Extremely Graphic Images. Mass Censorship and Distortion by Jewish Owned Mass Media. Israeli Settler Woman: ” I’m a Little Fascist.” Biden Forced to Say “I am a Zionist.” Jewish Owned Facebook Censors the Truth about Israeli War Crimes. Steve Israel and US Congress Move to Protect Netanyahu from Lawsuits. U.S. Forced to Fork Over $3 Billion in Annual Welfare Payments to Israel. Obama Sends More Weapons to Israel Occupation Army. Zionists Use Jews as Human Shields Against Outrage over Gaza. On Cue, Jewish Owned New York Times Ramps Up Anti-Semitism in Europe Stories.

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The Gaza Bombardment – What You’re Not Being Told

The corporate media isn’t just distorting the facts on the Gaza assault, they’re flat out covering them up.

PREFACE: To all the people attempting to write us off by calling us antisemitic, go watch this video that we made in October of 2013. In that video we harshly attacked racist and antisemitic elements that have been spreading hate through social media. We then followed that up with several confrontations on Facebook where we made it very clear that these idiots are not welcome in our circle. So drop the stupid ad hominem attacks. I’m not influenced by such childish behavior.

On July 7, 2014 Israel began a massive assault on the Gaza strip of Palestine. In the first week alone Israel dropped over 400 tons of bombs, killing over 130 Palestinians. Most were civilians, about half of them were women and children. By the time you are watching the the number will be higher.

[UPDATE August 6th]: The Palestinian death toll as of August 6th, is now estimated at over 1,800. The U.N. has stated that 80% of those killed in operation “Protective Edge” were civilian. Also according to a document released by UNICEF, over the last month operation “Protective Edge” killed 392 Palestinian children, injured over 2,700 Palestinian children and displaced 242,500 Palestinian children.

P.S. To those of you claiming that this is the fault of the Palestinians, who the Israelis accuse of using human shields, how do you explain the bombing of schools? Or the shelling of children on a Gaza beach? These are just the most publicized cases, but the shear numbers of civilian casualties, and the mass targeting of civilian infrastructure points to the intentional application of the Dahiya doctrine.

See aftermath below [WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC]:

Israel’s official justification for this wholesale slaughter: the murder of three Israeli teenagers which Israel blames on Hamas. That’s not the real reason. First of all Israel has not produced one single piece of evidence implicating Hamas or even a Palestinian in the murders, and in fact the the evidence we do have indicates that that murderers were Israeli. You see on Tuesday July 1st, The Jerusalem Post released the audio of the kidnapped teen’s distress call to police, and in that call the kidnappers can be heard telling the boys to put their heads down in HEBREW. According to the Jerusalem Post prior to being leaked to the public this audio was being held under a gag order by the Israeli government.

So why is Israel really attacking Gaza? It’s not about self defense and it’s obviously not about avenging those three teenagers. Those are just cover stories for the naive. What this is really about is natural gas.

It turns out that Gaza has quite a bit of natural gas on its coastline. One of the largest sources in the region. British Gas, which holds a joint exploration agreement for the area estimates that the fields hold at least 1 trillion cubic feet of gas. That gas belongs to the Palestinian people and they should be the ones to benefit from it. Israel disagrees.

(An interesting side story on this issue: At one point Russia was bidding for a chance to develop Gaza’s gas fields.)

After the death of Yasser Arafat, under questionable circumstances, Israel has controlled those fields, and British Gas has negotiated with Tel Aviv.

With power divided between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, the Palestinians have been too weak to put up any meaningful ,resistance and Israel would like to keep it that way. The Unity Government between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority threatens Israel’s control of those fields, and as such it has to be destroyed.

It’s pretty basic really. These are the real motives of all wars: resources, territory and power. They’ll always come up with an excuse, and it’s easy to fall for them if you don’t do your research, but there’s also a really easy way to avoid getting duped: always stand against wars of aggression. Period. Make it a matter of principle, and the facts and morality will always end up being on your side.

And speaking of morality, even if those teenagers had been killed by Hamas, what kind of psychopath thinks that this gives Israel the right to go and kill over a hundred people who had nothing to do with it? We’re talking about little kids here.

I’m not going to show you the pictures of the dead or dying children here in this video, but I have looked at them, and as a father it’s almost unbearable to see. If hearing about those bombs falling doesn’t phase you emotionally, if this is just a political debate for you, then go look at the pictures (these for example). You have no right to defend what Israel is doing, if you don’t have the courage to even glance at the consequences.

And anyone who would justify these crimes after seeing the civilian casualties should be ashamed of themselves.

The bombing heavily populated residential areas is a war crime, and the U.S. government is funding it with your tax dollars. That’s right. Israel receives over 3 billion dollars in foreign aid from the U.S. each year. (But hey, it’s not like the American people actually need that money, the national debt is only 17 trillion dollars.)

Of course it’s no accident that you’ve never had face what’s being done to the Palestinian’s in your name. If you turn on the mainstream media at any point during this crisis all you’ll see is constant stream of reports focusing on the Palestinian rockets being fired in response. These reports conveniently fail to mention that as of yet these primitive rockets have not killed one single Israeli.

The Obama administration is also running with this artificial narrative.

But the rockets, the rockets! Let’s all bring this back to the puny homemade rockets that the Palestinians are launching out of desperation and frame this as a question of Israel’s self defense.

