Arrested for Walking. America is Closer and Closer to Being a Police State.

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In the United States, local governments are out of control, stifle business people, violate private property rights and  bankrupt families:



1. The Case of Mr. Robert  Leone



2.       Young Man is Attacked while Walking in Prince George's County, Maryland USA

Brentwood Maryland Police Assault



A police officer in Prince George’s County, Maryland is facing criminal charges for assaulting a 19-year-old man in February, and now the public knows why.


Video from the incident, filmed by a gas station’s security camera on February 3 but not released to the public until Monday, shows Cpl. Donald Taylor striking 19-year-old African-American male Ryan Dorm in the face with the butt of his handgun. The gun discharges in the man’s face right as the blow lands.


The officer was charged in August with second-degree assault, making false statements, reckless endangerment and official misconduct after prosecutors finally obtained a copy of the video, according to ABC 7 in Maryland. Dorm spent months in jail after Taylor claimed he reached for his gun amid a struggle outside a gas station in Brentwood, which Dorm was accused of trying to rob.

Dorm and attorney Jimmy Bell have filed a $10 million lawsuit against the officer and the department. “What [the video] shows is that my client didn’t lie,” Bell told a reporter with NBC Washington. “They print my client is a criminal. They put his face on television saying he committed these crimes, and he didn’t.”


This video is from NBC Washington, published Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012.




3.    Arrested and fined $120 for walking on the "wrong" side of the road...that has no sidewalks.



It’s amazing what kinds of telling data a Freedom of Information Act request can turn up. Dynamics between black residents of Champaign-Urbana Illinois and the police have been fraught in recent years since the police shooting of an unarmed teen there. Local reporter Jeff Kelly Lowenstein decided to use FOIA to take a deeper look at the arrest statistics in the metro area and got his hands on the details of every single arrest over the course of the five years between 2007 and 2011. He found striking patterns of discrimination.

There’s one block in Champaign Illinois where more black people have been arrested for jaywalking than the total number of white people arrested in the entire city. Champaign-Urbana has a 16 percent black population, but 88 percent of jaywalking tickets went to black people in Champaign and an even higher percentage in Urbana. Lowenstein took his camera down to the 1500 block of Hedge Road in Champaign—the epicenter of jaywalking arrests in the city—to talk to residents. He found frustrated people and streets with no sidewalks.



4.   Jail for filming police beating in school



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