Anti- S.B. 1128: Fighting Against The Removal of Ethnic Studies Courses

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What is it with ethnic studies courses that make Texas Senator Dan Patrick want to remove them from the college core curriculum? The bill has already passed in Arizona, and eventually, if it passes in Texas, other states may be encouraged to institute it as well. Ethnic history courses are important to the college core curriculum because the majority of students have been educated in white history from the time they started elementary to their high school graduation. Even at colleges and universities, ethnic courses are not specifically required; however, their availability is imperative to the diversity within higher institutions.

Without classes about Mexican-American history or African- American history, for example, the diversity that makes an institution all the more inviting, will cease to exist. If you have students from different ethnic backgrounds yet fail to provide courses where their history is being studied, then you are denying those students and everyone else, whether interested in these courses or not, the opportunity to learn about the history of wonderful individuals who have made a difference in literature, art, music, politics, etc. simply to fall back into an all-white-focused curriculum.

From authors such as: Gloria Anzaldúa and Sandra Cisneros, to Toni Morrison and Frederick Douglass, literature written by and about culturally diverse ethnicities will no longer be a part of the college core curriculum, or at least in a way where the focus is solely on that particular ethnicity. People around the world need to be aware that bills such as S.B. 1128 are dangerous in the sense that they prevent students from connecting with courses about their ethnicity, and focus solely on just learning about the Anglo-American’s history.

Despite my disapproval of this bill, I don’t mean to criticize white history in any manner, I just feel that by instituting only courses centered around this, it seems that Texas and eventually other states will stray further from the path of equality and venture towards a discriminatory path due the prevention of courses based on class, race, gender, and others involving ethnic-based material.

This is an important issue that needs to be resolved. We cannot let Texas Senator Dan Patrick or other representatives involved get away with passing a bill that will limit the diverse history students are able to learn about. Whether or not you are interested in taking these courses or not, this bill affects everyone regardless, because it starts with S.B. 1128 to encourage representatives to pass other bills that will limit our democracy and individuality in the future.

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