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Throughout the week I have been reading a book called “Why Obama Will Win In 2008” by Daniel Bruno, and so far in this book, economical patterns have been shown and demonstrated. As all people with their head in the political cloud know, the Libertarian party has never won the Presidential Election (at least not in my generation). A seemingly everlasting tug-o’-war between the Republican Elephant and the Democratic “Kicking-Donkey” takes the stage in the American Politician’s world. However, it is not just a coincidence the two parties “trade places” as the Commander-in-Chief of the United States.
“Voter mentality is the same. Democrats and Republicans take turns in power while voters hark back to their most recent experiences and assume past trends will continue. During bad times, voters vote against an incumbent more than they vote for the opposition.” [P.5 “Why Obama Will Win In 2008” By Daniel Bruno]. This quote above is from the book I am reading, and though I don’t entirely agree with it, I feel it is a worthy statement to build upon. The first idea that crossed my mind was, “So why exactly does Daniel think the reason the change between the ‘head-of-state’ is because of the incumbent status?”
It is true when there is a problem; most people will look to their government to fix the problems they (the government) created, even though the people should take affairs more into their own hands, but does that necessarily mean there will be a complete turnover of power so dramatic as political parties? You don’t see the Democratic Party failing, so we should give the Nazi Party a chance. That is because history comes back in “rhymes”. The political rhyme of parties is between the Republican and the Democratic, strictly because the nation has been in the company of these two parties, and knows what each one of them will do, and their general views.
I believe Obama won the 2008 election, after reading this book, because he was a strategist, or at least hired a good economist to determine when the correct time to enter would be, and where to enter. Before Obama(D) we had the awful George Walker Bush JR(R), and eventually, the American people turned on the party itself (after Bush’s two terms) and converted to the Democratic Party. Now say Bush had been a Democrat, then Obama could have said: “Well I guess I’ll exercise my right as an American Person to change my beliefs and Political Party whenever I feel like it” and switched to the Republican party (though not that simple, but you get the gist).
Ironically, I thought of the current Political situation as a comparison to the 2008-2012 Presidential Election. I will take a leap and say the majority of American people do not like the idea of Obamacare, so naturally, and according to history, they would turn back to the Republican Party (Presumptuously Mitt Romney), but Governor Romney wants to make Obamacare – a law! Perhaps the American people will see that, and decide that what they hated the most, Is what the “other guy” wants to finite. Well, “our guy” doesn’t say he wants to make Obamacare finite yet, so maybe is the lesser of two evils. Either way, the selection will take place soon enough for skeptics to feed on controversy until the next election.
-Thank you for reading, everyone, I wanted to ask you to give your opinion of what YOU the reader think of the “Political Rhyme” and the upcoming Obama v. Romney (Sadly, but Presumptuously) showdown. Also, I will be putting a new status update on my blog every Friday as early as I can, about this great book, and the science behind politics! If you have any questions, you may personally contact me Have a great day!

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