What American Slave Henry Bibb told us in 1845 about the Brussels Bombing of 2016

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What American Slave Henry Bibb told us in 1845 about the Brussels Bombing of 2016

Daniel “No Passport” Bruno reports from Buenos Aires. Daniel is from NYC, is an author, inventor, specialist in 9/11 studies, and the interview host at www.hpub.org

Published in 1849 and out of print for 160 years, The Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb, an American Slave is among the most remarkable slave narratives. With the marvels of technology, you can listen to the entire audio book for free.

This Dickensian account of life as a quadroon house slave could be made into a movie.

Bibb was conceived in slave rape of the kind celebrated by the Rolling Stones in Brown Sugar.  His father was Kentucky State Senator James Bibb.   Part Thomas Payne, part Mark Twain, The Life and Adventures of an American Slave offers a glimpse into 1830s America.  Its account of sexual relations, hypocrisy and the almighty dollar will resonate with modern readers.  Even more astonishing is the correspondence between himself and his former owner.

Born in 1815, Bibb married a mulatto slave in 1835 and had one daughter. He then escaped to the North, vowing to return for them. He was betrayed multiple times by fellow slaves, captured and sold back into bondage while trying to rescue his wife and child. He found out she had abandoned him, using sex with her White owner and bearing him children to improve her living conditions.  But by the nature of the reports he heard on the grapevine, it seemed to Bibb that there was true romance between his wife and owner.  As a colored man, Bibb would have no recourse against her owner so he decided to move on with his life.

Bibb was an extraordinary orator who moved audiences in Michigan and Ohio to tears at abolitionist meetings.  He remarried and moved to Canada after Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.  Bibb died a free man in the summer of 1854 at the age of 39.

“But the most rigorous examinations of slaves by those slave inspectors, is on the mental capacity. If they are found to be very intelligent, this is pronounced the most objectionable of all other qualities connected with the life of a slave. In fact, it undermines the whole fabric of his chattelhood; it prepares for what slaveholders are pleased to pronounce the unpardonable sin when committed by a slave. It lays the foundation for running away, and going to Canada. They also see in it a love for freedom, patriotism, insurrection, bloodshed, and exterminating war against American slavery.”  ~ Henry Bibb, 1845

The struggle for liberty is the central motif of this slave narrative.  Since changing his condition was not possible, obtaining liberty was tantamount to his ability to move to another place.  A recurring theme is the prohibition on movement at every turn.  Leaving the plantation was a privilege granted only from Saturday night to dawn Monday morning.  A written pass was required, something that illiterate slaves could not produce.  Poor whites worked on commission as slave patrollers in the nearby forests and roads.  Any colored person they found was assumed to be a fugitive slave unless he/she could convince them otherwise.  Being caught off the plantation without permission resulted in bloody beatings and torture with salt in front of other slaves.

Bibb used extraordinary deception and ploys to achieve freedom of movement without a pass, eventually making his way to a steamboat.  Here too, great cunning was required because colored people were assumed to be slaves not allowed on board without their owners.

What Bibb describes is what’s in store for you now in the name of fighting Muslim terrorists:

  • Assumption of guilt,
  • movement as a privilege,
  • stringent identification requirements,
  • total discretion of the police,
  • arbitrary detention,
  • draconian punishment,
  • prohibition on doing what others do freely,
  • double standards,
  • assumption of criminal activity when in possession of valuables and the summary confiscation thereof,
  • no due process,
  • calls to snitch on your peers for personal gain,
  • disinformation disseminated to stoke fear of truth tellers (abolitionists)

Racial profiling and racial politics are not polite topics of speech.  But they are vital to the divide and conquer strategy essential to false flag Muslim terrorism in 2016.  The world is  trained to blame, fear and loathe the Muslim bogeyman so that everyone will acquiesce to the same restrictions that Bibb wrote about.   The authors of the Brussels bombing, Charlie Hebdo, and a hundred other terrorist attacks including 9/11 are masters of psychology and warfare.  They chose September 11 because that is the emergency number.  They chose Friday the 13th because it signifies bad tidings.  They know that the fear of a swarthy, dangerous “other” lurks deep in the subconscious mind.   The mass media exploit this predisposition to convince otherwise intelligent Western people that brown men in caves can turn buildings to powder and make planes disappear.

The calculus of slavery today largely excludes manual labor because industrialization and mechanization made chattel slavery obsolete 150 years ago. It won’t make a comeback unless some great calamity sends us back to the Stone Age.

The very industrialization that led to unimagined technology distributed broadly amongst even the poorest people has empowered them in subversive ways.  For all the grief about income inequality, a pauper today has breathtaking access to information and communication that no Rothschild could have purchased just 50 years ago.  Ordinary people in Third World countries can and do cross the Atlantic in the time it took an 18th century monarch to sail 100 kilometers in good weather.

From Paul Craig Roberts:

“I have not looked into the latest attack blamed on ISIS, this time in Belgium, and I am not going to investigate it. The explanation was set in stone by the initial reporting, and any skepticism that is expressed is disregarded as conspiracy theory….

…the attacks blamed on Muslim terrorists fit every agenda that is out there…for more war, military spending, and police state measures…

Just as we hear today that ISIS bombed an airport or whatever, we heard throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s that this or that communist group, such as the Red Brigades, the Red Army Faction or Baader-Meinhof gang had bombed a train station. In truth these bombings were the work of Operation Gladio, a conspiracy of the CIA and European intelligence services against the European peoples. The conspiracy was revealed by the Italian government and culminated in an extensive investigation in which intelligence operatives testified that they focused on killing woman and children because it had the greatest impact in discrediting the communists on whom the attacks were blamed. European communist parties in Italy and France were growing in electoral success, and Washington wanted the communists discredited. That is what the bombings achieved…”

I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I didn’t.

The 2016 Brussels attack is the latest in Operation Gladio 2.0.

Are you ready to live like Henry Bibb because of it?

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