Neo-Cons Gun for Gazprom in Ukraine. Glenn Greenwald Patron Omidyar Funds Neo-Nazi Terrorist Rise to Power in Kiev. by Daniel Bruno, Chartered Market Technician

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In December I wrote about the Ukrainian peoples’ indigenous movement for progressive change:

As it turns out, the money and the mercenaries that toppled the incompetent Yanukovich was American and Israeli.

“F*** the EU” snorted Victoria Nuland as she decided who the make up of the new government would be mere days
before her wishes came to pass. This arrogant woman, an Obama holdover from the Bush regime, wields power
because she married Steve Kagan, the influential Jewish Zionist and Neo-Con apologist. The protesters and “moderate
opposition” were props and EU association was just a cover story in this text-book case of Neo-Con regime change
courtesy of the United States government, George Soros, Pierre Omidyar and others, culminating in armed rebellion and
a putsch to topple a feeble, albeit democratically elected government. Ebay billionaire Pierre Omidyar is the patron of
none other than civil libertarian anti-war celebrities Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill. Omidyar has commited
millions of dollars for their new web site, The Intercept, a showcase for the Ed Snowden revelations.

Western corporate propaganda portray the Right Sektor and Svoboda in a positive light and refrain from describing
them as the racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic and anti-EU integration Neo-Nazis that they are. Note that since
December, camera and video shots of the protests and battles at Maidan were from the perspective of the anti-
government forces squaring off against the police. The camera angle alone is sufficient to foretell the opinion the
owners of those cameras want conveyed to the audience. Here are some photos you will not see unless you know where
to look. Young people of Lviv march to honor the 70th anniversary of the Galician Division of Hitler’s Waffen SS:

Many western Ukrainians were Nazi wannabes during World War II and continued their armed
struggle against the Soviet Union well into the 1950s. Stalin was right to repress them, deport them and put them to
work in the Siberian Gulag. Today, Nazi collaborators such as Stepan Bandra are the ideological forefathers of the
Nazi-types the schizophrenic American government has installed in Kiev. Confederate flags from the American Civil
War are now to be seen in Ukrainian government buildings, along with White Power symbols such as the Celtic Cross
and SS.
Thanks for the change, president Obungler.

A deft, snake-oil salesman Negro in the White House, along with his shrill, Israel First, Negro National Security
Advisor Susan Rice, his Jewish, Israel First Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the American-Israeli
Political Action Committee controlled Congress…dismember the American constitution in Israel’s image, squander
much of America’s political capital blocking U.N votes condemning Israeli atrocities in the Gaza Ghetto…wage
genocidal wars against peoples who never raised a hand against the United States, again largely for Israel…and anybody
who dares to question is branded an anti-Semite, the Scarlet Letter of our age. Anybody who stands up to the the
gayness shoved down our throats on a daily basis is branded a homophobe, another Scarlet Letter. Now, these same
actors, with help from George Soros, a Jewish billionaire and Pierre Omidyar, boss of gay Jewish journalist Glenn
Greenwald… have just delivered western Ukraine to the Neo-Nazi Right Sektor. The irony is breathtaking. Let’s have a
closer look at this spectacle and figure it out.

I say they delivered only western Ukraine to the Right Sektor because the a historical Israel First fools who forge
American foreign policy did not count on the breakup of Ukraine, which is now all but certain. Crimea and the
Donbass, Kharkov and Odessa…all of them are Russophones and yet, the ersatz Nazi overlords of Kiev outlawed
Russian as an offical language in the entire country. They also repealed Ukraine’s anti-Nazi laws and even make public
appeals to Doku Umarov, the notorious Islamic Chechen terrorist… urging him to spill Russian blood wherever he can.
This is the type of thug life recognized as the “new Ukrainian government” by the United States and its allies, no
elections required. Its scandalous. Eastern Ukraine, the agricultural and industrial center of the country, will surely
declare independence from mad Kiev and may even become a new province of Russia itself. Hey thanks again,
president Obumbler. Russia could not have achieved this without your generous help.

