Suicidal Radio by TC Heard

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Never knew how I could feel so fortunate.

And I never knew how one person could change your life, forever, for always, for love…

When I first saw you, it wasn’t just my imagination!

I knew I could be so happy and free.

If you only knew the truth behind it all,

Then maybe you’d fall into love’s holiday and meet me at the end of the road.

Because you’re my one in a million, the one I gave my heart to.

And we both know that you’re incomplete without me because it seems that we never can say goodbye…

I’m your good luck charm and I promise that the closer I get to you; we complete the stairway to heaven.

I just can’t stop loving you, I truly adore you,

Because I’ve fallen for you, angel of mine.

This is a new school love affair and I’m never gonna give you up, until the end of time

Now it seems that, that time has come.

It sucks because I’m the one who’s suffering.

Silly of me, I’m going down.

And in this lifetime, I’ll be steadily missing you.

My mind’s going halfcrazy on this emotional rollercoaster

And I am over this!

I will always love you, because you’re everything to me

It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

But, If I could turn back the hands of time,

Then darlin’ you would be mine.

I’m so sorry but this is my final goodbye.

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