to enforce laws. If government policy is out of step with the country’s constitution, which is the highest law of the land, then the government and its laws are not in harmony with society. If the laws are in conflict with the constitution, then they are illegal laws. For example, take the gun control laws. Millions of Americans have done serious time in prison because they had a gun in their purse or their car. In Cleveland, a 12 year old boy was murdered by a cop just for playing with a plastic toy gun. This officer, like most police, had been brainwashed to think that any non police person with a gun is a criminal who can be executed on the spot. But wait, our constitution allows you to have a gun and it should not be a crime to possess an object. Possession of an object, even a gun, or a substance, even cocaine, does not in itself violate anyone’s property rights or human rights. The crime occurs if and only if that thing is abused. A car can be abused to kill a person but that doesn’t make having a car a crime. The Same is true of a knife and many other things . But in our society, just having a water hose nozzle in your hand or a cell phone in your pocket is enough to get you killed by police who will say they thought you had a gun. Clearly, we have a major problem in America. The situation can not go on like this. We cant keep sending millions of people to prison for victim-less crimes and we cant keep having cops shoot people down because they might possess something an object. That’s not what true law enforcement is. The problem is that drug use, the drug war, gun control and mass incarceration are profitable for a few companies and benefit the government to the detriment of we the people. This is why we must have regime change.
We Got More Laws but Less Justice
Many of our problems come from the ever increasing number of laws that government tells police to enforce. Every year thousands of new laws are created. More and more bureaucrats, lawyers, bail bondsmen and police are required to make this miserable criminal justice system run and we the citizens are the fuel. We are paying in blood and treasure. Instead of government and the police serving us, we are their slaves. We need a fresh start. We need a new government with 90% fewer laws and a lot more common sense. Does that make us lawless? No.

Some people think of the law is being some mystical set of rules handed down from above. Actually, there is no inherent goodness or righteousness in law. More laws do not bring more justice. Government policy does not come from the law; law grows out of government policy. Policies are made according to the law but the law itself is really an expression of politics and politics is dirty. Politics are grounded in economic interests. For example, take mass incarceration. Powerful economic interests profit with every increase in the prison population. Other powerful interests profit from war. One of our biggest problems with the corrupt Washington regime we have today is that special interests write the laws then bribe the politicians to pass them. Instead of paying the bribe upfront for a fixed amount, the bribe is paid in the form of a campaign contribution before or after the law is passed. This is how the Clintons got so rich. This is why Hillary Clinton gets $350,000 for a 60 minute speech. Greedy people don’t give away 350K without getting something in return. If donating billions of dollars to politicians didn’t get results, nobody would do it. Do you have a billion dollars to make sure the things you care about get done? In America, we have a one dollar, one vote system.

Just like politicians, laws can flip flop and the interpretation of the law is a matter of opinion. Opinion is shaped by the mass media and the mass media is owned by a handful of billionaires. One agenda pushed by the NeoCons and billionaires is gay marriage.


Law and morality don’t mix. Just because something is made legal doesn’t make it natural and at the same time something that is natural can be outlawed. Take gay marriage. Its not the government’s business who marries whom. If two men want to marry, it’s not up to the government to be the chaplain that says yes or no. But by the same token, the government cant force gay marriage onto society and especially not onto the military. Coercing the people to conform to policies favored by a queer 4% minority is an abuse of power. Government should protect the rights of minorities but it can not force minority politics onto the majority. Some people will say “well, they used that argument to discriminate against blacks.” This is faulty thinking. The black minority did not impose its own standards onto the white majority, it just demanded inclusion into mainstream white society. The Civil Rights Act and other laws used the power of government to defend the economic interests of groups, including Blacks and women, who did not own the workplace, the real estate, the banks, the factories, the office buildings, the retail stores, the schools boards, the universities, the newspapers, etc. When a minority owns these things, it doesn’t need any civil rights laws. When a minority owns these things, the majority society has to deal with that minority or pay a penalty in lost income and opportunities. The Jews are a good example. Being a numerical minority is not a Civil Rights issue. Civil Rights apply to all people in relation to their government and private entities that wield power over them such as employers and landlords. Civil Rights are not about the acceptance of minorities by the majority’s culture. Civil Rights are not about forcing a minority’s religion (or lack thereof), culture or standards onto the majority.

LGBT people have not had a problem voting, owning property and integrataing into society as individuals. Political and economic disenfranchisement was not their plight. Their challenge lies in gaining broad acceptance of their identity and lifestyle. This is not a governmental issue. The legislative power of government can counterbalance political and economic power in private hands but it is a perversion of the legislative power to interfere in the natural property rights of religion, culture and opinion. People will say: “It took the government to enforce the Civil Rights of racial minorities against majority White culture and opinion and gays need the same protection.” The problem with this analogy is that the inherent property rights of all people to own their own bodies and culture supersedes the opinion of those who disagree, be they a majority or minority. On the other hand, the inherent property right of all people to have their own culture does not impose upon others the obligation to assume the same culture.

The right to self ownership allows for someone to to identify as he or she but does not require others to adapt the same ideology. Since marriage is a religious and cultural affair as well as a personal one, the inherent property rights that two people of the same sex have to wed does not supersede the inherent property rights of others to have their own religious and cultural rules in opposition to it.

LGBT are not an economic class, they are not a race, they are not a gender and they are not poor. They are not burdened with unpaid labor, as women are. They are not confined to ghettos, reservations or rural areas. They dont have problems obtaining loans and financing.

