So-Called Ambassador Noah B. Mamet is Unfit to Represent the United States

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Passport Blues
Noah Bryson Mamet
President, Noah Mamet Associates
 Dear Readers:
I have a true story to tell you, so bear with me.
I’m an American born in Manhattan whose passport expired in 2014 while in Argentina.   I went to the embassy to renew it and paid $150.  The State Department has not renewed it but lacks a credible reason and does not want to talk about it.  I’m not a felon nor wanted for any crime.  Nevertheless, Vice Consul O’Brien wrote a letter questioning my entitlement to a U.S. passport.   His boss, “Ambassador” Noah Mamet,  is in the opinion of the Association of Foreign Service Officers… unqualified …but was installed anyway because he is a bag man for the Democratic Party
Records show dozens of political campaign contributions made by his alleged family members with multiple last names before he was installed as U.S. ambassador to Argentina.
Who on Earth is this Noah Mamet and Why is He Representing My Country, the United States, over the objections of the American Foreign Service Association?
Mostly Because He is a Career Money Man Who Took Credit for Millions of Dollars Raised by Others and of course, he leveraged his connections to Hollywood money.  This is the ONLY reason he now occupies a 40,000 square foot mansion for free while getting paid 180K per year plus countless bennys like free limos and free private planes.
Let’s be frank.  Noah Mamet is an Influence Peddler for the billionaire Wasserman Family Office and Other Hollywood Money.
Large numbers of politically active Argentines Consider Noah Mamet to be persona non grata.  Thousands have demonstrated against his presence in the country.  The English speaking press has no idea.  Further, American expats openly question his qualifications.
Passport Blues
I, the author of this article, am a 48 year old U.S. citizen by birth, born in that quintessential American city of New York, a man of tan color, black hair and a mouth that is too big and therefore, a terrorist suspect every time I step outside.   I will describe my travails while I interject uncensored, politically incorrect observations usually off limits in public.
The American police state is playing “monkey see monkey do” with its Israeli mentor, aping its tactics and swallowing whole, the bogus foundations of the “War on Terror.”   Thousands of American cops are being sent to Israel for “training,” courtesy of Jewish American billionaires.   This is a major cause of racial profiling and police brutality in the United States today.
Recently, the American police state stepped up its leverage over Americans via our passports, converting them into tools for surveillance, e.g. RFID chips, as well as tools of coercion, e.g. passport denial based on a politically expedient laundry list of unconstitutional “reasons,” or indeed, no reason.
My passport blues first started in 2004 when I turned in my valid U.S. passport book to have additional pages inserted but was instead forced to start from square one and apply for a brand new passport as if the State Department had amnesia about who I was. The excuse given was that my passport book was damaged, when in fact, it was not.  I had no problems using it.
As a part of the tense vetting process that followed in the wake of Bush’s fraudulent “War on Terror,” I was interrogated by a British intelligence agent in Washington, D.C. and my mother, who is white, was summoned by a nasty, menopausal flunky and obliged to sign a form that I am indeed her son.  It was a humiliating experience and a taste of what was to come.   Months later I got a new passport book.
Fst forward ten years.  Passports expire every ten years.   By 2014 I was in Buenos Aires, after having used this *exact* same passport book all over the world and gone through immigration in over a dozen countries.  Six months before it was to expire, I arrived in person, paid $150 in fees to Vice Consul Christopher Creaghe at the U.S. embassy and handed over to him, my perfectly valid U.S. passport. Yet, to this very day, Noah B. Mamet won’t give me my passport renewal.   I have spent thousands of dollars on lawyers, to no avail.
There has been no due process, no evidence presented that I am a terrorist,  fugitive, drug dealer, kiddie diddler, dead beat dad, tax cheat, etc.  However, in October, 2015, Vice Consul Brendan O’Brien, with Ambassador (sic) Noah Bryson Mamet at the helm, sent an outrageous note: my passport is denied because I didn’t visit the embassy again…  For starters, a visit to an embassy is not even a requirement, but I did go once.
