A Victory for Rhode Island: The Tenth State to Legalize Gay Marriage

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Rhode Island became the tenth state to legalize gay marriage on May 2, 2013. Therefore, it is now one of ten states to recognize and acknowledge the relationships between two people of the same sex as being equal to heterosexual marriages.

Along with the right to marry for same-sex couples, the right to adopt is certainly less of an issue now and these couples will now have a better opportunity at starting a family. In addition, with legal gay marriages comes many more benefits that were previously denied these couples. This is definitely a great achievement for not only same-sex couples, but also for the LGBT community, children of same-sex couples, and everyone in support of this decision.

With same-sex couples being able to share wedding vows on August 1, 2013, Rhode Island is now officially a state that recognizes that everyone should have the right to marry. Hopefully with this decision, other states will follow suit and allow for same-sex marriage in the future. Living in Texas, I can only hope that we change our ways of democracy and allow for same-sex couples to marry and to respect the rights of every individual, regardless of sexual orientation.

The decision to legalize gay marriage in Rhode Island is a big step on the way to equality for all. I give my congratulations to those intending to marry on August 1, 2013 and those that now have the opportunity to do so when they decide to. Ten states have legalized gay marriage; all we need now is for the remaining states to follow suit.

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