The government’s LGBT agenda goes beyond equal economic and political opportunity. It aims to re-arrange the definitions of gender,marriage,family and parent that are as old as human society itself. Race, nation and class are ephemeral concepts in the minds of men but gender is a biological fact written into every cell of the human body. Gender is not an option at birth or adolescence and androgyny is not something we should be striving for. The significance of marriage in law is not the romance between people; no marriage is needed for that. The institution of marriage grew out of the natural pairing of male and female to produce and rear offspring that are a productive asset to the parents, the community and the nation. Male and female parents and male and female children are not the same no matter how they are dressed or what toys they are given. They have different roles in the family and society. This is not sexism; it is simple common sense.
The NeoCons War on Gender
Suppose two drivers have a road accident. Both are drunk. One is male, the other female. Fault is not decided on the basis of gender. Now suppose two drunk people (male and female) have sex and the woman later regrets it. The male is considered guilty of rape. His diminished capacity to control himself due to alcohol is not a mitigating factor, but her diminished capacity to control herself is an aggravating factor for…him.

In all species of animals and plants, male and female exist, are distinct and have different roles to play in reproduction and continuation of the species. A child is not created from the chromosomes of two men or two women. This is why a family does not consist of two men and children. To teach children that men and women are the same and they can be whatever gender they want to be, is to do them a disservice and create a society of clueless people. Under the regime we have in Washington today, this has already occurred. America has gone from being an asylum for mankind into an insane asylum.
How the Regime Cancels Out Our Real Civil Rights
Civil rights and civil liberties are all about the rights of citizens to exercise their inherent property rights such as freedom of speech, of association, of privacy, of movement, of property and of wages. The right to ownership of your own body and your own possessions are fundamental. The right to your own property requires the assumption that possession is proof of ownership unless there is specific probable cause to suspect otherwise. This is a corollary of innocent until proven guilty. If you have a Rolex watch, or a million dollars in the bank, no regime has any business taking your stuff or investigating you for crime without a specific probable cause.

Now, observe how the regime uses double standards to enrich itself at our expense just as King George III did before the revolution of 1776:

Possession of narcotics or guns = felony. If you get caught with enough of a controlled substance, for example in your car, you could lose the car, everything else you own, your freedom and all your other rights. The judge doesn’t care what your story is, the fact that drugs or guns were in your custody is proof enough that they were yours. Off to jail you go.

But when the regime wants our property not as evidence but as booty, that rule gets thrown out the window. The police seize our homes, cars, boats,bank accounts, cash, and guns on the spot, without due process of law, on the mere possibility that somehow, we may have come to possess our property improperly. We are then obliged to prove that our possessions are not the proceeds of crime. Here, possession does not prove ownership. You are stripped of your property and sent on your way.

This insane arrangement gives fantastic power to the police at the expense of the citizenry. There can never be peace between police and society until the drug war is abolished and that wont happen until we have complete regime change in Washington.

The goal of Dr. King’s movement for justice was not to force Black people to live where they where not wanted while denying the mainstream standards. The goal was to democratize the economic and political playing field and create a meritocracy where ability counts for more than color. Race then ceases to be an impediment to the development of the individual and his community. This ideal was already implied in all of America’s founding documents. The objective of the Civil Rights movement was not to deny the existence of race by forcing people who are obviously different to sit together and pretend they are the same; its aim was to eliminate race as a hindrance to education, housing, employment and general welfare.

King’s laudable project was to make America live up to its creed of equal opportunity by eschewing the color caste system that grew out of a society whose economy was based on centuries of slavery. Today,LGBT laws take the opposite approach. They fight against gender itself as if it where racism, while the gender bender cultural offensive sharpens the distinction between LGBT (4% of the population) and straight male,female (96%). Gender and reproduction are not merely sociological constructs created by exploitative economic interests to sustain the status quo. Gender is a fact. The LGBT agenda is not about civil rights.

As with historically exploited classes like former slaves, LGBT people suffer from workplace discrimination, violence and police brutality. But social ostracism and hurt feelings do not create and regenerate a tribe that needs legislative power to counterbalance private political and economic forces.

It is an abuse of justice for the regime to mandate LGBT laws onto society as a whole. To do so is to violate the separation between religion and the state. Matrimony has always had essential religious connotations that predate government. Even King Henry VIII started the Church of England because the Roman Catholic Pope would not grant him a divorce. Government can not substitute its coercive powers for the religious powers of belief and claim to be a neutral party regarding matters of religious, as required by the fifth amendment to the constitution. Government can and should recognize gay civil unions without getting involved in the marriage business.

Incidentally, gender bending contributes to gender role confusion which exacerbates the problems of failed marriages, fatherless children and population implosion. Like spayed cats and dogs, a gender challenged people can’t reproduce and raise children properly.



The Armed Forces, Police and the Law
The armed forces and police don’t make the laws. Instead, they do what the government tells them to do. If society is enraged by the police and criminal justice system, then the laws are not responsive to society’s needs. If our armed forces suffer casualties and inflict harm on others because they were fooled, then our government is abusing our trust. If our government provokes shootings and terrorist attacks to scare us into giving up our freedoms, then our government has lost legitimacy. If our politicians can’t be honest about the guilty role our own military played on September 11, 2001, then they can’t possibly know how to defend the nation. If voting can’t change the government, election after election, year after year, then that government has got to go. We need a republic 2.0



Republic 2.0: The Government Does Not Own You
Our New Republic of the United States of America has an important message for you: YOU are the owner of your own body. You decide what to do with it and what to put in it. If you don’t want GMO foods, nobody can force them on you. Nobody should put you in a cage because you use alcohol,cannabis or coke. Nobody can take care of you like you can because nobody knows you and your children like you do. Only you can make the final decision about vaccines and Autism. Choose wisely. Self ownership is the basic foundation of freedom upon which all other freedoms are built. Of course, if and when you signed up for the military or police you voluntarily gave up ownership of your body on a temporary basis and if you work for someone else you give up some of your time in exchange for money.

Education starts in the home. YOU control your body, mind and spirit. You have to educate yourself and find your own way. Basic literacy and education for all, yes, but no government can make you become an educated person with values. No pharmaceutical company should force mood altering pills on children. You decide what to believe in and teach your children. Religion is a private affair. Just as no religion can tell government what to do, no government of the people can force its values onto religion. Protecting the vulnerable from economic exclusion and ensuring their rights as citizens is not the same as redesigning gender and family then using the power of the state to force the minority’s standards on the rest. Some things are true because they are and other things are said to be true because of the authority of law. Blurring the distinction between man and woman and mother and father is not the same as combating discrimination.

