Japan: Home To The Oldest Living Man and Woman

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It isn’t surprising that Japan has the right in boasting about their thriving economy and their high-tech inventions; however, Japan is also the home to the longest living man in the world as well as the oldest living woman.

Jiroeman Kimura celebrated his 116th birthday on April 19, 2013. What fascinates me the most is not only what he has survived and experienced in his life since his birth in 1897, but how he is still healthy and thriving to this day.

According to the Chicago Tribune News, Kimura now resides with his granddaughter-in-law in Kyotango, Kyoto, Japan. It is definitely a wonderful thing that he is living with a family member and being taken care of, especially since a man of his age is truly someone special. I wish Jiroeman Kimura a happy belated birthday and hope for many more years ahead in his future.

Misao Okawa, also from Japan, holds the Guinness World Record for the oldest living woman in the world, being 115 years old. Born on March 5, 1898, Okawa has been officially deemed a “centenarian” because she has lived for at least 100 years and is still in good health.

According to the Guinness World Records, out of the approximately 51,000 people aged 100 and over living in Japan, over 44,000 of them are women. This incredible accomplishment only encourages me to visit Japan even more, especially since living over a century is something that is difficult to come by.

I don’t know what Japan is putting in their water, but whatever it is it’s definitely working. All I know is that I want some!

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