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It’s a 1984+29 thriller: part Daniel Ellsberg, part Tom Clancy, part Inspector Kluzo with a dash of Tom Hanks thrown in…and we are just getting settled into our seats! Edward Snowden squealed on the don of all dons, confirming the murmurs of less colorful snitches like Binney and Tice ; its what the “terrorists” and the intelligentsia surmised long ago and what the bovine masses thought was true only in cloak and dagger thrillers like Will Smith’s Enemy of the State. Putin said as much in an RT interview, comparing Snowden to a pig with less than a golden fleece for Mother Russia, to be granted refuge on the condition said swine not harm “our American partners.” Translation: Snowden will remain here for the foreseeable future, to give our intelligence services all the time they need in case we were oblivious to anything the Americans are up to…but radio silence will be enforced. Shrewd move indeed, Mr. Putin, as it delivered the bacon to Moscow with a Gazpromish monopoly while keeping what the FSB learns out of the press and allowing the Kremlin to invoke human rights objections to American entreaties for the return of a fugitive. Snowden, a civilian, would certainly go the gulag or the gallows for treason. It must feel good to turn the tables on America!

Amazingly, the State Department gave the old KGB master a leg up and revoked the whistle blower’s passport… while he was en route to Moscow. Thanks State ! The fly in Putin’s borscht is that Glenn Greenwald already has Snowden’s cache and has promised a slow drip of revelations for weeks to come. Glenn will certainly be debriefed and probably arrested or worse when he returns to the Land of the Free from Brazil. The Guardian abruptly halted his exposes and passed the baton to Brazil’s O Globo. At any rate, the cat is out of the bag. A murky pall of illegitimacy descends over the government as utterly chilling, gratuitous and wholesale violations of Americans’ privacy comes into view. This squealing pig, who, alas, will in the end likely be slaughtered a la Michael Hastings wherever he ends up, has exposed bald faced lies coming from the highest levels of the American government, lies aimed at allies and lies told to Congress and lies told with a straight face to the American people in the very recent past. These lies reveal an unintended truth: the American government has a pathological mistrust of the American people in whose name it wages its wars.

PRISM is not about Muslim terrorists who hate democracy, the constitution and the liberties enshrined therein. Terrorism has been erected as the ultimate dog whistle, the perfect Pavlovian device to keep the home front in line for a boundless war that knows no place or time. Boundless Informant says it all. Snowden ratted out the Emperor and his creation,the terrorist bogeyman. The emperor is without clothes and his terrorists have no robes . Snowden squealed, Atlas shrugged and called out the two-minute haters just as Assad crossed that red line, er, that red-herring about chemical weapons, but nobody bought it; proof positive that America’s credibility never recovered after the genocidal Iraq invasion. Assad was to be another scalp taken in the Nobel Peace Prize winner’s version of peace. But the haters were obliged to hate that snitching swine Snowden because he broke his sacred oath of fealty. Some swine are far, far more equal than others and the Syria war, like the Iraq wars before it and the Iran war now being scripted, is all part of a colossal hoax of breathtakingly boundless proportions. From the three World Trade Center towers that did not collapse at free-fall speed and turn to ash from collisions with Boeings commandeered by 19 angry Muslims who were incapable of piloting them and may not have been on the planes at all; to weapons of mass destruction that never existed and terrorist plots that are F.B.I. suborns…

The Snowden affair is accelerating America’s profound identity crisis since the onset of what I will call Israelification in 2001. Snowden is troubled that anonymous, omniscient NSA spies have the power to blackmail presidents, justices and congress. He knows General Petraes’s end was far more involved than an affair with a woman. Maybe Snowden is vain and wants to go down in history as a hero of the republic, a Paul Revere, as his father said. Others call him Benedict Arnold. Snowden could have avoided the spotlight by uploading the goods anonymously at and letting Julian Assange bask alone in the glory from the confines of the Ecuadoran embassy where he may spend the rest of his life. He also could have gone straight to Ecuador if that’s what he had really intended to do…. His motives may not be pure. It matters not. America has soul searching to due: Either the constitution and the republic are to be retired as obsolete relics in pursuit of perfect safety and hegemony, or, reject Israelification, refuse to cooperate with and fund the raving mad, paranoid, garrison state surveillance, police, prison and security matrix and avoid bankruptcy in all its incarnations.