Democracies protect the right of minorities but it is a logical fallacy to think of all minorities as a special class of vulnerable people who need laws and policies in their favor to address structural economic exclusion. Gays are a minority but they don’t consist of a hereditary class of people denied their freedom, their citizenship, their language, land and their very humanity. Gay people are found in all societies and all income levels. Gays are not anatomically categorized by physical traits, genitalia and bones. Some people may be predisposed to be gay at the genetic level and hormones in the environment may trigger these genes before birth, but “gayness” it is not handed down from father to son. A gay man will not necessarily have gay children and gay children often do not have gay siblings and parents. It is a scientific fact that it takes both male and female chromosomes to create a child. Since gays are by definition attracted to their own sex, they are less likely to have descendants and pass on their genes. As for the right of gays to marry, the current regime forces this on to society but it can never change the natural order of union between man and woman to create new human beings.

Creating new human beings is possible if and only if a man and woman are involved. But the children thus created need to be raised for 18 years or more and this is very expensive. Observe the behavior of government in America today. Traditional marriage has fallen apart but it goes after fathers for child support regardless: “That’s my baby daddy” is heard so often it is now a part of American culture. The government favors women in child support, custodial battles, visitation rights, domestic violence cases and date rape accusations. These policies are a tacit admission of the inherent differences between men and women, fathers and mothers. Of course, the only reason government has any interest in mothers and fathers is because it doesn’t want to foot the bill for the children of deadbeat dads.

Observe the American government’s Puritanical obsession with the behavior of heterosexual people. Healthy and normal interaction is criminalized. Hundreds of thousands of men are ruined and sent to prison for decades then forced to register as sex offenders for a thousand different scenarios spelled out in the American penal code. Here too, the real motive is self serving and financial. The regime wants all available excuses to spy on and incarcerate heterosexual men and it wants the jails kept full. To keep them full, it relies on the crucial legal distinction between the genders and the arbitrary definitions of who is a child. In the name of protecting children well past the age of puberty, the American police state locks up hundreds of thousands of heterosexual men, some of them teenagers themselves.
Now, how does the American police and nanny state reconcile its crusade to incarcerate heterosexual men for neglecting and abusing women and children… with its crusade to obliterate the legal distinction between man and woman? You cant have it both ways. You cant have fathers responsible for child support if gender is a lifestyle option. Men can claim they are not the father, they are the other mother. The government will come back and so no, DNA tests prove that your Y chromosome created the child and the X chromosome came from the other parent, therefore she is the sole mother. Well then, the government has just admitted that men and women are distinct at the genetic level regardless of sex change operations and lifestyle.
The two parent male-female marriage is the building block of the family with children and the family with children is the essential building block of communities and nations. Families and nations are not built upon generations of same sex couples who don’t reproduce. While laws that counter financial and political power with legislative power can make sense, laws that run counter to biology and turn gender lifestyle into a tribal distinction can only accelerate the breakdown of a nation. Government is not a god, a philosopher king or a rabbi… it is not the Pope, an imam, a Baptist preacher or a supreme leader. It’s an impersonal, soulless organization whose business is the affairs of state and taxation, not human identity.

A people unsure of their own gender are a dead people. People unsure of which pronoun to use when describing each other can never mature into adults, let alone form a cohesive identity on an individual level, a familial level, a tribal, racial or national level. A nation of people unsure of their own gender can never be bold and decisive in character because these are masculine traits associated with testosterone.

America is in the midst of an identity crisis and a constitutional crisis. A rebirth of the nation is inevitable. How can you belong to a “homeland” if you don’t even know who you are? What kind of idiotic mission does the “Department of Homeland Security” fulfill while Americans debate which bathroom to use? Answer: to keep the sheeple scared of the masculine Arab bogeyman when our NeoCon controlled State Department wants to bomb and invade foreign countries. The Washington regime is a tax collector, a tax spender and war monger whose interest in gay marriage consists of deductions for dependents, estate taxes and gay campaign contributions. Its all about the money and its all about sowing seeds of confusion. Its not about protecting the homeland.

Since the Washington regime does not own us, It has no business granting or taking away what it never owned in the first place. By Using its legislative power to break down the genetically codified definitions of man, woman, boy, girl, parent and child, the stupid NeoCon regime in Washington has proven beyond all doubt that it is a cancer that needs to be surgically removed.
Your Mind is Yours
The ability to control your own mind is another cornerstone of all other freedoms, like the freedom to express your opinion and vote. If you don’t control your own mind, your thoughts and actions are not really yours.

You are the owner of your time. You have a certain number of hours in this life. They belong to you and you should use them well because you don’t know how many you have. You need to have control over your own time so you can be all you can be.
The government does not own your body, your mind or your time. Neither is the government responsible for your success and happiness in life. While the government can and should protect the vulnerable and educate children, it can not be a parent, it can not love them and it can not turn them into mature adults. It takes a man and a woman to create, rear and educate a child. An institution can not substitute for family. A father and mother need to have control of their own time to be good parents and show their children how to be successful in society. Sometimes parents don’t do a good job and the government steps in to help. This is a last resort. The government’s first duty is to NOT rob the parents of their time and resources to raise a family. This way, the children won’t need government help to begin with. But our current government does the opposite. It robs millions of people of their bodies, their minds and their time, then steps in to rescue the orphaned children. As a result, we have millions of damaged people in our society. These are the victims of the drug wars.


