Daniel Bruno Interviews Dr. Morgan Reynolds about September 11 and Phantom Airliners

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Magic is the pretended performance of those things which cannot be done.  The success of a magician’s simulation of doing the impossible depends upon misleading the minds of his audiences.  This, in the main, is done by adding, to a performance, details of which the spectators are unaware, and leaving out others which they believe you have not left out.  In short a performance of magic is largely a demonstration of the universal reliability of certain facts of psychology.

(John Mulholland, The Art of Illusion, Charles Scribner & Sons, 1944.)

Flight 11 allegedly flew at an altitude of 850 feet Above Sea Level from the top of Manhattan island to the bottom, striking the north tower of the WTC at 585 mph.  This is not possible because commercial airliners can not develop sufficient thrust to achieve such speeds close to the ground where the air is too thick and heavy.  Its like a swimmer going through molasses.  There are other proofs that demonstrate why Flight 11 did not  hit the tower at 850 feet and 585 mph..  For example, wake turbulence would have kicked up a huge cloud of dust and swept people off of roof tops of buildings towering 400,500,600 and 700 feet into the air in mid town Manhattan.

The wake turbulence would have followed immediately behind and below  flight 11 to the tower and the smoke clouds  would have rolled horizontally like a baker’s pin after the plane’s impact.  There is no sign of wake turbulence in any of the videos taken on September 11.

Manhattan is 13.4 miles long from top to bottom.  A plane moving 585 mph  travels 9.75  miles in one minute.  So it needs 83 seconds to move from the top to bottom of Manhattan.   On September 11, 2001, visibility was 20 miles plus, so all of Manhattan could be seen at once.  The Empire State Building Observation Deck on East 34th street is 1,211 feet high.  It is always full of tourists.  Had a jet flown at 850 feet, these tourists as well as people in the upper floors would have seen and heard the plane 366 feet below them as it  thundered by just a few hundred feet to the west .  People in the 80th to 90th floors west side offices would have seen and felt the plane at eye level.

Cameras and meteorological instruments are active at the Empire State Building 24 hours a day.  Had a plane come into proximity it would have been recorded.   The WTC also had rooftop cameras.  Had an airliner struck the north tower as alleged, the approach and impact would have been recorded by the cameras on the south tower.   Interestingly, the WTC 24 hour roof top cameras on both towers were allegedly out of service on September 11 and nobody knows why.  George W. Bush’s brother was in charge of WTC security, somebody should ask him.

We are now 13 years into the aftermath of September 11 and no videos or photographs have surfaced of Flight 11 in flight, except for the famous footage taken by the French pair allegedly moments before impact.  The dearth of any other corroborating videos or photographs is too strange to ignore and casts doubt on the veracity of the lone video.


If you really care about what happened and you want to understand the forces required to make the WTC collapse, read this paper by a physics teacher and veteran of the United States Army, Mr. Boldwyn.  The energy required is measured in kilotons.




#Factoid.  In 1945 a B-17 bomber got lost in the fog and crashed head long into the Empire State Building.  The pilot was killed.  ESB was built with 1920s technology but it did not collapse.

“Ok, ok, so maybe the plane wasnt moving 585 mph, maybe it was going 500, or 400 or 300 mph. “

The official explanation is that the plane’s speed caused the damage to the towers which in turn caused them to collapse.  If you take away the speed, you degrade this line of reasoning.  At any rate, if the plane were moving more slowly. there would have been more time for people at ESB and elsewhere to see, hear and record such a spectacle.   The fact that large numbers of people did not do so, the fact that nobody did, not at ESB, not from the Chrysler Building, or the Met Life building or any other tall building, proves beyond a reasonable doubt that such a novelty in the skies above Manhattan did not occur.

Another serious problem with the mythology around 9/11 is ground effect.  Airplane wings in flight create a cushion of air below in proportion to air speed.  The ground effect beneath flight 11 flying over irregular tall buildings to reach the WTC would make guiding the plane to its target all but impossible.  The airliner would shake apart.  The loud warning buzzers in the cockpit would render the pilot unable to think.   That a bunch of young bloods with 0 flight hours in a jet pulled this miracle  off with bloody mayhem and chaos in the cockpit is preposterous.

Needless to say, ground effect makes it impossible for a plane to fly at ground level and hit the pentagon.  This is not debatable.

“Well, the planes descended into the twin towers, thats how they gained so much speed.”

No, this is also a problem.  Planes have variable speed limits based on design, altitude, speed and atmosphere.  Breaking the speed limit in an airplane does not result in flashing lights in the rear view mirror.  It results in a crash.  The pilot loses control and the plane is damaged.  It stalls, it breaks up into pieces and it goes down.

585 mph is far beyond the speed limit of flights 11 and 175 below 2000 feet.