Moral rot is already here. Psychopathy and hypocrisy, once exposed, lead to diminished leadership. Witness Abu Ghraib, witness Guantanamo and Obama’s empty suit pledges. America’s soft power is melting like Arctic snow drifts on a warming planet. This is why USraeli spokeswoman Susan Rice felt compelled to remind reporters, as the Snowden saga unfolds, that “the United States is still the world’s number one military and economic power.” While on his Africa tour, Obama, apparently snubbed by Mandela who refused his visit, did, however, meet up with G.W. Bush for some great photos of the pair smiling like birds of a feather in Tanzania, where Obama pooh-poohed our man, huffing that he “would not scramble fighter jets to get a 29 year old hacker.”

This facile dismissal was quite disingenuous, a snow job of sorts, and many who heard it were likely obamboozled. The constitutional scholar and Machiavellian master of oratory deceived yet again without telling a literal lie. Hours before, or hours after his remarks, the not all-knowing garrison state informed its satraps that Snowden would presently alight out of Sheremetyevo on the Bolivian president’s jet on a long haul that would require a pit stop for fuel but was to be denied; a rather serious matter at altitude. Scrambling American fighter jets would be uncouth when a phone call would do. It’s one of the perks of being top cop: send out an APB. The incident was the first case of a presidential jet forced down in hot pursuit of a fugitive who was not on board. Oops. Intelligence failure. Maybe the NSA hacked into the or maybe they should have consulted Google maps. See, in Russia, diplomatic aircraft are not cleared to land or depart from Sheremetyevo. They may use only Vnukuvo airport. So Snowden could not have been on the Bolivian government plane without being seen to leave the transit lounge at Sheremetyevo, which he could not do because his passport was revoked.

Bolivia’s first Aymara president is indignant after, as it were, being pulled over by Sherrif Joe Arpaio on suspicion of driving while wet in Arizona, then told to step out of the car to be frisked on a hunch that 90% of his kind just ain’t up to no good, as any black male in Bloomberg’s New York can attest. Five million “War on Crime” stop and frisks were executed by the NYPD, which Bloomberg has sent to do police work for Israel and which he refers to as his “private army.” It’s not a coincidence that Bloomberg violates, wholesale, New Yorkers’ fourth amendment rights and is a passionate foe of the Second Amendment. Michael Bloomberg, a man who identifies totally with Israel, is an apologist for the surveillance state unfolding in America. A multi-billionaire like the Koch brothers, he uses his mega bucks to reshape American society and foreign policy in his image. But I digress.

Had Snowden been on the Bolivian president’s plane, there would have to be a presumption of political asylum. The forced landing can only mean the U.S. was prepared to get Snowden by any means. The outrage has rekindled a political crisis in South America for the United States. Greenwald is promising new revelations about spying below the Rio Grand and Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia have stepped up to the plate and offered Snowden a new home. Getting to Venezuela will be a challenge and should polarized Venezuela’s Chavista government lose power, he may find himself playing sanctuary hopscotch . In the meantime, what will America do? Could a different American government welcome Snowden back as a hero in the 2030s?

Hold on to your seat because decisive days lie just ahead. Better yet, get off the couch and make good on history as Snowden believes he is doing. He and many others had hoped that Obama would be our Gorbachev but instead we got Brezhnev, Afghan stalemate and all. The ballot box is broken even when it works properly, as auctions pass for elections. The two party framework is a fraud. False flags are raised and mindless military campaigns waged to the great detriment of the national interest. A police state is rising and the fourth estate is corrupted. Generations of men are apprenticed into prison. A Great Crash is gathering for 2014, to be followed by depression, war and bankruptcy… and a great, revolutionary moment.

Don’t accept the surveillance state with its spying, checkpoints and pat downs. That’s not how things used to be, it’s not normal and its not done for your protection. Abolish the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Safety Administration and Drug Enforcement Agency. Debunk the 9-11 myth and all that flows from it becomes intolerable. Don’t accept the conspiracy theory that bin-Laden and 19 mad Muslims foiled the NSA and pulled off 9-11 without crucial assistance, planning and logistics from ultra elite, special forces. Reject their banking and mortgage rules. Get smart and get selfish about your communications and your money. Be a refusenik about their foreign wars, cyber wars and sanctions on nations with which we are not at war. They have no business preaching the gospel of small government, free trade and private charity then prohibiting commerce to serve their ideological objectives.

Take back your liberty and take back your country. That is Snowden’s message to you.

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