Vice Consul Brendan O’Brien, working for Noah Mamet, states that I have not established my entitlement to a U.S. passport..
 brendan o brien, holly wilkerson
Holly Wilkerson and Brendan O’Brien, far right
The Law.
According to legal precedent, indefinite delay of a passport without just cause constitutes de facto revocation of citizenship, violates the Privileges and Immunities Clause of the 14th Amendment (written for the ex-slaves)…procedural due process under the 5th Amendment (James Madison) and, infringes upon the right of return to one’s home country and to generally travel unimpeded (1st Amendment, peaceably assemble).  Denial of citizenship or proof thereof is a human right’s abuse in violation of international treaties to which the Unites States is signatory. But the Neocon regime, their puppet president and their influence peddling money-men like Noah Mamet have no regard for Americans and our constitution. The proof is in their actions, not their pronouncements.
People like Ambassador (sic) Noah Mamet and the NeoCon interests he actually represents are ultimately to blame for my situation and the plight of thousands of other Americans unable to get passports or board airplanes.
    In the U.S, Noah Mamet counts only because Noah Mamet and Associates at churns Hollywood cash for Democrats.  He proved his mettle when he bundled a few million dollars for Barack Obama’s coffers in 2012. He had worked for Hillary Clinton against Obama. in the 2008 primaries when I myself was working for the Obama campaign.  Noah Mamet, who started out as a driver and bodyguard for Democrats, is now a Hollywood money influence peddler, founder and president of Noah Mamet and Associates and the web site
So-called Ambassador Noah Mamet knows nothing about diplomacy, nothing about Argentine politics and his Spanish is at the Kindergarten level. Thousands of Americans, myself included, are far more qualified to be ambassador than he is.
On the morning of May 23, 2014, I went to my scheduled appointment at the U.S. embassy in Buenos Aires and submitted the DS-11 application for a new passport book to replace an expiring passport. I was personally interviewed by Vice-Counsel Christopher Creaghe. Upon satisfactory review of the renewal application, Mr. Creaghe asked me to sign the form again so he could bear witness. Mr. Creaghe inspected my still valid passport, invalidated it with a hole-punch and returned it to me. He then dismissed me without further ado.
Subsequently, I kept in touch with Mr. Creaghe via email. At no time did Mr. Creaghe indicate that he could not approve my passport renewal. In fact, he stated that he was unaware of any legal matters that would pose a problem. Finally, after three months of patient waiting, Mr. Creaghe abruptly informed me that he would no
longer handle the matter and that I should start from square one.
It was 2004 all over again.
millie mamet amb_mamet_swearing_a
Noah Mamet and his mother Millie Mamet with hair dyed blonde.
On September 3, 2014, US Holly Wilkerson sent me an ultimatum:
Furnish “missing information” and return to the embassy (for what, she would not say) or no passport for you.
As per Mrs. Wilkerson’s correspondence, I was to produce:
1. a primary contact telephone number
2. an address in Argentina
3. another name used
4. an emergency contact person
5. a visit to the embassy
My lawyer wrote a letter to Holly Wilkerson and advised her that no details were  omitted from the form I had already submitted. Fields left blank were not
applicable. I neither owned nor rented a dwelling in Argentina nor am I required to. I did not maintain a telephone line nor am I required to. I am not required to obtain emergency contacts or submit the names of third parties. I do not have or use other names except my own nor do I hold another identity or documents issued in the name of an alias.
The name on my passport renewal form is *exactly* the same as the name on my passport and my name has not changed since my passport prior.