Edward Snowden could not have achieved temporary asylum in Russia all by himself either. It took revocation of his
passport while he was transiting through…Moscow airport! Which brings me to the real motivation for America’s
utterly stupid and reckless interference in Ukraine. Its not about democracy and its certainly not about the EU, as Mrs.
Nuland will attest. The unelected Neo-Con clique, the Deep State that makes United States policy, the Council on
Foreign Relations types (think Kissinger, think Brezenski) who give Obomber his marching orders, or else, is furious
that Russia stopped them from laying waste to Syria, a prerequisite for bombing Iran back to the Stone Age and
eliminating Israel’s last competitor in the middle east. Non existent Iranian nukes are a cover story just as non existent
WMD was in Iraq. Recall Wesley Clark’s comments about the memo he received at the Pentagon in the wake of the
September 11, 2001 controlled demolition of three towers in New York City:

in which he was informed that Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia and Lebanon all had to be destroyed
within five years. Iraq and Libya were obliterated. Sudan was partitioned. Lebanon was bombed. But Putin foiled the
Neo-Cons in Syria and Iran, so they waited until Russia was destracted with the $50 billion winter Olympics in Sochi to
unseat the incompetent and corrupt government of Yanukovich, creating a severe crisis for Putin.

The Real Reason the United States Overthrew Yanukovich and Installed Neo-Nazis in Kiev.
Why would Jewish billionaires, Neo-Cons and a Negro president serve as force multipliers for crude, anti-Semitic
racists in Ukraine? Because Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are useful idiots to be discarded like empty beer cans once they have
outlived their purpose. Chaos is far easier to manipulate than law and order. Use the stupid skinheads as shock troops
to seize power, recognize their “government,” then replace them with pliant “moderates” like Klitschko once the
situation stabilizes. Hello IMF, hello EU, hello NATO but more importantly, hello Chevron.

Ukraine’s share of the world economy is just 0.2% and it is far from the United States. What is the United States’s
interest in Ukraine? Anyone who has taken Russian History 101 knows that Ukraine and Russia share common racial,
religious, linguistic and geographical bonds that overlap and go back centuries. As for Crimea, the Russian navy has
been based there for hundreds of years and it was the setting of the Crimean War between the Russian Empire and
western powers 1853-1856. In 1945 President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill met Stalin at Yalta to decide the
fate of post-war Europe. Nobody questioned him about his right to be there.

Today, much of Russia’s fiscal health and geopolitical influence is based on hydrocarbons–specifically gas and oil
sold to Europe for hard currency. Recently, the advance of fracking technology has led to the exploration of western
Ukraine, Poland and Romania by Chevron and Exxon.
Chevron holds four shale concessions in Poland, approximately one million acres .Chevron holds more than 2 million
acres in Romania, including a 1.6-million-acre concession in the Barlad Shale. Chevron successfully bid for the right to
exclusively negotiate with the government of Yanukovich for the Oleska Block. The company is expected to operate
and hold a 50% interest in the 1.6 million-acre concession. The development of gas fields in these regions poses a
direct threat to Gazprom. The United States and the EU want to develop fracking in western Ukraine to undercut
Russian control of gas.

* insert map *

Chevron wants to exploit the shale underneath the Gazprom pipeline to central Europe, rendering Gazprom’s
pipelines superfluous and causing a hard currency shortfall in Russia, sparking a recession and weakening Putin. This
plays beautifully into the Neo-Cons’ inherent Russophobia and rage at Putin’s interference in their conquest of Syria and
Iran. Sound far fetched? Watch Victoria “F*** the EU” Nuland boast that the United States has spent $5 billion dollars
destabilizing Ukraine. Note the corporate logos around her:

In Ukraine, The Neo-Cons aim to:

1. Frustrate Moscow’s ambitions in Eurasia. The operative strategic analyses employed are MacKinder’s World-Island
Theory as subsequently and heavily modified by modern hydro-carbon fuel economics: The Geographical Pivot of

2. Reduce the EU’s dependence on Russian gas. The Neo-Cons have been deeply troubled by European dependence on
Gazprom since the Reagan era. In the economic sphere, their goal is to undercut Russia’s capacity to set marginal
natural gas prices in Europe.

3. In the political sphere, their goal is to divide and rule. By using stupid Ukrainian skinheads as stooges, the Neo-Cons
are stirring up division and very deep seated emotions in the Slavic peoples, inhibiting their ability to see the situation

4. In the military sphere, their goal is to bring Ukraine into NATO and continue the encirclement of Russia with nuclear

Rise to the occasion, president Putin. Go beyond protecting Russians in Crimea. Send your Spetznats and your
armies to assist true Ukrainian patriots bring real democracy to Ukraine. The corrupt and incompetent Yanukovich is
history and now that he has been sacked, Tymoshenko, Klitschko, Yatsenyuk and Tyahnybok will fragment. Respect
Ukrainian sovereignty and dignity. The mad junta in Kiev can not last long and the United States is in no position to
fight with Russia over maintaining this junta. In the end, Russia and Ukraine will overcome because Ukraine is 100
times more near and dear to Russia than it is to the United States.

I wish you success.

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