Peter Kassig Fake Head Chopper ISIS Video Courtesy of Rita Katz

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Her sites are a bonanza of psy-op material aimed at getting dumb Americans to send ground troops to invade Syria and whipping up domestic terrorism fears of “lone wolves” “eco terrorists” “anonymous” “White supremacists” “militias” “Clive Bundy” “Patriots” etc, etc, etc. She does all she can to create suspicion and paranoia about Muslim Americans and even White Americans as a terrorist threat.

This broad, an Israeli, needs to be exposed and deported for being the agent of a foreign government. She put out the fake bin Laden videos ten years ago yet nobody seems to know who she is.

First, the main scream media propaganda video. The woman being interviewed is some kind of
undercover intelligence agent masquerading as the spokesperson for a non-profit/think tank.

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The Kassig video

In this latest propaganda video, a psy-op designed to get America to send its men to Syria so the natural gas pipeline can be constructed and Russia driven to bankruptcy,  the alleged head chopping starts at the 8:30 mark.  However, its not Kassig.   Syrian military officers are the alleged victims.   Then at 13:30 we are shown a severed head and told it belongs to Mr. Kassig.   It appears that the intelligence agencies making these videos are aware that most people are not buying their bull, so each new video is less and less revealing and the main scream media wont show any of it.   They tell the sheeple to just take their word for it.   Poor Obama, a hostage in the White House, is forced to play along with this charade.  Its not possible that he doesnt know all these videos are phony.   Mr. Kassig, just like Sotloff and Foley, are military men who played their part in this psy-op and are still living.

Bin Laden appears in this slick propaganda piece, as well as al-Baghdadi, a likely MOSSAD agent.   These are red flags that this was produced for Americans.  Distribution by Rita Katz is a dead give away that its being done for a foreign power and its interests, which she would never go against.

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