As per the State Department:
The Department of State revokes passports in accordance with Title 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) sections 51.60-62, and 51.65. There are also several statutes under which passports have been revoked in the past, including: 8 U.S.C. 1504 (the passport was illegally,fraudulently or erroneously obtained); 42 U.S.C. 652(k) (for non-payment of child support); 22 U.S.C. 2714 (for certain drug traffickers); 22 U.S.C. 2671(d)(3) (non-repayment of repatriation
lone); and 22 U.S.C. 212a (adds authority to revoke passports of persons convicted of sex tourism). Grounds for denial and restrictions on issuance of U.S. passports are found in 22 CFR 51.60. The pertinent language states:
(a) The Department may not issue a passport, except a passport for direct return to
the United States, in any case in which the Department determines or is informed
by competent authority that:
(1) The applicant is in default on a lone received from the United States under
22U.S.C. 2671(b)(2)(B) for the repatriation of the applicant and, where
applicable, the applicant’s spouse, minor child(ren), and/or other immediate
family members, from a foreign country (see 22 U.S.C. 2671(d)); or(2) The applicant has been certified by the Secretary of Health and Human
Services as notified by a state agency under 42 U.S.C. 652(k) to be in arrears of
child support in an amount determined by statute.
(b) The Department may refuse to issue a passport in any case in which the
Department determines or is informed by competent authority that:
(1) The applicant is the subject of an outstanding Federal warrant of arrest for a
felony, including a warrant issued under the Federal Fugitive Felon Act (18
U.S.C. 1073); or
Brendan J. O'Brien and Anaida K. Haas
Brendan J. OBrien and his wife Anaida K.Haas
(2) The applicant is subject to a criminal court order, condition of probation, or
condition of parole, any of which forbids departure from the United States and the
violation of which could result in the issuance of a Federal warrant of arrest,
including a warrant issued under the Federal Fugitive Felon Act; or
(3) The applicant is subject to a U.S. court order committing him or her to a
mental institution; or
(4) The applicant has been legally declared incompetent by a court of competent
jurisdiction in the United States; or
(5) The applicant is the subject of a request for extradition or provisional request
for extradition which has been presented to the government of a foreign country;
(6) The applicant is the subject of a subpoena received from the United States
pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1783, in a matter involving Federal prosecution for, or
grand jury investigation of, a felony; or
(7) The applicant is a minor and the passport may be denied under 22 CFR 51.28;
(8) The applicant is subject to an order of restraint or apprehension issued by an
appropriate officer of the United States Armed Forces pursuant to chapter 47 of
title 10 of the United States Code; or
(9) The applicant is the subject of an outstanding state or local warrant of arrest
for a felony; or
(10) The applicant is the subject of a request for extradition or provisional arrest
submitted to the United States by a foreign country.
(c) The Department may refuse to issue a passport in any case in which:
(1) The applicant has not repaid a lone received from the United States under 22
U.S.C. 2670(j) for emergency medical attention, dietary supplements, and other
emergency assistance, including, if applicable, assistance provided to his or her child(ren), spouse, and/or other immediate family members in a foreign country;
(2) The applicant has not repaid a lone received from the United States under 22
U.S.C. 2671(b)(2)(B) or 22 U.S.C. 2671(b)(2)(A) for the repatriation or
evacuation of the applicant and, if applicable, the applicant’s child(ren), spouse,
and/or other immediate family members from a foreign country to the United
States; or
(3) The applicant has previously been denied a passport under this section or 22
CFR 51.61, or the Department has revoked the applicant’s passport or issued a
limited passport for direct return to the United States under 22 CFR 51.62, and
the applicant has not shown that there has been a change in circumstances since
the denial, revocation or issuance of a limited passport that warrants issuance of a
passport; or
(4) The Secretary determines that the applicant’s activities abroad are causing or
are likely to cause serious damage to the national security or the foreign policy of
the United States.
(d) The Department may refuse to issue a passport in a case in which the
Department is informed by an appropriate foreign government authority or
international organization that the applicant is the subject of a warrant of arrest for
a felony.
