September 11 and the Niggerization of a Nation. Part I

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September 11 and the Niggerization of a Nation. Part I

 Daniel “No Passport” Bruno.   Daniel is from Manhattan, is an author, inventor, specialist in 9/11 studies, and the interview host at and, which publish over 1000 censored news articles per month.


According to legend, folklore and the 9/11 Commission Report, on the beautiful morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, 19 Muslim kamikazes commandeered four jumbo jets and flew them into the iconic WTC twin towers and the Pentagon. Later that day, WTC 7, a 47 story tall building, collapsed like an accordion due to scattered office fires and falling debris. The fourth plane was stopped from reaching its target, possibly the White House, by heroic American passengers who yelled, “Let´s roll.”

These maniacal Muslims were carrying out the orders of Mr. Osama bin Laden, tucked away in the caves of Afghanistan. In the most spectacular upset of all military history, a bunch of twenty-something, bronze skinned, black haired super villains took flying 101 at American aviation school, then outwitted the most capable Air Force the world has ever known. Not only that, these Arabs outfoxed the CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, GCHQ, MOSSAD and M16.

Later, we found out that President of Iraq for Life His Excellency Dr. Saddam Hussein, with his menacing black moustache, was in on it too and worse yet, he was about to develop a nuclear weapon to wipe us all out. He even attacked us with anthrax. Colin Powell, test tube in hand, warned the whole world that he had to be stopped, or else.

This description may sound sardonic now but anyone who lived in America at that time can attest to the [url=] deep psychosis that descended over the country.[/url]

It was deadly serious and the population was terrified that another attack was imminent. A heavy duty brain washing campaign got underway and for the next several years everything revolved around “never forget September 11.” Of course, they quickly forgot about WTC 7 and never again played the clip of its demise on television.

Bush declared that the terrorists hated us for who we were and the solution was to invade Iraq and go shopping [url=] otherwise the terrorists would win.[/url]

Left gatekeepers Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky said it was blowback: 9/11 was the chickens coming home to roost for supporting Israel and the Arab despots. Shame on you, America. Chomsky’s book 9/11 came out a month later and sold the official 9/11 mythology to the Left. When the world’s leading critic of the US Empire accepts the official story, millions of people are thrown into darkness. I was one of them.

Both liberals and conservatives bought the Osama bin Laden, 19 highjacker conspiracy theory. To my credit, I thought it was odd that the newscasters announced bin Laden´s guilt that very afternoon and I failed to see any obvious connection between airplane crashes and Islamic terrorism. A day or two later the world held its breath while the FBI broadcast the mug shots of the perps and sure enough, they all looked Arab. It was a very bad time to be a Muslim or to look like one. Unfortunately for me, I do. It was only years later that I understood how the events of that day would affect the world, the United States and my own life, forever.

I take 9/11 personally. I was in the south tower on a Thursday night in August, 2001, at Windows on the World. Larry “Pull it” Silverstein, the guy who grabbed the asbestos riddled WTC complex with just $15 million of his own money a few months prior then immediately took out a multi-billion dollar insurance plan for terrorism… used to have breakfast there but for some odd reason [url=] he didn’t show up on September 11 [/url] …maybe his pal Netanyahoo tipped him off.

Since 9/11, I have been profiled as a possible Muslim, i.e. the new nigger. It makes no difference that I am not because facts and logic don’t matter in an utterly stupid police state with mental illness woven into its DNA. The entire “War on Terror” is a[url=] fraud of Bernie Madoff proportions [/url]

It’s a throwback to the Dark Ages, replete with torture, dungeons and the Inquisition.

[url=] It has turned us into a nation of niggers and with Obama we are a “colorblind, post racial” nation of niggers.[/url]


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