September 11: A Bernie Madoff Sized Fraud – Chapter 2

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Investigate 9/11: September 11 Was an Inside Job
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A video by Daniel Bruno, Chartered Market Technician.  Post Graduate Diploma, Financial Strategy, Oxford University. Private Pilot.


Investigate September 11 – Chapter I



Editorial by Daniel Bruno, private pilot.

In the following photos below, observe the titanium turbo fan engines, their huge size relative to a man, the rotor blades, wing sections, tail, landing gear, oxygen tanks, wiring, fuselage sections, empennage, seats, luggage and black, smoldering field. Now look up photos taken on September 11, 2001 at the supposed crash sites at the Pentagon and Pennsylvania. Observe the tidy Pentagon lawn in front and the knee-high turbo-fan blades in the wreckage. Look for plane sections, charred bodies, hundreds of seats and millions of bits of debris from a commercial airliner. Look for the same at Shanksville. There are none.

At the Twin Towers in New York, study all photos and videos for evidence of a commercial airline impact. Look for the tail section that would have broken off and fallen to the ground. Look for one of four massive engines that should have detached from the wings at impact. Look for any signs of an engine either before or after the three towers collapsed. Note that the engine allegedly found on Vessey street was the wrong make and model for the aircraft. How did it get there and who put it there and why, if there were real airline impacts on the towers?

Observe the famous video of the steep right-bank made by the plane that allegedly hit tower 2. Notice the entire right wing vanishes just before impact. The video is a fake. Why are fake videos published if the impact actually occurred as reported by the media? Why are there faked photos of a cookie-cutter hole where the plane impacts allegedly happened?

Finally, why was bin-Laden never officially WANTED or charged with the crime of 911, why were his confession videos faked using actors, why would bin-Laden make silent videos of himself watching a video of himself on TV, why is there zero physical or photographic evidence that he was killed on May 1, 2011, why was his obituary published in Arabic in 2001, why did all of Seal Team Six perish in a helicopter crash after they allegedly killed bin-Laden in Pakistan and why does the crew of the USS Carl Vinson say they never saw bin-Laden´s corpse?

Why did WTC 7 just collapse into an ash heap after the Fire Department said the building was being brought down and Larry Silverstein said to just pull it?

Why did George Bush continue his photo-op at en elementary school to read about goats to children after Tower 1 had been hit on his way there and he knew; then keep on reading children´s stories to kids even after Tower 2 had been hit as well?

Why were the alleged high-jackers not on the flight manifest and why are some of them alive today? If it was mistaken identity, why didnt the FBI ever update the information it gives the public?

Why didnt a single one of the four captains and four co-pilots, including Air-Force veterans… cry mayday or squawk 7500 for highjack when they allegedly had their vessels commandeered by Arabs with box-cutters on September 11? Why were three black boxes never recovered and a fourth (Pentagon) shown to be a fake?

Is it a crazy conspiracy theory and subversive to demand answers to these questions?

Daniel Bruno, Pilot for 911 Truth


These are what photos from a real plane crash look like:






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WHERE was the landing gear and WHERE were the engines at SHANKSVILLE, the PENTAGON and NEW YORK on September 11, 2001?


landing gearmh17-crash-conclusions-inves




landing and engine






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