(e) The Department may refuse to issue a passport, except a passport for direct
return to the United States, in any case in which the Department determines or is
informed by a competent authority that the applicant is a minor who has been
abducted, wrongfully removed or retained in violation of a court order or decree
and return to his or her home state or habitual residence is necessary to permit a
court of competent jurisdiction to determine custody matters.
mother millie mamet-with-biden
My attorney has advised the United States Embassy Argentina that:
There are no grounds for denial of my passport as per 22 CFR
51.60. As per (a) I am not in default of a government lone and do not owe child support. As per (b) I am not the subject of an outstanding Federal warrant of arrest for a felony; I am not subject to a criminal court order, condition of probation or condition of parole; I am not subject to a U.S. court order of commitment to a mental institution; I have not been declared incompetent; I am not subject of an extradition request nor subject of a subpoena in a felony proceeding; I am not a minor who can be denied a passport under 22 CF 51.28; I am not subject to an order of restraint or apprehension; I am not subject to an outstanding state or local
warrant of arrest for a felony and not subject to a request for extradition by a foreign country.
Further, as I was born in the United States, I did not obtain my passport fraudulently, which would warrant denial viz. 8 U.S.C. 1504. Nor do 22 U.S.C. 2714, 22 U.S.C. 2671(d)(3), or 22 U.S.C. 212a apply.
Moreover, not only are grounds for denial and restrictions on issuance of a passport not applicable to me, the embassy’s Vice-Consul Christopher Creaghe wrote a letter on the 28th of May, 2014, stating, in relevant part:
. . . Just to be clear, as far as I am aware, you have not been formally accused of
anything. At this time, I am just trying to understand your situation so that I can
send your case to Washington for final approval. .
By law, there are no grounds for the indefinite delay or denial of an American’s passport without due process.  Leaving a citizen stranded in a foreign country without a passport puts him at risk, places upon him an undue burden and is a violation of his constitutional and civil rights.
Failure to approve passport renewal without cause constitutes de facto revocation. I met all the requirements, scheduled an appointment, appeared in person, presented my application, answered all questions, cooperated fully, paid the fees and surrendered my valid passport without protest.
mamet and his motorcycle gang in argentina
Mamet and His Motorcycle Gang Touring Argentina
Vice-Counsel Christopher Creaghe accepted the application for collection and asked me to sign the forms in his presence, to which I did not
object.  Further, my appearance at the embassy notwithstanding, the DS-82 form, which was available to me at the time of my application, does not require a personal interview. To quote from the embassy website as of October 13, 2014:
If you qualify to complete Form DS-82 and are unable to come to the Consular
Section, you may send your passport, form DS-82 and photo by mail to the US
Embassy, CONS- ACS, Avda. Colombia 4330, 1425 Buenos Aires, or arrange for
a third party to submit them and pay the required fee personally at our cashier
office. Payment may be made, by appointment only, in cash (dollars/pesos) or by
an international credit card (the amount charged will be in USD). The third party
must bring a written authorization from the applicant.
In addition, the DS-82 form requirements, which do not include a personal visit, are further confirmed on the Department of State’s own website as follows:
You May Renew Your Passport by Mail if All of the Following are True:
Your Most Recent U.S. Passport
Is undamaged and can be submitted with your application;Was issued when you were age 16 or older; Was issued in your current name or you can legally document your name change with original or certified copy of your marriage certificate or the government-
issued document evidencing your legal name change.
Although I met all the DS-82 requirements above, I chose to use form DS-11 and
appear personally for passport renewal at the embassy on May 23, 2014, nearly six months before my then current passport was due to expire.
Noah B. Mamet Influence Peddling on the Road to Being Installed as “American” Ambassador
The following is an incomplete list of political donations made by Noah Bryson Mamet and his “family members,” with a dozen different last names…for political campaigns before Noah Bryson Mamet was installed as our “ambassador.”