The Holy Drug War is a Fraud

The War on Drugs is the biggest scam of all time, after the War on Terror. The regime’s police forces and jails destroy the lives of millions of Americans. You think this same regime is worried that you are damaging your health by using drugs? You think that’s the real issue? The Washington regime gives the green light to narco trafficking when it suites its agenda. Read about Olver North and Mena Arkansas when Clinton was governor. Our government has always played both sides of the drug war, working with narco traffickers who wholesale cocaine and arresting Americans at the street level for selling or consuming drugs. The drug war is a gift that keeps on giving to Washington because it can never be won…therefore the funding will never stop. Countries have been invaded, governments overthrown and domestic police powers expanded a thousand fold in the name of the Holy Drug War. They need the drug war to convince Americans to surrender their constitutional rights and tolerate the mass imprisonment of millions. The drug war started around 1900 as a social control tool in the south western United States. It was designed to deport Mexicans for possession of marijuana. A few years later, it became the south’s number one tool to round up the blacks and put them into neo-slavery, where many remain to this day. Read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander to get the full scoop on this. The drug war hides behind a cover-story of concern for public safety but it’s really all about empowering the regime by weakening the constitution.
Crime and Punishment
No amount of policing can protect you from criminals 24 hours a day. You have to take responsibility for your own defense and protection. But if you cant carry or use a weapon, how can you deter crime? If the government interferes with your ability to defend yourself, it increases the danger to society. If the government becomes dangerous to you, you need a new government! Does society force women to stay in abusive relationships with their spouses? Why should you remain married to the regime in Washington?
We asked the government to fund police departments to help protect us from harm. Why then are the police outfitted like soldiers on the battlefield? There are countless videos of police encounters taken by terrified American citizens We didn’t hire the police to scare us half to death and make America the world’s number one jailer (which it is). The regime has no business searching our cars for drugs and guns because it should not be a crime to possess a thing no matter what that thing is. A crime occurs when another person’s property rights are violated. What we have today is a police state designed to fabricate crime where none occurred and escalate routine activity into an opportunity for enrichment. A speeding ticket is not an excuse to go on a fishing expedition to find something to use against us so that our possessions may be seized and our liberty lost. A traffic stop is not an excuse to go on a fishing expedition. The problem of police murder is not caused solely by racism and poor training. It’s a systemic problem baked into the cake until we impose a new regime with common sense because again, the police don’t set policy. Police departments across the country need to get back to real police work like solving homicides, recovering stolen property and patrolling the street so criminals feel uncomfortable and citizens breathe easy. But this regime does the opposite. It gives civilian police departments surplus weapons of war while police kill the unarmed everyday. Do the police need heavy weapons to protect and serve our society or to intimidate it? Who is the enemy on the streets of America? How many tanks does it take to win the drug war and who decides when its over? Answer: its never over. The regime has an interest in having events occur on the street that justify the militarization of police. This is how these things always play out.

Police work is a hazardous occupation and police need to defend themselves. But decriminalize guns and drugs, and the danger to officers will fall by 90%. The problem is that the regime is too heavily invested in the drug war to end the prohibition on drugs. We need a fresh start with an American Republic 2.0
The Constitution
The constitution is a guide book that sets out the rules of the road. It defines the relationship a citizen has to his/her government. The constitution protects the citizen from abuse by restricting what the government is allowed to do. The laws of the country have to be in accordance with the constitution at all times.

The United States constitution was written over 225 years ago. Much has changed since then and the current government in Washington recognizes it in name only. It does not defend the constitution anymore, it just uses it whenever its convenient, the same way it plays both sides of the drug war. We the People no longer have the protections and rule of law we had in the 20th century. In fact, we are almost back to the Dark Ages as far as the Rights of Man are concerned. The drug war and the terror war cancelled our constitution in practice and bequeathed us a police state like the Spanish Inquisition. This is not hyperbole. The regime in Washington is paying an Israeli company for cameras that read people’s faces to determine their traits and character. The “department of Homeland Security” has a handbook that tells its employees to be on the lookout for clean shaven men who yawn at the airport. We have gone full retard. We are no better than 17th century witch hunters in Salem, MA. Anyone can see that our society is not happy and well adjusted in this ridiculous police state the government has shoved down our throats. We need a new constitution and a new government to replace the one that has clearly gone bad beyond the point of no return.
The New Bill of Rights
Written in 1789, year of the French Revolution that beheaded the king and queen of France, the American Bill of Rights was accepted as law of the new land called the United States on December 15, 1791. Much has happened since then. Both the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence were inspired by Oliver Cromwell’s Glorious Revolution and the Magna Carta. In 1215, the Magna Carta was issued by King John and established the precedent that no monarch was above the law. The rule of law has been a core concept of Anglo-Saxon civilization ever since. Colonists born in British America felt entitled to the same rights as Englishmen in England.

The Bill of Rights consists of the first ten amendments to the constitution. The constitution is like a playbook or a guide spelling out the rules of engagement that everyone has to abide by.

The aim of the Bill of Rights is to curb government and protect ordinary citizens from politicians and their enforcers such as the police and military. Amendments are the specific rules, and as new rules are added the number of amendments increases. For example, the 13th amendment (1865) and the 14th amendment (1868) were new, game-changing rules making slavery illegal and turning former slaves into full American citizens in theory. From this point forward those first ten essential rules of the road called the Bill of Rights applied to them in every state of the union. The decisive 14th Amendment from 1868 is still relevant today because in practice it is not fully enforced, even with Obama in the White House. Look no further than Stop and Frisk.
James Madison was the primary author of the Bill of Rights. Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, was also a large influence. Both men were Deists. Deism is a philosophy holding that while a higher being, e.g. the Christian God, exists, man must rely on logic and reason, not religion. Deists do not believe that the creation of the universe happened because of a spontaneous event like The Creation. They reject supernatural events such as miracles and believe that God created natural laws, e.g. Newtonian physics and does not interfere with the outcome of events on Earth. Deists believe that holy books such as the Bible and Quran were written by men, not God. Most importantly, Madison and Jefferson did not believe in the Divine Right of Kings. Today, Washington exercises power much as British royalty did in days of old. Prosecution and execution of people without due process is an example.

