Terrorism 2.0 Makes Bombs Obsolete

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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

USWGO Exclusive Interview with: Elton M. Crisman Jr.

Interview Time: 10Min and 15 Seconds. 10 Seconds for the introduction title of the video.

Date of Interview: May 10th, 2012 Afternoon.

USWGO Reporter Brian D. Hill Interviews Elton M. Crisman Jr. on P-Code. He was a inventor that once worked for NASA, he also worked on the Stealth Aircraft used by our Military today. Retired After 34 years from the Aerospace industry working for Boeing, NASA, Bell Telephone Laboratories, and Lockheed Martin Corporation.

P-Code is a very scary concept because many Americans use GPS Navigation Satellites, almost every airplane uses GPS for safety and security, and many ships use GPS navigation. What P-Code was for was to confuse GPS devices by giving false coordinates to GPS Devices so lets say that Someone goes from Point A to Point B but with P-Code it scrambles the GPS Signal forcing the GPS to make Point B go to a different location then where the origin location for Point B is suppose to be.

The guise for this is that a foreign enemy or insurgent could have a weapon use the GPS system to target a certain location here in the U.S. to blow up a certain target. With P-Code it can make the weapon hit a different area instead of it’s primary target since it scrambles the GPS coordinates before it reaches the weapon.

The consequences versus the benefits of P-Code are at a very different level because stopping a few enemy missiles in the sky is a great idea but then planes could hit buildings and not know where ti land since many are used to using GPS navigation satellites for guidance, so many are used to using GPS for conventional travel, and there are those that use GPS for rescue service missions to help people and P-Code would cause problems for many different situations that would save lives or even keep lives from harm.

What my concern with what Mr. Crisman is talking about is that during a exercise of martial law, P-Code could be used to quell domestic inserrection which means to use against the American people. P-Code is possibly in use in GPS devices which means at any time P-Code could be activated and can be used against the American people by the offshore mega banks that now run the Federal Government in America.

So according to Mr. Crisman Bill Clinton wiped out anything on P-Code but it is hard to know whether he wiped out P-Code due to the bad press and kept it underground or whether he did it due to all the negative consequences that P-Code would create on the travel industry and the whole economical system. All references to P-Code has stopped that is all I know.

Also I interviewed him on his help on the work of the famous Stealth plane or aircraft used by the air force and military defense forces. I know that the stealth plane was designed to not only be at high speed but can avoid radar detection by enemy nations.

He also helped with inventions that were recognized by NASA. Check the links below for more details.

I also asked him about if he worked at Area 51 but he had no comment on the matter.



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