9/11 Aircraft Still Airborne Well After They Allegedly Crashed

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Daniel “No Passport” Bruno Daniel is from Manhattan, is an author, inventor, specialist in 9/11 studies, and the interview host at www.hpub.org and www.huffingtonpostforum.com, which publishes over 1000 censored news articles per month.

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9/11 Aircraft Still Airborne Well After They Allegedly Crashed

Usually, the further something recedes into the past, the more obscure it becomes. Not so with September 11. Every passing year brings more clarity to what really happened and more people than ever are aware of the facts. Now is the time for you, dear reader, to be disabused of any erroneous notions you may have about the mechanics of 9/11.

For some time, it has been well understood by many that Boeing 767s did not crash at the Pentagon and Shanksville. This is a good start. However, many will still be surprised to learn that the other two airliners allegedly highjacked on that day did not crash in New York, either. That’s not to say airplanes or drones didn’t crash into the Twin Towers…they may have. It´s just that the impacts were certainly not the flights allegedly highjacked by 19 wily, bronze skinned Muslim baddies. This can be proven in numerous ways via the electronic paper trail, some familiarity with aviation and, physics 101. But first, observe how easily the eye can be deceived and your mind made up for you without your knowledge or consent.

Look up the famous video of the second “highjacked” plane banking hard left then crashing into tower 2 (south). This video is played endlessly and continues to be pressed into the consciousness of billions of people on every anniversary of 9/11. Now, look closely at the left wing as the plane approaches the tower. Notice that the wing vanishes, the plane glides on one wing, then the fuselage and right engine penetrate the glass and steel like a fish jumping into a pond. The Boeing 767 is swallowed whole by the tower and the nose reappears intact on the other side. This is impossible. The video is a fake. Continue searching for videos of the south tower impact and you will find numerous videos from different angles that cannot all be of the same plane.

To appreciate how delicate airplanes are, do a search for “bird strike images.” Commercial airliners are easily put out of service due to collisions with birds. From a window seat over the wing, observe the “NO STEP” warning advising mechanics not to apply their body weight. Contrast this fragility with the 47 indestructible core columns of the WTC towers bearing the weight of ten battleships and it becomes apparent that no airplane would win in a duel. In physics, a plane strike on the tower is identical to the tower striking the plane. As for airplane impact at 600 mph causing the 500 000 ton concrete and steel structure to fail, consider whether or not a bug splat at 70 mph would cause your car chassis to fail. At any rate, airliners can not achieve anywhere near cruising speed at 700 feet because the air is too dense. Imagine a swimmer backstroking through molasses.

Some people think jet fuel spilled into the elevator shafts and caused the towers to burn up. They don´t understand. There was no “elevator shaft” from top to bottom. Three different elevators tracks were needed to get to the top. I know because I was there. At any rate, be advised that jet fuel and office fires don´t burn anywhere near hot enough to compromise steel and turn concrete to powder. If they did, buildings would be falling down all over the place and your stove would melt when used.

Airplanes leave trails of all sorts. ACARS is a computer text messaging and geo-tracking service that confirms receipt without pilot input.

The following message was sent on Sept 11, 2001, at 1323 Zulu, i.e. 9:23AM Eastern…twenty minutes after United 175 allegedly crashed into the south tower. It was received by United 175, tail number N612UA, en route from Boston Logan to LAX, sent via PIT ACARS (Pittsburgh International Airport);

CHIDD ED BALLINGER;09111323 108575 0574

This text indicates that United 175 was in the vicinity of Pittsburgh ACARS twenty minutes after it was supposed to have crashed in lower Manhattan.

Again, this communcation indicates that United 175 was in the vicinity of Pittsburgh ACARS twenty minutes after it was supposed to have crashed in lower Manhattan.

For more on this, see http://pilotsfor911truth.org/ACARS-CONFIRMED-911-AIRCRAFT-AIRBORNE-LONG-AFTER-CRASH.html

Pilots and flight crew get a lot of redundant training and everything is done according to rules. <a href=http://www.m0a.com/emergency-transponder-squawk-codes/> The procedure for highjack is to squawk 7500 before you do anything else.</a>Yet not one of the eight captains and first officers squawked 7500 on 9/11. Many of them were retired military. In fact,<a href=http://shoestring911.blogspot.com.br/2008/02/flight-77-murder-mystery-who-really.html> Chuck Burlingame, </a>captain of American 77 that was supposed to have crashed in to the Pentagon, had previously been employed in that very building. According to some sources,<ahref=http://pilotsfor911truth.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=16237> he actually worked on simulations of airplanes crashing into the Pentagon.</a>

After September 11, his widow Sheri became politically active in favor of President Bush and the War on Terror<a href=http://pilotsfor911truth.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=22775> before “commiting suicide” in 2012.</a> In 2008, Chuck Burlingame´s <ahref=http://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/06/nyregion/06fire.html?_r=0> daughter Wendy died under suspicious circumstances in New York.</a>

Did Chuck break down and reach out to his family after he was supposed to be dead?

None of the flight crews followed procedures either. There are so many problems with the Al Qaeda highjacking conspiracy theory that a <a href=http://www.rebekahroth.com/> retired purser has written books debunking it.</a>

To sum up, the evidence that Muslim terrorists highjacked airplanes on September 11, 2001 and crashed them into buildings is heavily outweighed by the hard evidence that no airliners were highjacked. Please tell a friend.


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