American revolutionaries did not accept the British Empire’s mercantilism, usurious taxation and restrictions on civic life. The American colonists suffered under a primitive police state that was restrained only by the limits of technology at that time.

When the colonists were fed up with being silenced, censored, searched, frisked, threatened, arrested and taxed without representation in parliament, they revolted against the tyrant King, George the Third. The Bill of Rights was written with recent abuses of the British Empire freshly in mind and was designed to prevent a repetition of these same abuses in the new country called the United States.

The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776 by 56 influential and powerful men. Labeled as conspirators and traitors (terrorists in today’s lingo), they were charged with treason, a capital offense. Of the 56 signers, 9 died during the Revolution, 5 were captured by British soldiers, 18 had their homes looted and burnt, 2 were wounded in battle and 2 lost sons during the Revolutionary War.

Today, few Americans know what the Bill of Rights is and citizens who concern themselves with it are viewed with suspicion by agencies in Washington that George Washington, Madison and Jefferson could not have envisioned.
Amendment 1

The United States is founded on the principle of separation between religion and the state. The United States has no religion nor does it favor any government, movement or ideology that has a religious or nationalist identity. Religion is a personal matter and has no place in American politics and statecraft. All persons may speak, blog, paint, photograph,video ,write or publish as they please so long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others. The United States government will not punish journalists and whistle-blowers, will not mislead people via newspapers,radio,television,movies, social media,the Internet or any future technology.

The people are free to participate in civil disobedience, boycotts, demonstrations, marches, protests, rallies, recalls, sit-ins and strikes targeting corporations, politicians and the government itself. The government will not outsource any activity that the Bill of Rights prohibits, nor will it establish constitution free zones at airports, border crossings, ports of entry or border regions.

Amendment 2
Individuals are ultimately responsible for defending themselves and their property. No amount of policing can bring the crime rate to zero and gun control only serves to disarm law abiding people. Deterrence requires that people have the right to arm themselves and the right to properly use those arms without fear of the criminal justice system. Therefore, the government (federal,state and local) will not arrest,intimidate,hinder, kill, penalize, taser or spy on people who buy,sell,carry,conceal,import,export,market,store,swap or transport ammunition,handguns, pistols,rifles,revolvers,shotguns or any other civilian weapon. However, to help protect the public from abuse,the government may enforce minimal age, criminal history, mental health and competency standards.

Amendment 3
Recognizing that drug abuse is a mental health crisis that does not have a military solution, no government agent, detective, inspector, police officer, sheriff, deputy, investigator, private contractor, security guard, special agent, SWAT team or soldier will invade or occupy the business, cabin, condominium, dwelling, home, office, property, ranch, residence, self-storage unit, motor vehicle, mobile-home, airplane, helicopter or computer of any citizen without due process of law or hot pursuit of a real crime in progress or a warrant signed by a judge.

Decrees, administrative subpoenas and National Security Letters are not sufficient. In no case will any home, business or vehicle invasion be authorized to search for alcohol, crystal meth, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, heroine, prescription drugs or any other mood altering substance.


Amendment 4
The government, its agents, contractors, peace officers and military will not confiscate, copy, disrupt, monitor, record, spy on, surveil, search, seize, track or video the archives, art, banking records, books, briefcases, cables, cassettes, cell phones, cell phone towers, cloud storage, computer drives, credit card receipts, crypto currency wallets, deliveries, desk tops, diaries, drawings, electric consumption, employment records, Facebook pages, financial records, files, folders, hard discs, health records, journals, hand-written letters, Internet activity, kindles, laptops, library records, license plates, luggage, magazine subscriptions, medical records, packages, papers, pockets, political activity, private conversations, purses, religious texts, social media, spread sheets, tapes, telegrams, telephone records, television usage, texts, thumb drives, travel histories, Twitter accounts, wifi, word documents, automobile, home, office, business, private property, rental space…without just probable cause that spells out the specific reason and specific person or thing to be exempted from this rule. The reason must be clearly stated to the accused and no fishing expeditions are permitted. This rule will apply equally regardless of race, color, appearance, dress or form of speech.

The government will not detain, stop, frisk, interrogate, delay, strip search, scan, fingerprint, iris scan or palm scan any person without specific probable cause. Government will not, without probable cause, impede the movement of people, create black-lists, no-fly lists and watch lists.

The Fourth Amendment prohibits government agents from touching you or placing you under surveillance or entering your property without probable cause and even then, only with a court-sanctioned warrant. Unfortunately, the Fourth Amendment has been all but eviscerated in recent years by court rulings and government programs that sanction all manner of intrusions, including giving police carte blanche authority to break into homes or apartments without a warrant, conduct roadside strip searches, and generally manhandle any person in manner they see fit. Moreover, in the so-called name of national security, intelligence agencies like the National Security Agency now have the ability to conduct mass unwarranted electronic intrusions into the personal and private transactions of all Americans, including phone, mail, computer and medical records.


Amendment 5
If you are accused of committing a felony, especially if it is punishable by spending the rest of your days in prison or by ending your life altogether, you have the right to have a grand jury decide first if there really is enough evidence to put you on trial to begin with. However, this rule does not apply if you are in the military during wartime.

If you are tried but found not guilty, you can’t be tried again for the same crime.

You can’t be pressured into confessing or incriminating others to save your own skin. You cannot be forced to plea bargain or pressured and tricked by the police and prosecutors. The government can’t take your house, business, car, bank account, laptop or anything that is yours, without good reason and without compensating you.


6th Amendment
If you are arrested by the police:

You have the right to a trial and sentencing within ten business days and all proceedings must be open to the public and journalists. Secret evidence and secret witnesses are not allowed. The case has to be heard by a judge and jury consisting of people similar to yourself demographically. You have the right to know, at the time of your arrest, what you are accused of doing wrong, and to see and hear and cross-examine anyone who testifies against you. You have the right to represent yourself, and have a competent lawyer represent you regardless of your ability to pay.

Somebody accused of a crime has the right to know why they are being accused and ask questions of any witnesses. A person that is going on trial has the right to have witnesses to the trial who say that the person did not commit the crime.