Pretend for a moment that this wasn’t happening in the Middle East, but rather in the south west of the United States. Hey, just for kicks let’s say it was happening in Palestine Texas. So three teenagers from Mexico are visiting Palestine Texas and they get killed, by somebody, we don’t know who. Mexico of course takes this as an invitation to launch airstrikes, on the entire on the entire region. For ten days the Mexican air force dutifully pummels Palestine Texas, and the surrounding villages, but unfortunately these darn rednecks were unaware that this was perfectly within Mexico’s rights, so they started taking pot shots at Mexican fighter jets with their shotguns and deer rifles, and some started shooting in the general direction of the Mexican border. The bullets didn’t reach their targets, but still they tried to defend themselves, and THAT is unacceptable.

Sound absurd? That’s what you people sound like when you parrot the mainstream media and talk show pundits without thinking. Totally incoherent.

Israel isn’t defending itself against the Palestinians any more than the Europeans were defending themselves against the natives of the Americas. Year after year the Israelis have taken more Palestinian land, bulldozed more homes, set up new settlements, and systematically expelled the inhabitants. You can make up justifications or deny it all you want, but the maps don’t lie.




This isn’t defense, this is ethnic cleansing.

Of course there are those who are actually ok with what these maps tell us. There are people who like to assert that Israel has the right to steal every square inch of Palestinian land because supposedly one thousand five hundred or so years ago their Jewish ancestors were expelled. They call this the right of return.

Ok, let’s go with that.

Rights are an interesting topic. The thing about rights, is that if human right actually exists then it would have to universal to all of humanity.

So what about the Palestinian’s right of return?

Don’t you find it a bit odd that one of the primary stipulations that Israel always imposes upon the Palestinians during negotiations is that in order to reach a peace agreement the Palestinians have to accept that they have no right to return to the land that was taken from them in the past 50 years? We’re not talking about people who have some kind of abstract ancestral claim, these are the actual people who lost their homes, and their farms, and their businesses in this lifetime.

So is the right of return an actual right or is it not? You can’t have it both ways without exposing the dirty underbelly of this issue: which is that Zionism is a fundamentally racist and fascistic ideology.

The video below is an extreme display, but it’s not unique in Israel these days. If you do a little research on the topic you’ll find that hardline Zionism very much resembles a neo-nazi movement.

And no, Zionism is not inseparable from Judaism, and it has nothing to do with who you are genetically.

Jews against Zionism

So what can we do to help the Palestinians? Start by actively engaging this debate everywhere it comes up. Don’t avoid the conversation just to be polite. Women and children are being massacred in Gaza right now, and silence in the face of oppression is to take the side of the oppressors.

It’s time to start confronting those who support what Israel is doing right now. This isn’t a matter of opinion or preference. To defend the use of the military against civilian populations, is shameful, it’s immoral and it has consequences.

A particular weight of responsibility sits on the shoulders of those in the so called conservative churches of the United States, because this is where the bulk of the support for Israel is found. It’s up to you who see what is really going on to wake the people in your church up. If the Pastor in your church defends bombardment of Gaza, or any war for that matter, you need to confront him, and if he doesn’t respond when you confront him in private then confront him publicly. If that sounds extreme to you, then go look at those pictures of the little kids who are on the receiving end of this. Go take a glimpse, but understand that the horror of seeing a photo of a dismembered child is nothing like what their parents are feeling.

And to the people of Israel, you need to do some serious soul searching. Is this the image you want the world to have when they think of Israel? An image of a brutal oppressor that murders civilians without hesitation? But more importantly, is this what you want to be?

UPDATE: CNN Confirms – Israelis Cheer as Civilians are Murdered in Gaza


GAZA CITY: A group of politicians and academics in the Gaza Strip have accused Facebook of deliberately suspending their accounts to silence Palestinian criticism of the Israeli assault on the coastal enclave.

“What the Facebook administration is doing by removing pages belonging to Palestinians without prior notice is hostile and strange,” Adnan Abu Amer, a professor in Gaza’s Ummah University, told Anadolu Agency Thursday.

Abu Amer said Facebook closed his page twice within the past week. “The only explanation for these acts is a willingness to help Israel impose its version of events by barring Palestinians’ accounts.”

“Nothing I ever wrote on my page could be considered instigative,” Abu Amer said. “I post analytical commentary on the ongoing events, which does not violate Facebook’s rules in any way.”

A day earlier, Moussa Abu Marzouq, a leading member of Hamas in Gaza, said on a newly setup Facebook page that his previous account, which has over 20,000 followers, has also been abruptly suspended by the social networking site.

“I am angered at this strange policy of barring and removing Facebook accounts which violates the right to freedom of expression,” Abu Marzouq said.

Other Hamas members and activists in the embattled Gaza Strip have recently voiced similar complaints. “Palestinian pages on Facebook have helped expose Israel’s crimes in Gaza by merely posting facts and footage which demonstrate the monstrosity of Israeli attacks on civilians,” Abu Amer said.

Social media, including Facebook, has become a battleground between Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, political analyst Nazeer Magali argued.

“ Israel wants its version of events to be the only one reaching the outside world,” Magali said. “The Israeli lobby is pressuring media outlets in the U.S. to adopt Israel’s viewpoint and disregard the Palestinian one. Facebook pages run by Palestinians from the Gaza Strip are under attack because they were able to draw solidarity with Gaza’s plight from people all over the world by exposing Israel’s brutality against women and children.”

The Facebook administration has yet to respond to a request for comment by Anadolu Agency.

Read more: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2014/Aug-01/265653-facebook-targets-gaza-run-accounts-activists.ashx#ixzz398qnmqLZ
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News :: http://www.dailystar.com.lb)

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