 The Ancient Greeks and Romans Had Their Sacred Myths and We Have Ours.


The 19 Muslim hijackers led by Bin Laden mythology is in a bind because the 585 mph speed is needed to convince the public that the towers fell from the impact.  But the planes are not controllable at that speed and can not be guided to a target at this atmospheric pressure.  Lower the speed enough for the aircraft to be manageable and the high speed impact scenario is degraded.   There’s no way out.

Everybody has heard of a kamikaze, if only at a bar.  Kamikazes ( divine wind) were suicide pilots sent on a solemn mission to stop the United States defeat of Japan.   Young men were given flight training then sent out in fighter planes loaded with bombs.  Their goal was to hit American navy ships.   Their planes were single seat and highly maneuverable yet most crashed into the sea.  Some were shot down.   The most that any would be kamikaze of a giant passenger jet could hope for is to crash land or dive bomb in an uncontrollable fashion over a city.


“But what about the famous video taken by the French brothers who just happen to be there and were fast enough to point their cameras at the north tower and catch a plane moving 585 mph?


What about the famous photo of of Edna standing in the plane shaped entry hole where the plane entered the building?

What about the dozens of videos showing the second plane hit?

What about the witnesses who saw planes?”

The videos are fake:





Researchers into 911 truth dont have the entire riddle figured out yet, but it is easy for a lay person to see that most of the videos are just fakery and image manipulation.  A few of the videos are of higher caliber but are questionable at best.  Witnesses reported seeing a silent black image

like a silhouette moving across the sky, others think they saw a small plane, a military transport or a cargo plane.  Few if any  heard loud engines.  It is possible that flying objects were sent into the towers, but those objects were not flight 11 and flight 175, that is certain.

The jet engine debris found on Murray street is not the right make and model for either flight 11 or 175.

It is also certain that no civilian flying objects could bring the three towers down, regardless of what they were.  Each twin tower had a mass of 500,000 tons of steel and concrete.  Airliners weigh in at around 100 tons and are so delicate that “No Step” warnings are placed on wings and bird strikes can put a plane out of service.



5000 to 1 weight difference…

Imagine a one pound bird flying headlong into the grill of a 5000 pound truck speeding down a highway.  The bird goes splat.  it does not punch through the engine block and cause the truck to collapse at the speed of gravity into a dust and molten metal porridge that glows red hot for the next three months.

 Physics not your thing?  Still think 19 crazy Islamic young bloods did 911? Well, they must have somehow stowed away in the luggage hold because they are not to be found on any of the flight manifests:

flight 11


flight 175




“Well, this is just crazy.  Who could be so evil?  Who did this? How could this be kept secret”

Rather than thinking about individuals, think in terms of large organizations and their elites.  They view things in terms of large numbers, costs and benefits over the very long term.

Think about military men with the power to launch nuclear weapons and wipe out billions of people.  Military commanders who lead men into battle and lose thousands of their own.  Military and political leaders who destroy millions of people who look different in far away countries.

Their view is that everyone is going to die some day and at times, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.  It may sound trite but this is how they arrive at decisions.

See for yourself.  When Madeleine Albright was asked if it was worth the death of 500,000 babies and children just  to punish and weaken Saddam Hussein with sanctions, years before 9/11, she answered in the affirmative.  Its on Youtube.

Truman made the decision to nuke Hiroshima AND Nagasaki and the Manhattan project was kept perfectly secret in spite of having tens of thousands of people work on it for years.   Workers were compartmentalized and did not see the big picture, except for the very top levels.

Roosevelt knew the Japanese Navy would hit Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, but he let it happen for the greater good of destroying Nazi Germany, which had just signed a military pact with Japan.  3000 American servicemen were sacrificed.

The view is that losing 3000 civilians on 9/11 is a just price to pay for expanding one’s power around the globe and helping to ensure a New American Century, because all the lives saved and benefits to be had for all far outweigh the costs.  With a population of 300 million and more, 3000 is collateral, relatively small damage and manageable when considering 500,000 deaths from cancer, deaths from smoking, 50,000 annual vehicular deaths, 15,000 homicides, 5000 suicides, etc.  You may find this repugnant, but if you observe extremely powerful people you will find they have these sentiments.  As Stalin put it, “the death of one man is a tragedy; the death of a million men is a statistic.”

And then there is money.  Everything is measured, including the value of  lives.   If a September 11 event is needed to get control of a trillion dollars of Iraqi oil and another trillion worth of rare earths and minerals in Afghanistan, its worth it.

Dont forget the million civilians killed in these countries.  Civilians who never raised a hand against the United States.  Neither did Saddam. Nor Qaddafi. Nor Assad.  Nor 3000 innocents on September 11, 2001.

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