A person going on trial for a crime has the right to be defended by a lawyer because without one, you will lose.
Amendment 7
In the event of a dispute over property worth at least $1000, people have the right to take someone to court in a civil trial and seek a judgement. Examples include back wages, embezzled funds, fraud and failure to deliver. The defendant has a right to a trial by jury. The decision of the jury is final, although in some rare cases, the judge can throw out the jury’s decision and bring in a new jury if the judge thinks that the jury’s decision is wrong.


Amendment 8
You are innocent until proven guilty. The criminal justice system can not make it difficult for you to regain your freedom, property and prior status just because you have been arrested. You have a right to defend your interests and if you are found guilty by a jury of your peers, the punishment has to fit the crime. Decades behind bars, solitary confinement, slave labor, denial of voting rights, separation from family and torture are not permissible. Nor is capital punishment because it is impossible to apply in an equitable way.
Amendment 9

Just because these are the only rights given to you under this Constitution doesn’t mean that you don’t have other rights not mentioned in this document.


Amendment 10
Anything that the Constitution doesn’t say that Congress can do, is left up to the states and to the people.



Political Parties
A political party is an organization made up of some of the members of society who pool their resources together and vote to get their favorite person elected. The United States is a big country of over 320 million people. Two political parties can not possibly represent all of us, so they trick us to get our votes. They need billions of dollars to run ads over and over again. But once they get elected, there is no law forcing them to keep their promises. These two parties are like Pepsi and Coke. They don’t offer a real choice. In practice, they are the same party. They have a dictatorship over our politics. They force us to vote for the one we dislike the least but we really don’t like either one. They have rigged the system so nobody else can win an election and we feel hopeless. We are caught in a trap. If we don’t vote, the political party we dislike the most will win. If we vote for a third party, it has the same effect. This is blackmail. Its an awful system and it will never change until we make a new government with different rules. We have to have a new system that gives somebody else a chance.
Outline for Regime Change


Texas Governor Greg Abbott has a great idea: the Texas Plan.

The plan calls for a constitutional convention that would radically re-arrange the states’ and the peoples’ relationship with the federal government via new amendments to the current constitution.

Abbott and his supporters are admittedly motivated by a range of right-wing issues from slaying Obamacare to stopping gay marriage. This writer sees even more profound possibilities that would be music to the ear of many a liberal and progressive.

The Founding Fathers rejected the Divine Right of Kings.

We, the Founding Sons, reject the NeoCon “right” to rule America and dictate what national security means. We’re not going to sit back and watch intelligence agencies blow stuff up all over the place then put us under lock-down in our own homes then watch us like fugitive slaves every time we step outside. Our national security is undermined because of, not in-spite of, the NeoCons.

But the good news is, we will write a new constitution and we will make it stick. Since the NeoCons are obsessed with regime change, we will hand it to them on a silver platter.

We have not had a constitutional convention since 1787… As they say, it’s about that time. Massachusetts is already thinking about it.

But working within the current framework of government is foolish. As of 2016, reform via court rulings, running for congress and voting is largely symbolic.

However, we must not discourage people from trying. As frivolous as voting may be, people need to decide that for themselves.

We must encourage all people to vote and participate in the full knowledge that choosing between Pepsi and Coke is not a real choice, but the ongoing effort to disenfranchise certain people via the criminal just us system demonstrates that the vote still has residual power, especially at the local level.

Looking to South Africa for precedent, we need a new constitution to form the framework of a new United States government that will phase out the current one.

Step 1: Constitutional Convention

Our idea is more radical than the Texas Plan. We intend to bypass not only the Congress, but the state legislatures as well. We call for a convention to be held in person and broadcast live on CSPAN and the Internet. Once we have the support of a few hundred people willing to put some effort into this, a time and place can be secured.

Compare and contrast the constitutions of nations. Draft a new constitution, including a new Bill of Rights and publish it on the Internet for public comment during an extended period. Advertise as expenses permit.
Step 2: Public Ratification of the New Constitution

There are many possible paths to legitimacy even though it will not have the force of law for some time. The key is to have broad, diverse support that does not hinge on a burning controversy e.g. gay marriage.

Unanimity is not a requirement, nor is approval by mass media pundits. Count on their dismissal of and opposition to the idea of new constitution just as Abbott is being defamed as a closet Confederate who wants to re-fight the Civil War. Again and again, the blogosphere muddles minds by making unfounded accusations against his Texas Plan.

The new constitution we have in mind will of necessity, not go to state legislatures or Congress for approval; politicians do not vote their powers away. Instead, one or more persons residing in each of the 3,143 counties of the United States could cast a ballot publicly. New regime supporters might already hold local political office or they might be community leaders with bases of support already in place. The key is to differentiate between one person one vote in every county and the current one dollar one vote system dependent upon influence peddling. This is a key difference with the Texas Plan proposed by right wing Republicans. Our process will be structured to favor popular participation while putting pressure on the establishment to spend ever more money to either co-opt the new constitution movement or condemn it. Asymmetrical strategies are available so that money spent opposing the new constitution can help it gain acceptance, especially in the early stages of what will be a multi-year effort.

Since Democrats and Republicans are the sole incumbent of the current regime, they are at a big disadvantage in any debate. It´s easy for the upstart new regime to gain the upper hand because the incumbent is responsible for all that has gone on before.

Third parties can never win elections in the current duopoly. In a nation of 323 million, the political class and significant donors number less than 100,000…far less than one percent of the population. One of our goals is to introduce a parliamentary democracy affording broad representation of numerous small political parties. Here again, we are radically different from the Republicans who are mad about tyranny in Washington only when it diverges from their own views.

The prospect of gaining a platform in the new government (the new Washington regime) can motivate thousands of organizations in all states to vote in favor of the new constitution, get involved and help shape the new republic in ways currently not available to them. An alternative body of representatives, albeit without the force of law, can start to take shape.