To wit:
1. Noah Bryson Mamet: $2,600, 03/24/2013, Ruiz, Raul; $1,000, -11/01/
2012, Berkley, Shelley; $500, -11/01/2012, Donnelly, Joe;
$500, 11/01/2012, McCaskill, Claire; $250, -11/01/2012,
Brown, Sherrod; $250, -11/01/2012, Heitkamp, Heidi; $1,500, –
10/29/2012, Tester, Jon; $250, -09/14/2012, Carmona, Richard;
$250, -08/24/2012, Cherny, Andrei; $1,000, -07/30/2012,
Voices for Progress PAC; $30,000,
07/16/2012, DNC (Obama
Victory Fund); $250, -07/05/2012, Duckworth, Tammy; $250, –
06/21/2012, Delaney, John; $500, -11/10/2011, Berman, Howard;
$500, -06/04/2011, Kaine, Tim; $5,000, -06/02/2011,
Barack (Obama Victory Fund); $30,800,
06/02/2011, DNC (Obam
Victory Fund); $1,000, 05/09/2011, Landrieu, Mary; -$500, 05/
02/2011, Gillibrand, Kirsten; $350, 11/01/2010, McAdams,
Scott; $500, -10/31/2010, -DCCC; $500, -10/28/2010, -Conway,
Jack; $250, -10/28/2010, -Markey, Betsy; $250, -10/28/2010, –
McNerney, Jerry; $250, -10/28/2010, -Perriello, Tom; $250, –
10/28/2010, -Sestak, Joe; $250, -10/28/2010, -Bennet,
Michael; $250, -10/27/2010, -Giannoulias, Alexi; $250, -10/
15/2010, -McNerney, Jerry; $250, -10/15/2010, -Conway, Jack;
$250, -10/15/2010, -Sestak, Joe; $250, -10/15/2010, -McAdams,
Scott; $250, -09/24/2010, -Coons, Chris; $500, -09/08/2010, –
Reid, Harry (Reid Victory Fund); $250, 09/02/2010, Hall,
John; $250, 07/27/2010, Hodes, Paul; $1,000, 04/29/2010 –
Bennet, Michael; $1,000, 04/22/2010,
Boxer, Barbara; $1,000,
04/22/2010, DNC; $200, 01/13/2010, Coakley, Martha; $250, 06/
29/2009, Bennet, Michael.
Mildred Mamet, Noah Mamet’s mother: $30 to the Obama Victory Fund on 10/08/2012,
$30, 08/29/2012, Obama for America; $90, 07/09/
Obama for America; $30, 09/09/2010, Obama for America;
$25, 10/20/2010, Obama for America.
Sister: Lisa Mamet: $35, 2012, Obama for America.
Neither Noah Mamet, Noah Mamet and Associates, Vice Consuls Brendan O’Brien and Christopher Creaghe, Holly Wilkerson or anybody else at the U.S. embassy Buenos Aires or State Department in Washington has any business questioning my citizenship every 10 years, harassing me at airports and generally causing me grief.
I am not some Third Worlder begging for a tourist visa to see the glorious United States of America.  I don’t kiss butt.  You are not my owner nor my boss nor do you have some unlimited right to know everything about me before I get my passport renewed.
My right to a passport, the quintessence of citizenship, is a given at birth in the United States.  Blood was spilled and the issue settled by the Civil War of 1861-1865 and the resulting 14th amendment to our constitution.   My passport is not a privilege to be doled out for being a good boy.
Possession of a valid passport is, prima facie, proof of citizenship worldwide and my entitlement to a renewal is not to be challenged unless you can show cause.  The burden is not mine it is yours and you have not met it.  A passport book’s expiry is not an excuse to get amnesia about who a citizen is when in fact, your police state already keeps detailed dossiers, fingerprints and biometrics on all us under the pretext of keeping us safe.
I demand that so-called Ambassador Noah B. Mamet hand over my passport forthwith or resign. I’m not paying the fees again nor will I be interrogated (or worse) at the U.S. embassy Buenos Aires.
It makes no difference what Noah Bryson Mamet thinks of people like me and no difference what I write about him.  As the late Steve Biko put it, “I write what I like.”
Forget about interrogating me at the American embassy Buenos Aires.
If you have a problem with me, you need to explain it in writing to be examined by counsel. It’s called transparency and the rule of law, something an influence peddler like Noah Mamet wouldn’t understand because its not for sale.
unreasonable passport denial, non-delivery of services paid for, violation of civil rights, universal declaration of human rights, the 14th Amendment to the U.S. constitution, the 5th Amendment,racial profiling, kickbacks,corruption,influence peddling,allegiance to a foreign state, interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, incompetence.

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