I Don’t Like Obama – And Yes, I’m Still Black…by Tarnell Brown

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So we’re both Black. It’s the only thing we have in common.

I do not like Barack Obama. I don’t particularly care for his opponent Mitt Romney, either, but my dislike of Mitt serves as no point of contention. I am allowed to dislike Mitt. He is White, and the point of emphasis, it must be noted, is that I am Black. Just like Obama, but real Black, with no White parents to speak of. That abhorrent condition belongs to my brother Tory, and I wish him well of it. I do not, of course, have any problems with individuals of mixed parentage, but as discussions of race tend to bring out the absurd in people, I decided to throw one out there myself. If you are reading this, Tory, please overlook my sense of irony. To the rest of you, I love my brother, and may the devil take anyone who says otherwise.

I am, according to my “people,” obliged to support Obama, because he is “one of us.” The problem that I face is that I do not understand exactly what “us” is comprised of. If by “us,” they mean African Americans, that is no great feat. There are millions of us running around hereabouts. I often hear the argument that he has done no worse than the White men who preceded him. I could argue differently, and I in fact will in a bit, but that is hardly an endorsement. For one thing, I leave arguments over color to the less enlightened. They bore me. I do not hold people being White against them, even if they can’t jump and dance funny. They had no choice in the matter, just like I had no choice in being born Black. To hold such a thing against them would be an indictment of God’s choices. I do not, as a general rule, get myself in the habit of indicting God. It’s really not a wise policy. For another, when one has the historical example of those who have gone before him, a record against which to govern, so to speak, they have no excuse not to do better.

On the other hand, if by “us,” they mean an Ivy League educated, liberal former professor of law at the venerable University of Chicago, I can dig that – so long as the speaker is an Ivy league educated, liberal professor of law at some venerable institution of higher education. I, personally, do not know very many of those, and I wager that the majority of people, whether Black, White, or pink with purple polka dots, don’t know any. In any case, he ain’t one of mine, just like Mitt isn’t, either. I do not share his view of the world, nor his belief in the role of government. I persist in the belief that Lincoln was correct when he contended that the role of government “is to do what the people cannot do better themselves.” The people can do a lot better themselves, so the role of government is very limited. Of course, Lincoln did not abide by his own words, prosecuting a war to expand the scope of the federal government, but his words ring true, nonetheless.

Full disclosure, I did vote for St Barack of Our Lady of Obama in 2008. It was not because he is Black, although I do share a sense of pride that America was able to get over itself long enough to put a man of color in the White House. I voted for him because I did not like the fact that John McCain, a noted political maverick, became what he beheld in an attempt to win. A man should stick to his guns, no matter the outcome. An extreme view, some would say, but what else does a man have if not his principles? I normally vote Libertarian, but the Libertarian that year was former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr. I am a Georgian. A transplanted Georgian by way of Miami, FL, but a Georgian nevertheless. I did not care for Barr as my congressional representative. I do not believe that I would vote for Barr if he was running for local dogcatcher – unopposed. I’d likely write in the name of a stray dog on the ballot. So yes, I voted for the Big O, but I wouldn’t do it again.

You see, my civil liberties are precious to me, but not so much to Obama. He thinks it perfectly okay that I can be targeted for assassination based on my dissent and disapproval (that makes me a terrorist, you see),or that a drone missile be launched to take me out, collateral damage be damned. It’s okay for police officers to pull over and arrest people on suspicion of terrorism based on, get this, their bumper sticker. So much for freedom of expression. It’s fine to attempt to take away a citizen’s rights to bear arms – the Second Amendment was only a suggestion after all. Terrorizing innocent Pakistani civilians with missile strikes in violation of Pakistan’s borders and sovereignty is alright to. Did I miss the memo? Did we declare war on Pakistan while I was busy flossing or something? Moreover, would we stand for such a violation of our borders and sovereignty? I think not. I haven’t even mentioned the Kenyan Killjoy’s machinations in Africa. The undermining of the governments of Egypt and Tunisia, the lies that justified the NATO incursion into Libya. So what that they were led by wackos. So are we, and NATO ain’t invading us. And as far as wackos go, Gaddafi was on the verge of something special – economically uniting the African continent under a unified golden currency, an African Monetary Fund, and an African Investment Bank. A self sufficient, dynamic Africa is something the world hasn’t seen since the glory days of African empires such as Carthage and Songhai. One would think and African American, especially one who is literally an African American, would find it in his heart to support such a thing. Of course, that threat to the efficacy of the Western financial system may have played some small part in the matter (see what I did there – ironic understatement). It seems that they have the right to manage their own affairs so long as they manage them in the manner that we have dictated to be in our best interests. And Syria – I don’t even want to go there.

So yes, I contend that he has done worse – even Dubya did not manage to do as much to foment global unrest as our dear, sainted Obama, and it was not for lack of trying. While I concede that the color of his skin has contributed to domestic unrest, his failed, wrongheaded economic and monetary policies have not exactly helped the situation. Would Romney do better? I cannot say, though his record as governor of Massachusetts certainly holds little to no promise. His record as a businessman is far more promising, but government is not a business, though under the regimes of both Bush and Obama, they certainly seem to be calling the shots (that, by the way, is called fascism, which, forgive my meager recollection  of history, I believe that we fought a war against). So no, I will not be voting for Obama –nor Romney. I will be voting for Gary Johnson. He won’t win, which is a tragedy, but that says more about the inherent silliness of a populace that believes that voting for a third party candidate is a waste of a vote – imagine if people actually voted their conscience and (gasp) the third party candidate won – but this is a discussion of race. Other types of foolishness and frippery are matters for another venue. I believe Obama to be an evil man with a beautiful smile, but contrary to conventional wisdom, it does not make me any less Black. And for those who wish to label me Uncle Tom, well, Tom was a nice guy who simply did the best he could under trying circumstances. He never harmed anyone, nor, contrary to the term’s current connotation, betrayed anyone. The villains of that story were the slave owner Simon Legree and his Black overseers , Quimbo and Sambo – true traitors to their race. Of course, knowledge of that would require reading a book, but as none of “us” are Ivy League educated, liberal professors of law at the venerable University of Chicago…



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