Achieving Sufficient Consensus

Ideological and religious tests must be avoided. Fracturing along racial, ethnic and regional lines must be prevented. We need the Patriot community to work hand in hand with Occupy and Black Lives Matter. We need active and retired police and military to have a place at the table with civil liberties and human rights groups who loathe police brutality. We are not an ideological movement. There is no need to like or agree with someone personally in order to do business with that person. A police officer who knows that the war on drugs is a fraud is an invaluable asset to the new regime. A Marine who understands the implications of World Trade Center 7 is an indispensable ally to our new armed forces.

Identity politics, litmus tests and insoluble controversies about gender, religion, language and race must be set aside if the new regime is to achieve momentum. A constitution defines and limits powers of the state. It is not the place to settle social issues, e.g. abortion. This is where we will lose the Evangelicals. We say that the purpose of a constitution is to define the relationship between citizens and their government, not settle old scores by regulating behavior and making government the enforcer. Whether the behavior to be curbed is a conservative or liberal issue does not matter. As a rule, the less intrusive the constitution, the better. Less is more. Plan on abolishing government regulations, not creating new ones.

A consensus about everything is not a prerequisite for the new regime to take power. There will always be disagreements and common ground must be sought. Take climate change. Instead of arguing, let’s all agree that the largest source of greenhouse gas is the war machine: the Iraq and Syria Wars since 1990 and 2011 dwarf all other sources of pollution. The new regime will renounce wars of aggression and that will be more beneficial to the atmosphere than a billion solar panels, Priuses and Teslas.

Step 3: Constitution Ratified, The American Opposition Forms NGOs, Gets Diplomatic Recognition.

The American Opposition aka the future regime is both liberal and conservative and it is neither. By design, it´s hard to pin down. There is no single issue or personality to rally around, only general consensus that the wars on terror and drugs are massive frauds, the Bill of Rights and constitution must be restored and the NeoCons taken into custody. If some states want to recognize marriage as between a man and a woman only, that is their right. It is a violation of the principal of the separation of church and state for Washington to force gay marriage on communities who don’t accept it on religious grounds. Would Washington behave this way towards its Muslim terrorist clients in Syria and Libya? Would Washington force them to observe gay marriages? Would it demand that its Neo-Nazi clients in Kiev uphold gay rights too?

The American Opposition will form non-governmental organizations worthy of international recognition. This will impose a cost on the old regime should it try to repress the formation of a new one.

When the time comes, the FED along with the Democrat and Republican party leadership must be placed under arrest by military and law enforcement at last willing to uphold basic current Constitutional, Federal, and state laws to end both US political parties’ leaderships’ obvious crimes centered in war, money, and lying.

Step 4: Assume the Functions of State

The current government including the Congress, the Supreme Court and the executive branch must be retired, and the Democrat and Republican parties must be disbanded until a new government is established that allows for multiple parties in Congress. Afterwards, the Democrats and Republicans can return to compete in a multi-party democracy

NeoCon Foreign Policy is the Cause of Our Domestic Problems
Most countries are nationalistic. They put their own people first. Questions of war and peace, trade agreements, monetary policy and cultural issues revolve around doing what is best for the voters and business community at home. Foreign policy is an extension of the interests and sentiments of the nation.

But the United States is a special case. It is a top player in every field and therefore it attracts ambitious people from all over. Because There is no American race and no single culture, it is easy for some newcomers to blend in and take over. The US is a huge melting pot that’s always in flux and nobody notices change that happens slowly. With well over 300 million people and military personnel all over the world, the U.S. is ruled by a surprisingly small group of people. All these rulers would fit into a football stadium. We call them NeoCons.

As I mentioned before, NeoCons come in all flavors but most of them have not been in the US more than 3 generations and they are concentrated in New York, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles. The typical NeoCon is someone whose grandparents immigrated to the US from central or eastern Europe and did spectacularly well within a generation or two. As a rule, they dont have a military background. They rule over finance, the seat of government and the mass media. They shape public opinion and they tell the military and police what to do.

The NeoCons see themselves as the rightful owners of the world. They are enthralled with geopolitics on a global scale and although they were born in America, they have one particular never-ending obsession: Israel. That’s not to say that all Neoons are Jews, although many of them are. Regardless of race, all NeoCons are obsessed with the middle east. Some of them, like Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, are strong enough to have other priorities besides Israeli success in the world, but by and large, any politician who does not do what the Israel lobby wants can not be a NeoCon, won’t win the next election and can’t hold any important position in the U.S. government.

Its easy to see the truth in all of this. Just look at the news and observe how much coverage is related to Israel and the middle east. Then have a look at the policy papers written by think tanks. Do some background on the authors. These are the instructions ( called recommendations) that the NeoCons give to U.S. politicians before and after they gain power. 99.9% of the American public has no idea about this process.

The NeoCons are obsessed with the global power balance the way a gambler in Vegas is obsessed with winning Poker. Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, it makes no difference. They spend most of their waking hours scheming how to concentrate power in their own hands so that they can decide how the U.S. uses its vast power to shape world events to their liking, like a grand master plays chess. Their primary concern is to secure greater Israel in the near east and make sure the U.S. has no rivals in Europe and Asia ( so Israel will always be untouchable.) That’s why we have constant problems with Iraq, Iran, Russia and China. Of course, I am oversimplifying here; its not all about Israel all the time. For example, The US doesn’t want Chinese money to replace the dollar in the oil trade and the US doesn’t want Russia to be powerful.

The NeoCons are very astute and they know exactly how to sell their politics to you. They know how to cloak their arguments in terms of human rights and they know how to manipulate your emotions using movies and tv. Their concern is not your welfare. Their concern is not strengthening the American people. Their concern is to get you on board with their program that is focused on other countries. For example, around the year 2000 the NeoCons decided that Iraq and Syria had to be broken up into smaller countries. A neoCon named Lesle Gelb gave a speech to congress and laid out the Oded Plan, which came from Israel. Its no coincidence that a few years later, the US invaded Iraq, almost invaded Iran and tried to invade Syria using human rights and chemical weapons, nuclear proliferation as pretexts. Thousands of Americans were killed and hundreds of thousands were wounded and committed suicide once they realized they had been conned. For the NeoCons, our people are totally expendable.

