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I know social media is a place where almost every person has an opinion or point of view to express. It doesn’t matter how much or how little knowledge they have on one subject or another, if they have an emotion or opinion, they express it the moment they are having it.

But today, I came across this little nugget of dogmatic prose on Facebook:







 Now before everyone gets bent out of shape.  I, more than anyone, understand that our troops will never be recognized enough for their service.  My grandfather, father, brother, cousins and many friends have served and I have nothing but admiration and respect for all of them.

However, these two subject matters have nothing to do with the other.  Paul Walker was an actor.  He starred in a series of franchised films that have grossed over two billion dollars worldwide.  To say the series of films and its actors therein, are popular would be an understatement.  So yes, of course when one of its two leading actors dies, so suddenly, at the age of 40, people worldwide are going to recognize such a loss.

The generalization of this post appalls me.  Do we seriously have so little confidence in the way Americans feel for our armed forces serving this country?  The statement alone “you never hear about them” is the worst generalization of this annotation.  Clearly the person who originally posted this item has not watched a news report or picked up a news paper in the last few years.  We hear about the untimely loss of military personnel weekly.  My current hometown was emblazoned with American flags, just about this time last year, when a young Marine was brought home to rest after being killed in Afghanistan.  Believe me, we heard about Lance Cpl. Means, and this small town honored his service in a very big way, but it could never begin to cover the gratitude of his sacrifice. Don’t tell me we “NEVER” hear about them, because we hear about them, and we hear about them all too often.

Now to say that when Paul Walker passed away “Everybody loses their minds,” is another inexpert opinion.  My son was a big fan.  He said the news “saddened” him, but he is not crazy with loss.  I believe most fans of the movie franchise feel the same.

These movies entertained many of us, as the box office numbers clearly show, and I would even beg to guess that some of these fans were even members of the U.S. military.  As for me, these were movies I could actually palate and watch with my two boys, even though their own ages are almost a full decade apart, they too could enjoy these movies together. I mean, what could a couple a young guys enjoy more than movies about fast cars and hot women? Throw Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson into the mix and even good old Mom was entertained.

However, Paul Walker and Roger Roda’s family and close friends probably will actually “lose their minds” with grief and sorrow in the days to come.  But shouldn’t their grief be expected and merited for those close to them?

Well perhaps these two statements do have something in common after all.

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