Allen Henning Uncut Raw Video (Extremely Graphic)

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Humanitarian or dupe of the British government?  What was this average bloke doing in Syria?  The alleged corpse seems to be far thinner, yet the head has a double chin that is in-congruent with a thin torso.



My fellow Americans: Do you know what kind of terrorists our government arms and finances in Syria and Ukraine?  Have a look for yourself and decide whether tax dollars should flow to John Kerry´s and John McCain´s  “moderate terrorists.”    Although the Foley Sotloff   Haines   Henning executions are almost certainly staged frauds, there are real be-headings and atrocities being committed in these countries.  Note that when terrorists video a beheading, they dont black out the actual beheading, because THAT is the whole point of the video.  In the fake videos being fed to us, we are left to use our imagination and indeed, we have been warned that merely watching these videos is an act of terrorism; therefore we better just have faith.  Clearly, the ruling circles in Washington and London have completely lost their minds.  They need help.


ISIS, like Al CIADA before it, is a NeoCon tool.  The NeoCons most cherished goals are:


1.  Overthrow Assad, kill him Qaddafi style so Billary Clinton can have another belly laugh.  Install an obedient dictator like the king of Jordan.   Evict the Russian Navy from Tartus.

2.  Run a natural gas pipeline from the Gulf through Syria to Europe, undercutting dependence on Russian gas. Take THAT Putin!

3.  Break Iraq into at least three failed states.  In the 1990s the NeoCons and partisans for Israel concluded this HAD to be done.   They talked about it in the congress, its part of the record, go check it out.  Look up Leslie Gelb.  Fringe benefit: breeds terrorists.

4.  With Assad gone, Iran´s ability to arm Hezbollah and hit back at Israel is degraded and the stage is set for the Great Iran War that Netanyahu is frothing at the mouth about.  Look up Wesley Clark´s comments.   It was decided in 2001 that Iran,Iraq,Libya and four other nations were to be bombed back to the Stone Age, no matter what.

5.   Bring back second class citizenship and racial profiling at home.  ISIS is supported by the British government yet British citizens are being stripped of their passports for potentially going abroad to join that very same organization.  Canada is now acting in kind.  ISIS terror is the perfect raison de etre and infinite carte blanche for the police state.



Yo, I´m a rapper with a menacing gaze.   You mean you dont like my lyrics?



How ya like me now?


6.  Whip up anti Muslim hysteria.  To get Western publics on board with the bombings and invasions led by our Nobel Peace Prize imposter, Muslims need to be seen as savages, subhuman beasts,uncivilized,terrorists and a clear and present danger to all.  This also dovetails with the Israeli need to dehumanize Palestinians or any brown skinned goyim who dare to challenge Greater Israel and its right to dominate the entire region with its monopoly of nuclear weapons and the American government in its back pocket.  Anybody who doesnt agree is an anti Semite and Holocaust denier.


7.  More false flag attacks.  ISIS will certainly be used in connection with some kind of FBI assisted and enabled atrocity in the homeland.  A likely scenario is a MANPAD (shoulder fired surface to air missile) attack on a passenger plane around Thanksgiving.  Remember the Underwear Bomber?   He was a dupe put on to the plane without a passport or a clue.  Eyewitnesses saw men with American accents bypass security to get that kid on the plane…go look it up.  See, all those porno scanners, confiscating our toe clippers and touching our breasts STILL couldnt keep us safe from those dastardly Moozlims!   Let´s nuke them!



Malaysia Flight 17 was deliberately led into a war zone by Ukrainian air traffic control then shot down by the Ukrainian Air Force to create the momentum Obama-Kerry needed to persuade Europe to ratchet up sanctions on Russia.  It worked.   See Paul Craig Roberts.

8.  Keep us terrified into surrendering all our rights.  The September 11 masterpiece is now 13 years old.  The NeoCons got huge mileage out of it while it lasted, but every day more people are seeing WTC 7 and other disturbing evidence of deep state terrorism against democracy.  To keep those terrorist fires burning, the NeoCons ( Democrat and Republican, they are all the same)  need fresh psy-ops.  Observe, Obama did not even mention 911 in his Orwellian UN speech last week and Cameron is comparing 911 truthers to ISIS.   WOW.  They are ready to discard 800 years of Anglo American democratic development  in a bid to keep a lid on September 11 and achieve all the above goals, even if it means the end of the United States as a republic.


Now for the latest simulated beheading video to make you want to bomb Syria:








McCain and his buddies.





12 year old cuts his teeth cutting off a head





Hi mom!






4td grade at ISIS elementary.  No child left beheaded.



Uniforms made in USA.






David Cameron

“Look out 911 truthers, you´re on my ISIS list.”




Fatigues and boots from US Army surplus.  Baseball cap from McCain.





Soccer anyone?



I got my fatigues from US Army surplus courtesy of Obama, who won a Nobel for Peace.  The shoes are from Walgreens.



I´m camera shy.



Is that a BMW?



Turning the other cheek.



Building a totem pole.



Another one for my collection!



Were they twins?





McCain´s Freedom Fighter


aipac kerry

Kerry swears allegiance to his masters at the Israel Lobby



Dude needs a haircut.



I´m a good terrorist.  No, really.



I cant believe this is happening to me.











Kerry testifies in support of his terrorists.



“Yesuh boz, Keri be good nigguh”





Department of Homeland Security 2014 Golden Hoax Award Ceremony


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