The NeoCons needed the War on Terror to send the us to murder a million innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq and bring these countries under domination. To get us to go along with their scheme, they had to trick us into thinking that Iraq and Osama bin Laden had something to do with 9/11. To achieve the War on Terror, they permanently damaged our society and tossed out our constitution. This is how foreign policy dictates domestic policy in America.

They need the wars in Muslim countries to never ends until Israel controls all the water, all the land and all the oil within a 500 mile radius and Iran is broken down. Until this is achieved, we will have ISIS and Islamic terrorism As long as we have ISIS and Islamic terrorism , we will have a paranoid police state in America and we cant have our freedom back. That is, until we set up the Second Republic that takes all the NeoCons into military custody. n This is not difficult to do. The NeoCons are a flaccid, bourgeois bunch who are accostomed to opulence. They send people to kill and be killed but they have zero ability to fight. They are Marie Antonettes. It would be as easy as pie to send a couple hundred humvees to their homes at 3 oclock in the morning and take them in at the same time.
Tactical Ten Point Plan
The regime in Washington appears invincible with all the military, police and intelligence assets under its control but if you think outside the box with me, I think you will agree that 1. all that stuff really belongs to us 2. we greatly outnumber the NeoCons who sit at the top of the pyramid calling all the shots and 3. there’s not much they can do if a few thousand of us patriotic American citizens, including brothers and sisters in the armed forces and police departments across the country, band together to establish the Second American Republic.

We are not talking about a mutiny. We are not talking about taking over a building or hunkering down in a “compound” Waco style. We are not talking about terrorism. We are not talking about taking hostages. Get all of that Hollywood and Homeland Security imagery out of your mind.
Id somebody approaches you suggesting that you damage people or property, don’t cooperate with them. Dont let people talk about illegal activities in your presence either because that is enough to convict you. Avoid air travel and never accept money or weapons from from people. Dont be a patsy like James earl Ray. Dont play the fool.

Acting out on your own is incredibly stupid and people who encourage you to are motivated by money aor need leniency for their own criminal charges. They are highly motivated to lie under oath about what you really said and did in order to make a buck or save their own skin.

(to be continued)

A Poem for the New Republic of the United States of America

Oh say can you see, by the dusk´s gloomy light,
Where proud cities stood, the check points and blight,
Of drug wars waged and generations locked up,
A police state came of age but it was just a mock-up
Of worse to come. For traitors and thieves, skyscrapers once tall
Were worth more insured in the snap of free fall.
Arabs and Muslims who couldn’t fly at all
Were used as patsies to violate Newton´s Laws.
World Trade Center 7, see that smoking heap?
Twenty minutes after, a shill told the sheep
Of its demise, here was a third reason to weep!
Within minutes and hours, Kagan and Bremer
Script long prepared, yellow Post it notes in hand,
Screamed bomb Palestine! Bomb Iraq! Nuke Iran!
Out of an old drawer came the Patriot Act
Drafted by lobbyists, voted for by rats.
The constitution now dead and a nation bamboozled,
Brown men in turbans became the new accused.
The NeoCon dream had finally coming true
Endless wars on their behalf, fought by me and you and you!
Archduke Obama sitting high on his throne
NeoCons gathered ´round a power point to peak
At Tuesday´s kill list, identities unknown,
Of men, women and children to be dispatched by drone,
While the Nobel Prize fake sings paeans to Bob Dylan’s
Masters of War and the novels of Joan Didion.
What´s that in your pocket? Said Mae West to AIPAC
That´s Barack Obama, he´s got our back.
Get your hand out of their pocket, said the cop to Barack,
It’s a mutual arrangement, Barack smirking, shot back.
Forget the lamestream media, turn off the rumor mill.
Three towers were felled, great fear was instilled.
Muslims were blamed and you played the fool,
Terror is the NeoCon´s psychological tool.
What had been a free press is only a shrill
Parody in the hands of sociopaths who thrill
In burning you and your republic at will,
Leaving it for dead like so much road kill.
A New Republic will rise where the dead
One lost its way, when Americans answer the call
Of duty to make right what is wrong!


The National Anthem of the New Republic of the United States of America

* Cadence, meter and tempo same as FS Key version

Stanza 1, main chorus

Oh say can you see, by the dawn´s early light,
Our nation reborn and a country re-branded.
Where once oligarchs stood and a clique ruled by might,
The army rebelled and The People commanded:
That a nation conceived, founded in Liberty,
Stay true to her creed and reboot when there´s need!
And the star-spangled banner in triumph did wave,
In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

Stanza 2

United we stand, divided we would fall,
The great melting pot, made one nation of many.
From all countries we came, to begin a new life, in
‘merica, the Land of Milk and Honey.
The American Way, separates church and state,
No temple, no mosque, will determine our fate!
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave,
While the Land of the Free is the Home of the Brave!
Stanza 3

Oh let freedom ring, from the majestic heights
Of all mountain tops, and from sea to shining sea.
Safe and strong in our homes, in our cars, on the street,
No fears we might meet, a rogue cop on the beat.
No police state will stand, ‘ver the freedom of Man,
While our Bill of Rights, is the law of the land!
Black,beige,brown,white,red,yellow,rich,poor and in between!
Formed one nation to be free and the home of the brave!
stanza 4
Genius for industry, science, technology,
Made true the promise, of long life and prosperity.
Our best minds changed the world, to the marvel of all,
Yankee novelty, redefined possibility.
And the world did rejoice, with John Glenn´s soaring voice,
One step for a man, is a leap for mankind!
And Mars beckoned us forward to new frontiers of space,
In the name of the Free and the Home of the Brave!




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