I Am From. by T.C. Heard

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Many places
Many people
The world is viewed as big
Yet ‘tis so small
Small enough to trace your roots
Back to your ancestors
Through tall tales, stories, poetry, food and music
But most of all magic
A lover’s tale based upon infatuation
Trapped in a spider’s web
That formed a triangle
They met while working to uphold justice
He was married, yet she didn’t care
Wine was the cause
Thus, evil took its place
Adultery was committed in the sweet month of November
Nine months later, in the middle of summer
A child of mixed descent was born
Unique in her own way like the name she bared
That meant pretty flower
The mother grew distant from the child
For they almost died while she gave birth
Brought into the world physically handicap and sickly
Her mother suffered from a disease called depression
However, the Higher Power brought the child a guardian angel, her grandmother.
The child and her guardian shared a special bond
The child was born with warrior’s blood,
She fought against her sickly struggles
Even though most problems she couldn’t escape
The child grew old enough to understand her many cultures
Her guardian told the child stories of her childhood and how she was raised by her grandmother
Amazed by her stories of her family history, there was one thing that stood out most
The most beautiful eyes
That changed from blue to gray to purple
Stuck out the most under the white moon and golden sun
They were her guardian’s eyes
The child questioned why her guardian had such eyes
“Because we are blessed my dear, and you possess such a gift as well”
For this child’s eyes changed different colors of brown
There was a secret not known to many of the women in her family
Each one possesses a special gift
Their ancestors were Cherokee Shamans that made their way North
Settling in New York from South Carolina
The family secret lies within the second child of each gender
Born with curly hair
Changing eyes
Exquisite instincts
And the ability to read people’s energies and personas
The child born in the middle of summer possessed these gifts
Along with the talent of writing and singing
Like her late grandfather, Tony
This child comes from a family with many religions
Wiccans and ones that practice the way of the Shamans
A family full of women and very few men
Women that do it all
Strong and independent
Nurturers and singers
All possessing a special talent
The child will be forever blessed by being born into this family
Her guardian holds parts of her family’s spirit reincarnation
Born into a family of Cherokee magic and wisdom
Built and surviving off of sacrifices and hard work

Let’s just say the family’s sacred spirit; Charlotte Moore continues to tell the child so.

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